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"If Liu Bao wins or Cao Cao wins, I have submitted to this party; But I’d rather lose both sides, so I’ll be alone! Haha! "

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"But your family …" Hu surnamed Han hesitated and asked.
"We Huns are different from you Han Chinese" and shook our heads and said, "The wife has no more to marry; Children have no regeneration, but horses and warriors have no roots. "
"But I have a hunch" that Cao Cao will win and win completely. Although I had to submit to his account at that time, it didn’t do me any harm. A nominal Chinese minister is actually more than just helping the Han people fight a dozen Wuhuan people and husbands. "
"By the way, how about our hand-to-hand knot?"
"All the tribes loyal to us are ready, just waiting for you to take the lead at any time."
"good!" I jumped out of my chair and pulled out my tent. I hung a broadsword and stroked the blade gently. "If Liu Bao fails, we will copy his lair! Grab all his cattle, horses and women! "
It’s almost half past autumn, but the Xiongnu army is too late, and Lu Bu and his colleagues are anxious to death.
Secretly raising hundreds of thousands of people under Gao Qian’s eyelids, it’s impossible not to give out a little wind when it grows up, and these people can’t be exposed to the sun fair and square as long as the Huns don’t come, and they can’t tell Gao Qian that we have hundreds of thousands of people to play soy sauce, can we?
Cao Cao attaches great importance to Lu Bu’s action. If it is done well, there will be less suffering in the north and less civilians in Bingzhou. From then on, he will not worry about the threat from the west.
So Man Chong and Ye Liu were sent to Zhang Liao, and Lu Bu was sent to Cao Cao. Cao Cao couldn’t play any tricks in supervising the army. That thing was no different except reducing the reliability of leading generals and causing inaccurate orders for the reduction of army combat effectiveness.
On the one hand, Man Chong actively prepared for the wild goose gate and sent someone to stare at Gao Qian Jinyang. Once there is any trouble, he will immediately send troops to cooperate with Lu Bu.
To some extent, Zhang Liao is more responsible because he has to deal with Tuoba Xianbei in the north besides guarding against Gao Qian in the south.
And with more than a dozen people lyu3 bu4 to guard against Gao Qian alone.
Seibel has always been very calm, but Lyu3 bu4′ s heart has been a little dead, but it has fluctuated like a stagnant water because of this sudden pull. I don’t know how many times I dreamed of recalling the glorious years of Tiema Jinge in the past, but after waking up, I was still a trivial gold bearer in Xuchang City. In addition to grasping at some buffoon who wanted to rebel, Lyu3 bu4 really felt that it was better to go to the main book.
Some people are born on the battlefield. Without fighting and flesh and blood, their life is meaningless.
Lyu3 bu4 is such a person, he is not suitable for a comfortable life.
After almost half a year of waiting, it was said that the Huns were coming in the spring, but Lu Bu’s eyes were as big as Zhang Fei’s, but he didn’t even wait for a Hun fly.
But it’s better or less. After the autumn harvest, Bing stores won’t worry.
Seibel is the general of Lu Bu’s family. Besides, Cao Cao also sent many people to Lu Bu’s account.
Some of them turned out to be enemies of Lu Bu, such as Wu Anguo.
When Kong Rong surrendered to Cao Cao, it meant to let Wu Anguo, who had become a cripple, go home and find a job. But at that time, there was no buyout, and there was a way after the demobilization-farming.
Feng Zhang felt sorry for the man who had been killed in Beihai. Besides, his hand was injured by his eldest brother Lu Bu, so he was left to take a back seat and the new barracks will assist him.
There are also some generals who later joined Cao Jun, such as Zhong Mao and Yan.
It is worth one thing that Yan told Romance that he was poor because he entered Cao Jun because someone saw him tear up a leopard with his bare hands!
It can be compared with Dian Wei and lost face. If two people are left and right, they are simply ugly in Yanzhou.
"Warm weather! There is an urgent report! " Yan’s ugly face opened her mouth with a heart that she couldn’t hide, and she ran happily into the account.
Although he is now a corps commander to protect Xiongnu, people are more accustomed to calling him Wen Hou.
"Agent finally came to the news, ha ha! Seven days ago, Zuo Xianwang finally went out, hehe! We did it in Kyle! Hehe! "
Just say it, hehe. I didn’t know that my wife was going to have a baby.
The best life for such a troubled military commander in ancient times is to prove his value on the battlefield. If he lives in wartime and can fight in peacetime, he will silently bear the contempt of literati.
Lu Bu was so excited that Huo came with him, and the red shirt swung behind him. "Please invite Mr. Yang quickly!"
Lyu3 bu4 is not a fool who knows how powerful these awesome counselors around Cao Cao are. For example, Guo Jia’s words made the original 100,000 troops who invaded Yan Liang be driven into the underground by hundreds of bows and horses in Feng Zhang. Another example is that Yuan Shu, whose arrogant territory spans the four States of Henan, Yang, Xu and Jing, collapsed when Cao Cao’s counselor said that he collapsed
So I asked Liu to plan how to fight this game.
Ye Liu was the one with the least emotion except Jia Xu, and asked briefly, "How many days will the Huns have to arrive in Jinyang City?"
"For many days," Zhong Yi replied. He now thinks that he can be in a position in this battle-I hope it is not good to bet on food and grass. Although this job has been done well, it will not be more heart-warming than getting a few more heads back from the battlefield with one knife and one gun.
"1. Send someone to inform General Zhang of Yanmen first. 2. Move as many people in Jinyang West as possible. Move the village. If you burn grain and grass, you can bring it or not. Burn the well. Don’t leave a living well for the Huns!"
Lai Yan also wants to ask what if the Huns are defeated and the people go back? Drink poisonous well water? However, seeing that Ye Liu and others are all serious and serious, I have no nerve to ask.
"This is very important. If the timing is not good, it is possible to alert the snake and wait for it!" Ye Liu looked up to meet Lyu3 bu4′ s eyes, but they were still young and eager to kill!
"Yang, please speak!" Lyu3 bu4′ s face is calm, but it doesn’t mean that he is calm in his heart. The hand holding the waist and sword is actually a little trembling.
"Huns from Jinyang and one day when tackled the rest of the party in Gao Qian! It is not easy to grasp the opportunity if it is too early for the Huns to notice it too late, then Gao Qian will resist against the city, and then our army will be defeated between Scylla and Charybdis! "
"Yang rest assured! Give it to the cloth! " Lyu3 bu4 corners of the mouth slightly tilted a corner seibel saw the in the mind is very excited for many years haven’t seen Wen Hou have such an expression? Whenever Wen Hou has such an expression, it is a symbol that he is eager to wave his sword and drink enemy blood.
The Huns came here later than in previous years.
There are villages everywhere, and they should be burned clean, not to mention that people don’t even have cats or dogs, let alone food.
Liu Bao, Zuo Xianwang, is a habit of the people. It happens every year in Bingzhou. When the Huns rob him, the people will move their families eastward and then burn down the house where they have lived for many years, so that the hateful Huns will not get any benefits.
But it hasn’t come yet this year?
Or has a brother army already come?
Liu Baogen didn’t take it seriously. Anyway, he knew Jinyang City would never go upstairs alone.
I still haven’t seen a gasp all the way east. It’s so quiet.
Just when Liu Bao finally met Jinyang City Wall, I didn’t imagine that Zhongda City Gate was lined with streets. There were a few blood hanging from the city gate, and my eyes were closed. A few shriveled heads!
The most one is Gao Qian!
The soldiers on the wall looked at Liu Bao like idiots, which made him almost explode with anger.
"Who are you?" Liu Bao didn’t know Lu Bu, but he saw that this handsome old man with a pheasant tail feather on his head was definitely the first one.
"Protect the Xiongnu corps commander Lu Bu!"
"Are you Lu Bu?" Lu Bu’s name Liu Bao certainly knows it, but I haven’t heard of it for a while. Liu Bao has already hung up.
"It is! Zuo Xianwang has come a long way, but it is? " Lu Bu looked at the city and looked back at himself. Zuo Xianwang had an impulse to jump into the city and then cut him with a sword.
"You are also a conference semifinals origin how to talk so like a Chinese? I’m here to avenge Lao Khan! "
This conference semifinals origin made the handsome old man choose a corner of his eye.
"You’d better go home. You can’t repay your revenge. Be careful and dig a grave for yourself."
Liu Bao a sneer at "you call me go I will go? Who are you? No matter whether you are Lu Bu or copper cloth, I will take revenge on Bing Lao Khan. "
"I’m not who I am, but I protect the Xiongnu corps commander. You people have to listen to me!" Lyu3 bu4 seems to be deliberately trying to tease Liu Bao to protect the Xiongnu corps commander. These words are particularly hard to bite.
"Ha ha!" The Xiongnu people in the city laughed, bared their arms, and drilled a handful of chest hair in the fur coat, which shook the center in the wind.
"You probably stay with the han Chinese for a long time, and there are some bad brains! We Huns never believed in knives in our hands! "
"I kindly remind you that it doesn’t matter if you are here, but your people are eyeing the right Xianwang. Aren’t you afraid that he will kill your people while you are away and divide your cattle and sheep?"
If this sentence were changed to others, maybe Zuo Xianwang would know and consider it, because he decided not to deal with the right Xianwang, but this sentence was said by his opponent, Liu Bao and Lu Bu, who were afraid that one of them was too powerful to be alarmist!
Stretched out his hand to suppress the low voice behind them. "Do you want to cheat us to withdraw in a few words? Play us off against the two great Huns? I tell you that even if the sky falls, I will wash Jinyang City! "
Lyu3 bu4 face a "he did not believe" expression seriously said to people around him, "my second brother told me that some people are mean. The more you tell the truth, the less he believes. It seems that Liu Bao is a bitch."
Yan silly straight music even Ye Liu always serious expression also had a little smile "Wen Hou what if Liu Bao believes?"