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A look at the boss personally come orange also dare not expect honestly back to one side.

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But if you kill yourself, you will not sell the purple lily account, so you will not sell it.
"Purple boss! Our peerless tianjiao attaches great importance to this marriage! In order to ensure the smooth progress of the wedding, we have to pay special attention to Ann, "replied the supercilious killer."
Viola is too lazy to answer his words lightly. "You dare to question Xiao Sha’s growing temper when you bring people."
"Whoever brings people is the same. Whoever is a threat to this wedding, we still have to ask him to leave the island!" The tone of killing is plain, but the words are murderous.
This time, before Violet spoke, the man in gray smiled. "Hehe, this young man is a little interesting. In fact, I also have threats to this marriage between your two families. Are you going to ask me to leave?"
Kill a ball and bow your head and say, "How can you threaten a small guild like us if you dare not be famous?"
"You are wrong!" The man in gray said every word, "I’m really here to threaten."
Kill a ball and be shocked.
Purple Lily said coldly, "Mr. Jun was entrusted by Miss Han Xinyi, the five beauties of the Golden Eagle Club, to come to the colorful island. He hoped that Ouyang Fei would return to Phantom Day to continue to play after his marriage. Of course, Mr. Jun already respected our wishes."
This sentence is a little informative, and Viola beat me to say that it would take ten seconds to get back to God.
"That’s impossible!" Kill a ball and make a statement on the spot
Viola sighed and stopped talking.
In fact, from the bottom of her heart, she is not very optimistic about this marriage. In the final analysis, she is also a woman. The two brothers are not very satisfied with their usual manners, but they are a little disgusted.
However, the interests of the guild are in front of us, and things have developed into this situation in Phoenix, Chaohuang and other people, and many things cannot be influenced by her personal will.
The man in gray sighed, "It seems that you don’t agree. It’s a pity that I went back in a good day! However, for this couple, I can also verbally express my blessing. It’s hard to cherish the fate of ten years’ training and a hundred years’ training. "
Kill a ball and say coldly, "Bless me and bring it to me. I will arrange a boat gift to send Mr. Jun out of the island now."
The gray man stared at him with great interest. "Isn’t it always a smile?" This young man is the president of Chengda this year, right? "
Hearing this, Viola was really scared. "Mr. Jun, you will misunderstand. This is the vice president of the peerless Tianjiao. Boss Yifeng has always been the president of the conference. The president was promoted to vice president last December."
The man in gray nodded. "No wonder, no wonder. Alas, there are fewer and fewer people who don’t know my old man now."
I was so angry that I was shaking all over. How can he not hear the overbearing meaning of these euphemistic dialogues? Your boss can’t even make decisions when he laughs. How dare you, a little broken vice president, make decisions for me? You have a lot of guts!
In fact, I know Mr. Jun is such a big man, but Mr. Feng has always been secretive. He once instructed that if I have the opportunity to see Mr. Jun, I must pay special attention to his old man’s house
But young people in high spirits can’t bear such humiliation, kill them and grind their teeth and say, "Actually, I am also a gentleman."
Viola suddenly face a gray with people more interested in "oh? What? Explain the reasons in detail! "
Kill and grind your teeth. "We don’t welcome those who are targeting our marriage, including the Golden Eagle Club."
Up to now, he still thinks that the Golden Eagle will make the bad Viola decisively stop drinking "Enough killing!"
Ya is a pig teammate. Can’t you see that I have to be respectful to this one? Your eyes were eaten by a dog?
"Violet, you don’t care who is young!" The first two steps of the gray man looked at killing a ball and said, "I said that I would leave Colorful Island early in the morning, and that must be the time."
After a good killing, I burst out with nothing. "What if I have to send Mr. Jun off the island tonight?"
The man in gray looked around. "If you count the people here, you can go to the hotel and call for help. I promise you won’t send me away."
Kill a ball cold way "no! I have to try it myself! Boss Feng has always admired Mr. Jun, and I have admired him for a long time. I hope Mr. Jun can teach us a few tricks. "
The man in gray suddenly seemed to get cold and stared at him for a long time before saying, "In fact, people like you are not worthy of sympathy because Jiangnan Dao and your brother did their best in Loulan New District. Instead of stopping them, your eldest brother messed around. To tell you the truth, I have friends in the three families of Oriental Dynasty, Tiankang Group and Butterfly Villa, and their friendship is good. I didn’t expect them to kill each other this time. I feel very sad, especially the boss of Butterfly Villa was instigated by others. Now you tell me to attack the port of Oriental Dynasty.
When people face him, they feel that the murderous look of the mountain is overwhelming, which makes you almost gasp and kill your teeth. "Yes!"
"Very good!" The man in gray nodded. "Is he on the island now? If you are, go and call him here, and I’ll let you go this time! I’m sorry if I’m sorry, but no one can save you now! " to be continued
Chapter five hundred Family master
The stars are still shining, but the temperature has suddenly dropped.
Everyone retreated spontaneously and let the central sand out. Even Emma was retreating. Even if she retreated to a coconut tree, she could feel the cold in the central sand.
This kind of cold breath emanates from two people, the man in gray and the man who killed himself. When a person is in danger, he will give people this feeling
However, the gray man is still so casually looking at each other with a lazy eye.
And killing a ball will not have his calm manner. At this time, killing a ball has not changed the combat equipment, but he has pulled out his weapon and a pair of silver T-sticks!
T-stick, also known as the word stick, looks like a character in its overall shape. It is a close-fitting bunt weapon with changeable tactics and very flexible skills. It is rare for few people to master this weapon.
The man in gray suddenly smiled, "So you are a fighter!"
Kill a ball and say, "Yes!"
The man in gray laughed. "You are confident and don’t even wear equipment."
Kill a ball and say coldly, "I dare not make a fool of myself in front of you."
Gray humanity "since you don’t wear equipment, I can give you a hand!" "
There’s nothing more insulting to a fighter than killing yourself and changing your face.
Killing your arms with pleasure, two golden marks appear, which obviously start the skills, but no matter what skill level exceeds 75, the skills can actually be ignored. When the martial arts realm really reaches its peak, it is often to return to the original.