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Ye Feng entered the mercenary guild hall to receive him or Cavaroz, the manager of the mercenary guild.

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"Is it your young adventurer? What can I do for you?" Cavaroz’s attitude is very modest, probably because he is grateful to Ye Feng for initiating the mercenary system. In Eternity, NPCs all have the intelligence of ordinary people. They are in contact with players in the game, and there is no difference between people in reality.
"Cavaroz Pavilion, I want to ask if a mercenary guild has released mercenaries?" Ye Feng slightly a respectful asked.
"Mercenaries? This is natural! " Cavaroz returned to the wooden table and took out a book bound by parchment from the bottom of the table and pushed it to Ye Feng.
"See for yourself, you can pick up this side according to the difficulty from low to high. The six levels, E, D, C, B, A and S, are different in difficulty, and the rewards are different. The higher the difficulty, the richer the rewards. Your mercenary group level is level one. Now you can pick up one. You can only pick up one after you finish it."
Ye Feng machinery nodded and was too lazy to listen to Cavaroz’s rambling about rummaging through this entrusted surface that suits him. There are hundreds of them, but most of them are low-level and have little oil and water. It is also time-consuming to do it. Ye Feng is naturally not interested.
"Cavaroz Pavilion, is everything here? What is not difficult? " Ye Feng has turned over half of it, and the highest difficulty level is also B.
"Well, like an A or an S?"
"Young people still lack patience." Cavaroz sighed and turned the entrustment to the last page
Ye Feng took a look and recorded two A-levels and an S-level A-level directly filtered out by Ye Feng-
【 Clear the Devil Spider Cave 】 S-class mercenary
Go to Goblin Hill, the blood shadow plain in the north of Locke Town, find the demon spider cave, kill all the demon spiders in it, and bring back the poisonous glands of the demon spider king asir to Cavaroz, the manager of the Mercenary Guild.
The number of people is limited to two.
Time limit 3 natural r √.
Reward mercenary group with experience value of 20,000 points, glory of 3 points and 25 pieces of gold coins decorated with devil touch (dark gold ring), rare skill vampire kiss.
"I depend!" Ye Feng’s eyes are straight.
I never thought that a mere S-level reward would be generous, not to mention a secret gold ring, which is worth taking a chance in Ye Feng. As we all know, the lowest explosion rate of equipment in Eternity is decorated in the hands of players, not to mention a secret gold ring or a whiteboard ring, and it is estimated that not many people have bronze and silver rings, which is even rarer.
More importantly, if you can get this ring, you can also attach the stone in Ye Feng warehouse.
"Cavaroz Pavilion, I decided to accept the clearance of the demon spider cave!" Ye Feng swallowed saliva way
"Oh, are you sure? As far as I know, your mercenary group has only seven members now. Only seven people want to complete this S-class mercenary. With all due respect, success may be minimal or more accurately, you have not killed asir’s strength now. "Cavaroz kept shaking his head.
"I’m sure Cavaroz Pavilion, please believe in my team strength. We are the bravest fighters in mainland torres!" Ye Feng stood firm and replied, in fact, these words even made him want to throw up, which was disgusting, but there was no way for a knight like Cavaroz, a staunch supporter of God J and NG, to buy this set.
"all right! Then sign this entrustment agreement! " Cavaroz smell speech eyes a fiercely then shook his head very nai pulled out an agreement to Ye Feng.
Ye Feng grabbed the quill pen and signed his name to show that the mercenary commission came into effect.
In fact, Ye Feng is not sure to complete this S-class, because he can’t resist the temptation of generous rewards, and he just holds the idea of giving it a try. If it is completed, it will be developed. Even if it can’t be completed, there will be no serious punishment. At most, it will not be able to meet the S-class for a short time.
In Eternity, it is reasonable to set the mercenary group for the first time. There is no difficulty limit. Six grades can be accepted, but the same one can be entrusted to a mercenary group at the same time. Unless the mercenary group fails to complete the mercenary guild within the specified time, it can be entrusted to another mercenary group.
At the same time, in order to prevent someone from taking over the system maliciously, it is stipulated that if the mercenary group accepts the A-level again but fails to complete it, then it is necessary to complete ten sub-levels in order to regain the acceptance. For example, if you accept an S-level final failure, it is difficult for you to complete ten A-level mercenary guilds, which will give you a new qualification to take over the S-level. If you fail, you will complete ten B-level E, D, C and B. There is no provision that you can casually take over the failure, and it doesn’t matter.
Ye Feng returned the agreement to Cavaroz to say goodbye.
"Good luck! Brave adventurer! "
Ye Feng just stepped out of the door of the mercenary guild, and the communication channel of Yunmengze mercenary group blew up.
"Rio Tinto colophon eldest brother you answered the s-class mercenaries! MYGOD! Twenty people and seven people are great! " It turns out that I’m not handsome. I was the first one to scream. I can see that this guy is very excited
Members of the mercenary group are all shared mercenaries. Ye Feng will send messages to the team members when he receives the system.
"Who is this buddy?" Brother Fei and Pojun Wu Yue have been busy brushing monsters and didn’t notice that a new member has been added to the group.
"New members!" Ye Feng arrived.
"I’m not handsome? I don’t think it’s the fifth Austrian law in the ranking list, is it? " Pojun shouted.
"Yes, it’s just there!" It turns out that I’m not handsome and complacent, and I really enjoy being noticed.
"Ye Shaoshao can’t see that you are really good at attracting talents!" Xia Yu Mo Mi Yu
Ye Feng listened to the language and wanted to break her head. She couldn’t understand why Sister Yu Mo turned overnight. Now she talks to herself in a tone similar to that of Wei-wei Tang.
"Welcome to join!" Lu Hailan also felt that it was easy to make others feel unfamiliar by playing the dust, so he said four words euphemistically to express his senior membership of Yunmengze mercenary group.
"Colonel Tuoba, you really have the courage. We are only seven people, even if we are all masters, but are you sure we can complete this S-class?" Tang Weiwei said, "According to the game settings, the difficulty of the S-class mercenary is not much different from that of the purgatory. We had such a hard time to get away with it. I said that I was under great pressure to finish this."
"In so serious? Just give it a try! " Ye Feng called Tao
Everyone is sweating. Is there such an irresponsible head?
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Chapter sixty-two Quenching poison dagger
"Well, I have a friend who is quite good at technology. Now he is almost level 11, but now he should be able to win a little more in Tanding Town." Brother Fei thought for a moment and said.
"What’s the name? What occupation? "Ye Feng asked.
"ten drunks are not drunk, natural druids"
"Ten Shang not drunk? Head of the alcoholic mercenary group? " Tang Weiwei was surprised.
Drunk mercenary group is very famous in a game "Myth". Unlike other mercenary groups, it is a mercenary team with less than 100 people. Its members are all very strong. Just pull one out and put it in a guild. J Ο ng British group can take the main position. They don’t take part in the wars of major guilds and accept employment, and they have a good reputation. The reputation of bounty hunters led by the leaders of major guilds is among the top three, but in the later period of Myth, the reputation of bounty hunters is among the top three. The head of the ghost mercenary group is not drunk, and the deputy head of the group is not drunk because of differences in interests. Thousands of cups are not drunk, and they are bought by the bonfire. Most of the members of the mercenary group took refuge in the bonfire and became famous for a while. The mysterious Se color drunkard mercenary group also fell apart.
"Well, that’s him! However, it takes five gold coins to send each other to secondary towns, which is a huge sum of money. I don’t know if this guy has got enough. "
"It’s okay. If it’s not enough, you can withdraw the missing amount from the group and mail it to him." Ye Feng is now eager for talent, which can surprise Tang Weiwei, the ultimate master. It must be a master who invests a few gold coins in him first and can earn tens of thousands of dollars for himself later. This ten thousand-profit business pole has to be done.
"Okay, I’ll call you back later and give you a message."
"Well, I’m not handsome. This name is really awkward. Just call you handsome after it’s too long." Ye Feng asked. "Are you enough to send gold coins?"
"Five gold coins. I’m not short of money! And don’t call me handsome, actually I’m not handsome! "
Ye Feng heard this tangle. What stupid name did he get?
"All right, let’s finish the meeting. Let’s go about our business. Let’s practice today and raise the equipment. What will the mercenary guild do together at one o’clock in the morning?" Ye Feng said and directly closed the mercenary channel and squatted in the mercenary guild and waited for Tang Weiwei’s summer rain foam.
Tang Weiwei and Xia Yumo completed their careers, and as soon as they turned positive, they went to the Mercenary Guild on their way, and they received Fei Ge’s secret language.
"the whole city"
"Please call me Weiwei!"