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The * * Khan said that Asura’s domineering is better than the past. Fifty-one battles and fifty-one victories even the thieves are the most unlikely to defeat the hundred-step flying sword, and they are also broken.

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At this time, Yunkuang has shown his power to the world in China in the most straightforward way. Frankly speaking, everyone has unconsciously become more inclined to Yunkuang. After all, no thief has ever been so arrogant and domineering, but these real powers are as ethereal as floating clouds in Amiens’ eyes. People consider that the root is not a matter of winning or losing, but a way to win. In other words, how to win is a sure key. Haven’t you decided whether it is a knife to cut the meat and cut it to death? Or is it bold and straightforward to stab to death?
I have to say this is a very serious problem.
Ye Feng secretly wiped his sweat. "Don’t get excited. Now the intention of Yunkuang is already very obvious. It’s just a publicity campaign. I don’t think he is necessarily interested in your title of stealing gods. To be on the safe side, Yunkuang dares to come to Brother Hao’s personal array and kill ya with a hammer."
Passion day longitudinal shake head wry smile just want to say beat to death a little thief really no sense of accomplishment will see LanYuMian dally jumped in front of Ye Feng "what do you mean? Just to be on the safe side, insurance your sister. God, let you see your sister’s real strength. "
Ye Feng threw a secret message to Tang Weiwei, "Is your girlfriend coming to her period?"
Tang Weiwei embarrassed to pull the runaway girlfriend to encourage, "Congratulations, you can prove your strength. Look at the forum …"
Ye Feng’s forum post was just posted. Perhaps the reason why Yunkuang is too hot recently lies in the forum management. The title of the highlighted post is particularly eye-catching.
"In the field of gods, Rileze City, I want you to fight!"
Ye Feng was very stingy and very angry and replied with a word-war!
Then he also made a whisper that the cloud crazy is not a middle-aged uncle, is it half white and not white? Shit!
The first chapter spells division
A word of war means that you have won the battle. In fact, you have to scream for the battle. Ye Feng has to pick it up or not. If you avoid the battle, you will be drowned by the player’s saliva.
The big guild never avoids war and can’t avoid it!
This is that reason why the major league of iron and blood and the league of fighters have to fight without the real great god bring up the rear!
Cloud crazy challenges nature and posts Ye Feng is too lazy to pay attention to the forum, so he lets everyone go back to dissolve and have a rest. He goes to the main city and talks with the cunning fox, the head of the auction house, about the acquisition of fixed-point delivery scrolls, and then asks Fei Ge to inform the presidents of the branches to release the news. Not long after, most online players know that the gods are begging for fixed-point delivery scrolls, so the price of the scrolls has risen wildly.
Early the next morning, the price of a fixed-point delivery reel on the black market of the online line was indeed more than 20 times, and the cheapest price was thousands of gold coins.
This is definitely a blood-vomiting, which shows how accurate Amian’s foresight is. These black-hearted profiteers really kill the gods with the dirty idea of "killing local tyrants and dividing fields"
However, Ye Feng didn’t buy any of these scrolls, because the friendship between the gods was more valuable than Ye Feng expected. Those big or small guilds in Leize City actually sent more than 150 scrolls to win the friendship between the gods.
When Ye Feng looked at the cunning foxes piled up on the table, the scrolls were as high as hills, and he could sigh that the masses were powerful. Besides, the friendship between the gods was really valuable.
The cunning fox said, "These scrolls were sent by the presidents of various guilds for free. I left a list and paid them for each scroll at the price of 1000 gold coins."
Ye Feng agreed with the handling of the cunning fox. If you really want to give a copper coin to others, it will be a disguised extortion of 1000 gold coins, which is just the bottom line acceptable to both sides.
With enough scrolls, Ye Feng wants to go to the ruins to transport armored chariots in person, but today he has to deal with the cloud madness, so he can’t leave it to the lofty sentiments, and the lofty sentiments are obviously not interested in today’s cloud madness fighting. It’s not much fun to be respected as a king. He naturally has his pride and win a competition with a thief.
The Golden Castle couldn’t go before sending the Yunkuang away, but the Lugao Corps collapsed, and Garella was furious and wanted to "use personal expedition". It was impossible to finish the army in three or two days, and it would be fine if you wanted to come.
In this way, after several mm met at the auction house, Ye Feng took them to the arena.
This is no longer an unfair competitive duel. Now that the battle is over, it means that this duel will be announced to the world, allowing the broad masses of people to watch. Everyone is also full of enthusiasm for this. Several streets adjacent to the arena are already crowded with players who come to watch the game. There are many people like ants.
Ye Feng looked at the players who were a little excited, and then stretched out, "How many gold coins does Yunmengbao need most in Circus Maximus?"
"It seems to be a thousand gold coins."
"Selling tickets! Five gold coins, one VIP seat, one hundred love to watch! " Ye Feng said.
"Can’t you really be a little more atmospheric?" Luo Yunmeng bitter face said
"It’s nothing to do with the atmosphere. Can I play with him in vain? What also have to get some appearance back "
"The most Circus Maximus has 30,000 seats. My God, your appearance is not too high. It kills all international superstars." Tang Weiwei startled herself.
"Thanks to the cloud crazy if it weren’t for this guy tossing out such a big noise, a gold coin may not have many people willing to pay." Ye Feng laughed. "We can also accept thirty thousand people in Circus Maximus for doing good deeds. Look at this posture. If you don’t sell tickets, you might get how evil it is. If they get up on impulse, they will give the door guards a gang fight. How unpleasant it is for the city guards to send troops to suppress it."
"Then I thank you on behalf of the city players." Lan Yumin scorned.
"You’re welcome. How can I say it? It’s a good idea for Leizecheng to contribute to the harmony of the main city."
Ye Feng laughed and laughed. He suddenly found that he didn’t think much about crows. Maybe Root didn’t want to think about it.
This time, Ye Feng no longer hides his identity. Get rid of his cloak and show his id. On the way to the arena hall, he walked into the hall. "The blocker is invincible" joke. Now who dares to block Ye Bawang Road in Leizecheng site?
I applied to the arena manager for booking and paying gold coins, and they were directly sent to Circus Maximus. To put it bluntly, these arenas are all created by magic, otherwise there is no way to conduct thousands of competitive duels at the same time.
Then Ye Feng sent a message to the guild masters to let them enter the arena. The cunning fox temporarily became a conductor, squatting in the corner of the hall to sell tickets. Anyway, there are magic marks, and they will enjoy automatic delivery.
Ye Feng soon found himself underestimating the power of all parties in China. Not only the Leizecheng guild, but also most of the more famous guilds in Huaxia Wangcheng and Snowstorm Silver City came here.
Myth, Jingwumen, Heroes’ Country, spirit of war League … Even though it is already dying, the blood of the West Mountain, the wind and the wind, the oath to cut the clouds, and the dance clothes are all in the VIP area of the arena.
However, your master looks at Ye Feng with strange eyes, not to mention that everyone is very contemptuous of Ye Feng’s money-circling line.
Ye Feng regards this as a performance, not a trick. It’s only natural to collect some tickets and pay for them.
Just as he was voicing his promise, he came over with a group of saint thugs and asked, "Are you poor recently?"
Ye Feng zheng "not very rich".
Looking up, a player wearing a Taoist robe with a Tai Chi seal behind his promise caught his attention.
Id Coke with Ice lv1 professional spell master’s guild Jingwumen (Golden Five Xiaoqiang) appeared in the third golden five Xiaoqiang after the brave fighter Yangmen paste and the holy warrior Simon blew blood. It is also a hidden profession and a Chinese style, similar to my handsome and guilty Taoist hiding profession.
The bottom of the fine dance gate is really terrible, and I don’t know how much this female local tyrant has hidden without a trump card.
"What are you looking at? Other experts like to run to the gods and tell you that I’m the one who robbed you and turned against you." The promise was sung in a low voice.
Ye Feng scratched his head and felt that he was really a silly girl. Do I want to grab it?
"Don’t worry, an arrogant expert like Yunkuang doesn’t give it to me for nothing. Now I’m considering whether to personally kill him."
"Blow you!" The promise was simple and Ye Feng took a look and asked seriously, "What about my DOG? Did you bully her for several days and couldn’t reach her?"
"What do you mean your DOG?"
"Is it not my home or your home?"
"My home, of course!" Ye Feng said with certainty.
"Rio colophon evil dare to play a game? I wanted to fight you a long time ago! " Coke on the ice
Ye Feng exaggerated cried "compete with me? Are you okay? I’m a competitive enemy! "
"You dare not fight?" Coke with ice micro nu way
"Fight, but you can fire yourself first and go to the forum to fight. I will fight with you naturally, otherwise you can challenge them one by one." Ye Feng laughed badly.
Players in China want to challenge Ye Feng so much. There are so many people. If everyone shouts "Let’s fight with the old man", then Ye Feng will do nothing. Just squat in the arena every day and go shopping with people.
At the level of cloud mania, Ye Feng has to fight, but it doesn’t have to be challenged by coke and ice.