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Wang Tianping doesn’t know how long he stayed. Even after he lost consciousness at first, he can simply calculate by relying on the biological clock, but he still doesn’t know the specific time. However, with the decrease of nutritional pills, he also knows that he should have stayed here for a long time.

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"It seems that there is something really wrong outside. The military should take action, otherwise someone should have come to interrogate me or said that I have been left alone for so long, which means that they have no time to implement the plan for me." Thought of this, Wang Tianping’s mind also moved, and he thought about ways to escape.
Although this basement has a certain sound insulation effect, if the sound is loud enough, there will not be much. Just when Wang Tianping was still thinking, an explosion in the distance interrupted his thinking, because he was so familiar with the explosion!
This is the mecha beaten sonic boom!
Chapter 19 going to war
Hearing the explosion of the mecha, Wang Tianping suddenly sat up from the bed. At this time, he did not care to find a way to escape. The defense of this basement is very strong and the door is locked in multiple ways. There is no other way to connect to the outside world except for a small vent. There is no object found outside.
So his mind is on listening to the sound outside. The loud noise just now is suspected to be a mecha explosion. Wang Tianping won’t forget hearing this sound many times. If you guess further, he can infer that it should be the sound made by a stalker mecha explosion, but I don’t know whether the explosion is a military mecha or an apocalypse company mecha.
Obviously, there are more than one noise outside, and then there are several loud noises, some explosions and some impacts, and even in this room with good sound insulation measures, you can clearly hear that it is approaching this way.
"Explosive explosion should be some kind of plastic explosive, huh? This time, it looks like some kind of high-explosive bomb exploded. There is the sound of armored vehicles being destroyed here, as well as rifle grenades and grenades exploding, which means that the armored forces and infantry of the mecha units also participated in the war! This time, are there air bombs and rockets, even the army and artillery units? This is really a big deal. "
Two military service memories help Wang Tianping constantly distinguish the external sounds, so that he can basically distinguish the scale of the battlefield even if he can’t see the battlefield picture, but if he doesn’t know who made these sounds, he can judge who is more dominant on both sides.
This explosion is very close to here! And Wang Tianping has recognized that this time it should be the plastic explosives that the special forces used to break the locked door. The apocalypse company should not do such a thing, that is to say, the military infantry has already attacked here?
Followed by tinkling, it seems that there is a war going on outside. Wang Tianping didn’t hear the pop-up sound in the room where the equipment is located, but the bullet hit the wall and bounced in. The sound was getting closer and closer. Wang Tianping hurriedly got up and stood away from the alloy door.
It was obvious that the alloy door in front of him was kicked by a pair of big feet after the shotgun made a muffled sound, which made Wang Tianping very envious of having a weapon, but no matter how tightly the door was locked, it could be done with one shot.
Then several deputy armed infantry bulletproof vests, helmets, knee pads and elbow pads, steel-toed leather boots, night-vision goggles, goggles, standard rifles, grenades … Everything that Wang Tianping can think of to increase the combat effectiveness of the infantry is what these people have. They also have a miniature personal terminal on their wrists.
These soldiers all have a golden phoenix armband on their right arm and a saber logo wrapped in flame on their left arm. Seeing these two signs, Wang Tianping breathed a sigh of relief at the information of the world’s special forces. He still knew that many of these people belonged to the "Dawn Secret Service" of Phoenix Base, and he also knew that he was in North America.
Several of these special forces were guarding at the door, and several people rushed in. First, they aimed their guns at Wang Tianping, and then a man who looked like a captain compared Wang Tianping’s face with the screen of a miniature personal terminal in his hand and asked, "Wang Tianping?"
Wang Tianping immediately replied, "Yes, it’s me!"
The captain took a player next to him and handed him a bulletproof vest and helmet, then threw it to Wang Tianping and said, "Come with us!" Then he said to the microphone in his mouth, "Call God! This is comet team. We have found the target! I repeat, we have found the target! Protecting the target and returning to the base! "
Wang Tianping, after all, was not short when he retired. He simply wore protective equipment and followed several people out. There was still a war outside, and Wang Tianping saw the battlefield of this era for the first time.
In the distance, the mecha units of the two sides are fighting each other, and there are also many armored units around them, even infantry, while the sky is the military field, where fighters, bombers and helicopters constitute the azimuth system
From time to time, explosions and collisions occasionally fly in, and the building debris and the smell of gunpowder and burnt smell filled the air. These not only did not make Wang Tianping feel uncomfortable, but made him feel very excited, and his eyes were full of fighting spirit, which made the special forces around him secretly amazed.
They didn’t walk much and rushed out of the ground, and there was already a sub-armed off-road vehicle waiting for them. Wang Tianping followed the instructions and then waited for the car to escort several other people to gallop all the way. It didn’t take long before they arrived at a camp. Judging from the alert level around them, it was suspected that it was the operation headquarters.
After being arranged to have a rest in a barracks for a while, Wang Tianping looked at the smoke rising in the distance and listened to the explosion and impact. He was a little restless, and his desire to participate in the war in person became stronger and stronger. At this moment, there were several knocks at the door of the camp, and then a white youth pushed the door and pushed it in.
"Wang Tianping?"
Wang Tianping, a slightly stiff Chinese, seems to have heard it, and the appearance of white youth seems to have been vaguely remembered by Wang Tianping.
Because of some gaps in the game, Wang Tianping is not very sure and asked
"But I didn’t expect that we first met in reality in such a scene."
"Yeah, I didn’t expect to cross the ocean and go straight to North America when I woke up."
The two have been friends in the game, and they have been together for many times. There is no obstacle to communication. Soon Wang Tianping learned from Yunfei what happened after he was kidnapped.
"Apocalypse company’s artificial intelligence neuron five-man battle and team battle root directly won two championships without fighting, and now it is the squadron battle finals. There is still half a day in the early morning of the day, and the squadron battle finals will be held." Although the amount of information is a little large, most of it is what Wang Tianping knew before, but he quickly digested it, only the result of the competition surprised him a little.
"What’s the situation now?"
After hearing Wang Tianping’s question, Yunfei paused and said, "On the whole, we are already in a superior position. The fighting in other places has ended. Presumably, they have all retired by this time. They are energetic and have probably gone to play games."
"Our side has a long preparation time and the enemy’s strength is also the strongest. Now it is still in a stalemate, but we are much smaller in terms of casualties. After all, there are military and artillery support, but many enemy mechs can’t take advantage of us in the mecha battle, and the enemy has been fighting hard. If the storm is carried out, the cost will be great."
Wang Tianping bowed his head and thought for a moment, then said, "If you believe me, please prepare a patrol mecha for me!"
Yunfei is first stunned and then shines at the moment. This sentence means that Wang Tianping wants to go to war. If he goes to war, the battle in front of him may cost a little and can be taken in a short time. This is good news for these frontline troops.
But this kind of thing, of course, Yunfei is not the only one who can make decisions. He quickly left the barracks to ask for instructions from the headquarters not far from here after he lost a word "wait for my news"
About twenty minutes later, a rumble appeared in the headquarters, and Yunfei also returned to the barracks door and waved to Wang Tianping. What Wang Tianping saw was a large transport helicopter hovering in the headquarters, and a patrolman hanging by a steel cable was slowly approaching the ground on the helicopter surface.
Chapter 2 Battlefield
The control lever, the control panel, the light curtain is comfortable, and the seat is slightly dim. Looking at all this, Wang Tianping can’t help but sigh in his heart. This is the first time he has sat in the real mecha since the two souls merged.
In this era, there are not many changes in the mecha infrastructure and the future. Although there are some optimizations and improvements in the future operation system, there are also some changes in the materials and weapons system. However, Wang Tianping did not complete the adaptation process without much effort in the game, but in reality, the mecha and the game are the same. He went in and fiddled with it for a few times, and he was already able to skillfully operate.
Knock, knock! One corner of the light curtain shows an exclamation mark, indicating that there is a communication application. Wang Tianping just met, and Yunfei’s head appeared in the face.
See communication has been established Yunfei said "is there any problem? According to our current battle plan, I will lead the mecha units to fight the enemy mecha units. If there is no problem, please come with us. "
Wang Tianping nodded and said, "There is no problem, and there is not much difference between the operation methods in the game. Besides, I can further adapt to this part of the road. I will go with you, but what should I do with this command and cooperation?"
Yunfei troops, of course, have to accept the command of the headquarters in the general direction, and the specific command on the spot is Yunfei to complete it. Now a new Wang Tianping has a little problem in this respect. No matter how high Wang Tianping’s level is, he has already retired. Everyone is a player in the game, and naturally there are not many taboos. But now it is impossible to give him command in the army.
And although Wang Tianping’s fighting capacity and fighting method are already familiar with Yunfei, there are still some difficulties in coordinating with Wang Tianping and Phoenix, who have not been trained, to achieve combat effectiveness bonus.
However, it is obvious that military commanders will not ignore this point. From the approval of Wang Tianping’s participation in the war, they have already determined that Wang Tianping will locate Phoenix and Wang Tianping’s respective general action plans in the battlefield.
Yunfei replied, "You need to accept the command from the headquarters with us. When you get to the battlefield, you have great autonomy. You don’t need to accept my command. You can choose your own battles. You and we also need to cooperate. Of course, if you can take care of each other, you should try to take care of them. Is that ok?"
Wang Tianping nodded with satisfaction and said, "It seems that you have a British commander. Just follow this instruction. When you get to the battlefield, I will try my best to improvise. You will act at your own pace. I will supplement you. If necessary, I can also be a leading soldier. Don’t mention it when you need an expert to play the game."
Two people simply said a few words to determine the action plan after Wang Tianping tourer is also connected to the phoenix mecha troops and headquarters encryption channel, then the more than one hundred mecha action toward dozens of kilometers away on the way to the battlefield.
Dozens of kilometers is ten minutes for the fast-moving mecha. In these ten minutes, Wang Tianping is further familiar with the fact that there is not much difference between the actual mecha and the game. It is necessary to talk about the main energy consumption in the game. There are still some shortcomings for physical strength to reflect the virtual system in the game, but in reality, physical factors must be considered.
In addition, the biggest difference is the cockpit body. In the game, in order to protect the players, the mecha cockpit is an enemy attack, which can break the armor on the chest but has no effect on the armored cockpit. Therefore, players don’t deliberately protect the cockpit in the game, but in reality it can’t. The cockpit is definitely the enemy’s top priority target. Once the cockpit is damaged, the mecha will lose its combat effectiveness.
Similarly, for our own side, the cockpit of the other side also needs to pay attention to the fact that the mecha’s defense is very high, so it takes a long time to kill a mecha if it hits the body. However, if you can directly attack the cockpit and cut off the cockpit and the mecha’s joint, you can directly kill the pilots in the cockpit and the mecha will continue to act.
Yunfei is most worried about Wang Tianping in the game, no matter whether the cockpit is used to appearing on the battlefield. Once his cockpit is attacked, losing a master on the battlefield is on the other hand. Such a master is of great help to the pilots, but nothing can happen to Wang Tianping at this time.