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It really is! Wang Tianping is really following him to operate the mecha. The combination skill just now is the joint research of the devil base body patrol pilots. It is not a single skill, and it is a multi-person key-sending skill. This skill has not made it impossible to be leaked in public places.

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It’s impossible for such a complicated skill to have someone else send out the same skill by chance. At most, it can be similar, and there must be differences. Wang Tianping just finished moving this skill, and the standard is exactly the same.
After confirming that Wang Tianping imitated himself, Barr’s doubts deepened. What is Wang Tianping’s plan? Stealing from teachers? There is no need. He is streaming on the public network, but many of those videos are advanced skills. Is it necessary to learn his own basic skills?
Besides, military pilots are really not afraid of stealing teachers’ skills and games. They also know that they are eager for players to learn their own skills to improve their overall level, so that the government plan can be implemented smoothly.
Moreover, Wang Tianping’s imitation is perfect, and the gap between the two mecha’s movements is almost invisible. Generally speaking, imitating one party is a little slower than imitating the other, but Wang Tianping can make the same movement defend against all his attacks, which means that Wang Tianping’s level is much higher than his own.
Since there is such a high level, why not end the battle quickly and do something so thankless? Although Baal’s hands are not chaotic, his doubts are getting deeper and deeper.
Chapter 12 Each has its own outcome
The battle is still going on, and gradually even some viewers can see the clue that the two mecha are actually the same. What’s going on? Fake match? Or did the disciples meet?
Barr is still puzzled, but Wang Tianping on the other side is getting more and more comfortable. This Barr belongs to that kind of hand speed, which is not fast, but he is good at brain pilots. Although all his movements are relatively simple basic movements, the effect played by these basic movements is absolutely no worse than some complicated instantaneous explosive skills.
Of course, it is precisely because of this that Wang Tianping can move with him through imitation. If he is a high-intensity attack opponent who relies on hand speed as Hu said, there will be a great delay in Wang Tianping’s translation.
This Barr hand is not fast, but it is very coherent. Wang Tianping not only practiced the post-exercise method of lengthening the exercise steps according to his own training plan, but also learned from him that it is beneficial to build a whole set of attack styles with continuous and simple basic movements.
Wang Tianping is a joy to play here, and his strength has shown signs of progress, but Baal over there already feels that he is on the verge of collapse. When will this battle end?
The opponent’s strength is stronger than his own, and there is little hope of victory. The attack method he is good at has a great advantage, but it can also be said to be a great disadvantage, that is, he can play 100% strength without picking the terrain and environment, but he can also play 100% strength.
Unlike some players who can reverse themselves in one fell swoop in a specific terrain, it is difficult to get the score back once they are determined to be inferior to the other side. It is impossible to win, but at least they should end the battle beautifully and not be too embarrassed.
But now this has become an extravagant hope that two mecha have been consuming alloy combat knives and shields for a long time, but the outer armor has been intact. Do you want to fight until the weapons are destroyed and then the laser gun will fight?
Then if Wang Tianping continues to imitate, will there be a situation that will not end the battle until the laser gun is overheated? Do we have to fight our fists then?
He even made a deliberate mistake, but Wang Tianping was actually imitating mistakes instead of taking the opportunity to attack. Even if he took advantage of Wang Tianping’s imitation mistakes, Wang Tianping’s attack in a state of mistakes would still be imitated without effect.
What about Wang Tianping at this time? He seems to be caught in some kind of state machine, and the camera keeps an eye on the other side. The patrolman hands Barr’s every move to the screen in front of Wang Tianping, and then looks at the other side and exercises his own mecha. There is only a little bit of it, and the delay is getting smaller and smaller.
Until I really can’t stand it, Barr simply stopped the parade, and the patrolmen followed, where they motionless imitated Barr Wang Tianping and consciously stopped the two parades facing each other without starting work.
At this time, Wang Tianping came to his senses and looked at the situation. He probably understood what was going on now. It seems that he was bent on testing his ideas and ignored the business of the game
He controlled the patrolman to make a hands-on gesture, and Barr across the street finally breathed a sigh of relief. This is Wang Tianping’s first non-imitation initiative, which means that he is finally going to play well
Two mecha collided again, and this time it was no longer the same as the previous scene. Wang Tianping was the first to make a chop and hit Barr, who raised his shield. Then Barr also gave Wang Tianping a sweep and was flashed by Wang Tianping.
Just now, the audience was a little sleepy because of this strange and interesting battle. At this time, the audience found that the battle between the two men had changed. It seems that it is not like a "fake match" just now, but a real gun competition.
But now Barr is still very depressed because Wang Tianping has not imitated him in every move, but his present style of play is derived from the combination skill he just made himself, which is his most familiar style of play.
I’ve been fighting with myself for a long time, and there’s nothing more mind than this. I’ve been tortured and I feel like crying. Baal showed a little flaw when I didn’t concentrate, and this time Wang Tianping won’t even imitate this, but seized this opportunity to break out.
After the first battle, Wang Tianping’s victory was followed by the second battle. Perhaps he was a little too involved in the first battle, a little embarrassed, or a little sorry for making the other side’s skills beat the other side. In the second battle, Wang Tianping made his own style and exerted his true strength, which is also a kind of respect for military pilots.
However, Barr didn’t feel much depressed when he failed in the second match. Of course, there was, but it was an honor and experience to be able to confront the master head-on. In addition, in the first game, Wang Tianping demonstrated Barr’s own skills, which means that it is of real value to send this skill by himself. This is an affirmation to him
After three rounds of competition, Wang Tianping still chose the encrypted training room in the arena to play Barr, which not only proved the feasibility of his idea, but also showed him a new way.
It wasn’t long before the competition results of other people in the frenzy squadron also came out. After the elimination of Dou Ding and Lingyun, a new loser appeared in the frenzy squadron. Xiao Hei lost 1-2 in the third round of today’s competition and was eliminated.
Xiaohe’s failure today is exactly the same as that of former Lingyun, both of which are caused by the fact that the field he is good at is too partial and the overall foundation is not solid enough.
Lingyun met a military pilot who was good at sniper in the second round last night. After the first game, he was played with applause and didn’t exert a little strength. In the second game, because the terrain was not suitable for sniper warfare and his opponent despised him, he pulled back a set in the second game, but in the third game, his opponent didn’t give him a chance, and before he could find a stalker, his shadow was blown up.
Blackie was completely trapped by the terrain, and two of the three games were in a wide terrain without any obstacles. The opponent was a professional player who was good at melee driving and was the fastest pursuer with the same speed as him. Except for the first game, Blackie won the terrain, and he died in the other two games, which was ugly.
At present, there are six people left in the frenzied squadron of the individual preliminaries of the line competition.
Chapter 121 Abnormal situation
On March 10th, there are less than 20,000 players who have been able to support the individual qualifiers. Among these players, most of the ordinary players are military pilots and professional players, or they are elite players who target professional players, although they have not yet won the title of professional players.
However, there are some anomalies in the frenzy squadron in recent two days. First of all, of course, their captain Wang Tianping spent five hours in the encryption training room on the latest line, while he ordered other players to be promoted to the rank of sergeant with the most military achievements.
They are a little tired of doing the same thing in succession, and now they have many better choices, such as squadron, which is certainly not difficult and challenging, and the reward is looking to the Lord, such as the main line, which can now push the main line of the deep blue planet forward a big step.
In addition, even if they are brush pairs, they can also choose other ordinary pairs. The difficulty of ordinary pairs and rank pairs is lower, and there are not many rewards for military achievements. However, the possibility of rare props such as technology chips and rare materials is the greatest.
In fact, there are many people who specialize in painting these ordinary pairs, including many professional players. Of course, although it is the most likely, it is a little higher than the average wild monster. The output of this kind of thing is still not high
Compared with the demand, this kind of rare props is still very tight, and the price is high. If the weapons and equipment embedded with technology chips are accidentally damaged, the technology chips will be reimbursed, which is not a kind of thing that can’t go up or down.
It’s also a very good choice to brush more ordinary deputies and accumulate some rare props while the frenzy squadron is at the forefront of all players. But Wang Tianping seems to be possessed by the military this time, and sometimes he lets everyone brush sergeant deputies.
Recently, they found that there are often some suspicious players around them. At first, they didn’t care. After all, there are hundreds of millions of players in the game. Of course, most of them don’t know how many players are hanging around at any time. This is not a rare thing.
Moreover, they are also members of the frenzy squadron, which is very remarkable for many ordinary players. It is normal for a small star to be surrounded by some players.
But soon they found that it didn’t seem like that, because they found that there were always a few faces among the players hanging around them, and they all saw these players when they were offline for several times in public.
Moreover, these players don’t seem to have a trace of envy and worship in the eyes of ordinary players, but they seem to be spying on them. The key point is that these players actually hide their information and can’t see nicknames and team information.
This matter was immediately reported to Wang Tianping, who has been in the training room of the arena for several days and has not been seen in public. After hearing about it, Wang Tianping helped analyze and judge that this should be two guild members, Monty and the Gods.
Being a world-class professional association and benefits is what they value most. When it comes to the loss of benefits, it is actually not big. This loss is still within their tolerance, but it has always been led by Wang Tianping, which makes them feel very embarrassed.
The most important thing is that if you receive a frenzy from that competitor at the same time, there is still room for dialogue. Just don’t say anything about the frenzy, but it is unbearable for them to have a guild at the same level that is somewhat contradictory to their own.
At the moment when he decided to eliminate these two competitors, Wang Tianping had already thought of the possible retaliation. He was not surprised by the reconnaissance actions of the two guilds. He considered what practical actions the two guilds would take after receiving enough information.
According to Thunderstorm, the most likely thing for a big guild like this is to kill a guild warrant once. Although the benefits will be great, the risks will not be small. If it is done well, it is possible to promote your own guild and hope to recruit more players. If it is done badly, it will become an object of hatred for other guilds and players. From then on, it will be a farewell to this game.
There is no way for Wang Tianping to speculate whether these two guilds will take such drastic actions against the frenzy squadron. After all, he has never been a professional player before playing online games or in high school. At that time, he had no close contact with any professional guild grievances.
However, since the other party came to scout, they said that they had taken action. Maybe he himself said that he was confident that no matter how many people came, he could escape even if he couldn’t beat an ace pilot, even if he faced an entire army.
But others don’t have such a level. In case the two guilds seize the opportunity, the final result will be panic attack, and it is estimated that when driving the mecha out of the transition zone, they will be besieged and killed. The most important thing for large guilds like that is to dispatch a batch of people to wait in their line every day.
If this really happens, the frenzied squadron can apply for a vest if it wants to play normally, and then build it from scratch, all the advantages will be wiped out, which Wang Tianping absolutely can’t accept.
However, as far as it is concerned, they still have plenty of time, and the two guilds are obviously very cautious because of their previous encounters. They did not send people to call directly, but first scouted the enemy’s situation, which means that they still lack understanding of the frenzy squadron.
Now it’s the key moment of the line competition. Except for a few top players in the two guilds who have been eliminated due to bad luck, most of them have to cope with the competition. After the individual qualifiers, the team qualifiers are followed, and they have no time and energy.
The analysis of Wang Tianping and Thunderstorm shows that even if there is any big action against the frenzy squadron, the two guilds will have to wait until after the preliminary round of the squad match, but they have no sense of guarding against thieves all day long. Since the other side has provocative signs, it is Wang Tianping’s favorite practice to take the initiative then.
Chapter 122 First positive contact
Although there are two world-class professional associations staring at them now, how to play or how to play frenzy squadron can’t delay its game progress because of unnecessary danger
Six people who stayed in the game at night went to the arena to wait for the game to be arranged, while the remaining five people were eliminated except for going straight to the industrial zone to do high-end work. Four people went to the arena room for training.
The chances of meeting ordinary players here are not very high. Today, this is the case. With the unified demonstration of the frenzy squadron, the remaining six people were sent to the competition venue one after another.
Today, some of their opponents in the first round are thriving. Fortunately, by the way, one nickname is a player without prefix, and the other five people touched two military pilots. Three professional players met the military pilots, Meng Liuli and Hu said, while Wang Tianping’s opponent was a professional player with a "myth" prefix.
The enthusiasm of the audience is getting higher and higher these days. On the one hand, a large number of ordinary players who have been eliminated have become the new force of the audience. On the other hand, the chances of seeing professional players are getting higher and higher, and the level of these players is also improving rapidly. The excitement of the game has soared.
Obviously, the operator will not miss such a great opportunity to make money. Although it is true for players to enter the arena competition room, the audience found that there were various advertisements in the competition venue. Not only that, the operator also set up large screens in many squares to broadcast the star players to participate in the competition at any time.
An hour later, Wang Tianping, who was the first to finish the game, walked out of the arena with six wins and three wins, and eliminated a professional player, a military pilot and an elite player by two-to-one. As far as his own gains are concerned, there are many more games than yesterday. Although he didn’t imitate the opponent’s play, he was more proficient in reducing the feedback steps.