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I didn’t expect …

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"ding!" First, a yellow card was thrown to hold him in place, and then a huge dart was inserted into Lax’s body. Before the yellow card was fixed, another arrow went straight through the heart and hit Lax’s armor crisp.
Lu Zhan was shocked. He has lost half his blood from these skills!
He was determined to flash back to his own camp, but before he could press his skills, a pentagon frame framed him again.
This is the evil wizard e skill distortion. If you touch the Pentagon, you will be imprisoned for 15 seconds.
After that, you can imagine the card universal card, Pan Sen piercing spear, Dafa dark matter, Wei Lusi evil spirit arrow rain …
A lot of skills hit him like free money. Poor Lux died in the other side’s butcher’s knife before she could come out and escape.
Lu Zhan screen suddenly turned black.
From Lu Zhan into the grass, Xia Lingyao kept laughing until Lu Zhan died in situ. Xia Lingyao finally burst into laughter.
As Xia Lingyao laughs, she loosens her clothes, and a pair of twin peaks shake more than glistening and inviting.
However, Lu Zhan didn’t have time to enjoy the feast for the eyes around him. When he was resurrected, he didn’t idle at all. He checked the hero information on Xia Lingyao’s mobile phone.
"This time, you have to remember that no matter what kind of game, it is taboo to explore the grass alone in the League of Legends game!" Xia Lingyao warned Lu Zhan
Lu Zhanshan said, "This is a mistake!" Seeing that Lux had been resurrected, she bought a blood bottle and a blue bottle and continued to rush to the front.
While playing, someone gave him hands-on guidance, and he suddenly felt that this was also good. Every detail of his own mistakes was revealed, which really helped him to improve his level.
Fortunately, the quality of his teammates is good, and there is no brain spray. Everyone is waiting for the line of soldiers to come over and compete with the opposite side.
This time, Lu Zhan learned his lesson, and he was no longer the first to stand in the front. Every time his two injury skills, E skill and Q skill, were improved, he went to find someone to release them in many places, and then came back when he had no skills.
And their side blasting ghost is also a veteran, skill consumption skills are also comfortable, and Lu Zhan Lux consumed a lot of blood with each other.
However, due to the array, the opposite side consumes far more skills, so their blood volume is consumed more.
Lu Zhan took a step to the left to avoid Wei Lusi’s Q skill, took a step to the right to avoid Nedley darts, and then retreated to avoid the distortion of the little method.
Lu Zhan wiped his head and sweated across the street, consuming too many skills. If he is not careful, he will be shot. Even if he is careful, he may be shot.
It’s true that you can practice hiding skills here, but if you go there like this, they will definitely be consumed first. For a long time, this big chaos will also be lost because of the cruelty of the opposing array.
Chapter 15 Lax counterattack
"Most of the skills in League of Legends will give their opponents a certain reaction when they are released. When you look at Wei Lusi, his Q skill damage is really high, but there is an experienced player who walks irregularly to avoid when he is accumulating!" Xia Lingyao almost never misses a guiding opportunity to instill the basic knowledge of League of Legends into Lu Zhan.
Many things in the game are like a bucket of window paper, and the land exhibition is also a talented and intelligent person. Xia Lingyao said that he was white.
He carefully observed the five people across the street, and sure enough, most of the skills consumed will be obviously manual when released.
And some of them are easy to hide from because of their relatively obvious trajectories.
Another part, such as the small method W skill, dark matter, although it is not very different from other skills by hand, this skill will have a shadow before landing.
It is absolutely necessary to hide if you see it quickly.
"s3 is the best performer. Faker once said that it is not difficult to hide non-directional skills. Just move left and right. Although you are not required to reach this level now, you will hide most skills less. This is common sense!"
Lu Zhan knows that Faker, a Korean, is stubborn and doesn’t care about Chinese players, but he is really gifted, and his hand speed and consciousness are world-class, and he played his own characteristics in the S3 finals.
Lu Zhan grabbed the mouse and clenched it with his right hand. In order to realize Lu Hong’s wish to defeat South Korea, Faker is likely to climb a mountain in the end.
Thinking back to this game, the skills consumed by the five heroes are still like snowflakes, but the skills that can hit the land show are getting less and less.
Slowly, he groped out more and more rules.
Every time he releases his skills to the opposite side, he moves back or sideways irregularly so that the other side can’t hit him.
Xia Lingyao nodded approvingly, saying that Lu Zhan is still worth teaching because he can develop his own skills while walking.
However, Lu Zhan was not in such a good mood. He was crushed to hit his side from the beginning of this game. All five people were crushed near a tower. Some small soldiers were killed by defensive towers. In addition, in the early stage, they sent a head, which led to the opposite upgrade faster than them.
Moreover, the blood volume on their side is also very pessimistic. The consumption of Lux and Blasting Genius will never be matched by the consumption of the five people on the opposite side. Now they are all less than half-blood, and all the blood bottles have been eaten.
If this development continues, it is very likely that they will lose automatically before the group has started.
Sure enough, when Lu Zhan’s side was still level 5, the opposite side had reached level 6 before.
Five people realized that the other side was going to attack, so they were wretched in the tower.
But how can the opposite side give up the opportunity to play a wave of six levels!
No sooner had Pan Sen arrived than a huge black circle appeared at the foot of Lu Zhanjiao.
This is the war king Pan Sen’s big move to fall into the sky. When this skill is activated, Pan Sen will fall from the sky to half the map and take a lot of damage after landing.
Lu Zhan has read Pan Sen’s materials and seen the other side start skills. He simply recalled a Pan Sen skill.
According to the information, under normal circumstances, the war king Pan Sen will look for the target after landing. His W skill, the holy shield strike, can stun people for 1 second. In 1 second, violence Pan Sen has been able to beat a crispy skin into blood with his other two skills.
What’s even more troublesome is that the information says that Pan Sen’s passive skills will enable him to block an enemy’s ordinary attack every four attacks, which means that this hero has a strong tower-killing collar.
This opposite Pan Sen took five blood bottles when he went out, which caused his blood volume to be almost full.
Lu Zhan Lax is behind his tower. He knows very well that if Pan Sen knocks out his teammates on this side, then the remaining four people on the opposite side will rush in like a tiger. Because the blood volume gap is too big, the tower is likely to suffer, but it is Lu Zhan’s side
Then Lu Zhan’s choice is that the fire should be extinguished first, so that the opposite person who can top the tower will lose the opportunity to rush the tower
At the beginning of the black circle, Lu Zhan’s teammates are all consciously scattered. Everyone knows that the more central the position in this circle, the higher the damage will be. If you are hit in the head, you will be hit by 4 points of blood and even be slowed down.
But there is one person beside the black circle, and that is the masonry crocodile.
Lu Zhan’s eyes lit up and sure enough, someone saw the situation as clearly as he did.
"3 seconds!" When Pan Sen just reached the sixth grade, Xia Lingyao had already said beside him, "It takes 3 seconds for Pan Sen to jump from the black circle to landing!"
"good!" 3 seconds seems short, but it is enough to decide the battle in League of Legends.