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At this time, Lin Youxuan appeared again. He gave a seemingly broad road for Ye Zhang to find a way forward. He changed his life step by step and questioned the world. He and his great power in glitz pushed the whole world forward.

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It can be said that 30% of all the players in the glitz who have no personality attributes are influenced by the dark forces, while 70% of them are resisted by Ye Zhang’s resistance, but Zhang Ye is the real source of anger for these players.
Tao An paused for a few minutes at this time and looked at Ye Zhang in meditation. He knew that Ye Zhang must have experienced this kind of mood twists and turns. He grew up from knowing nothing, from resisting this alien society to gradually learning to guide and gather people’s hearts by his own strength. However, in the process of this gradual growth, what he learned from this experience was offset by the same method.
I know a few things that Lin Youxuan has done against glitz recently, but from the first day I entered the glitz, artificial intelligence has a strong resistance to me. She doesn’t question Lin Youxuan’s will. This is a kind of logic that can’t be changed. When artificial intelligence detected that you were finally controlled by Ye Zhang, the main system changed the technology, that is, the player was brainwashed recently.
He didn’t know much about Tao An’s words, which made the famous war show shocked eyes again. At this time, when he came to this conclusion from Tao An’s mouth, he finally couldn’t help it.
"Why don’t you just shut down the game if you still have it? Are you still waiting for him to harm others?"
The famous war words made Ye Zhang shake his head and said sadly
"Lin Youxuan won’t turn a blind eye. He has the ability to let the glitz restart once and then he has the ability to let the glitz continue to operate until we tell him the winner."
At this point, Ye Zhang won’t feel lucky for his opponent. This is an absolutely powerful opponent. He can’t and won’t be bound by things. He has always occupied the initiative and has several helpers around him. The most important thing is that on the surface, he is still a well-known businessman in China. He has always been a respected veteran in the field of online games.
The famous battle voice is low, and you can see that he is very depressed at the moment. Your opponent is so powerful, but you are just a middle-level player who is not top in the game. What do you use to fight with such an opponent?
"Mr. Tao, you must want to tell us something when you come here. You won’t come here to undermine our self-confidence, will you?"
Ye Zhang words let Tao An nodded, he stretched out a finger to Ye Zhang and then said
"Ye Zhang, although I don’t know what Lin Youxuan did in glitz, one thing I can see is that your game ID has always been an alternative in glitz."
Tao An’s words gave birth to a glimmer of light in Ye Zhang’s eyes, and he seemed to think of something. At this time, the famous war also raised his head. At this time, even a little flame can make them start a prairie fire, and they need to persist in motivation.
"Ye Zhang, have you always wondered why your little whirlwind account has been deleted, but the hope value has been there in all the flashy big towns?"
Ye Zhang nodded his head. This is indeed what he has been wondering since the establishment of his big whirlwind account, including the medal of honor in his backpack, which has a 6% increase in explosion rate, but still can be as good as it was at the beginning.
"Ye Zhang, you are on the same level as the main system of glitz. Although I don’t know what Lin Youxuan wanted to pull your game ID into the list of glitz administrators, it is precisely because of this that you can enjoy all the power in glitz, which is to reject the command of flashy artificial intelligence."
"Ye Zhang, although you can’t rewrite the artificial intelligence management limit, you can create your own new file here!"
Chapter five hundred and nine The game manager
I’m a flashy manager!
This is definitely the most shocking and incredible sentence that Ye Zhang heard today.
After Tao An’s departure, Ye Zhang has been in a state of meditation. He recalled a lot of things and gradually lost a lot of conclusions that could not be answered.
It turns out that he has always been in Ye Zhang, and he has such a unique ability in glitz. He can always finish what he does. It is not the influence of freedom, but he Ye Zhang changed the running of flashy programs and forcefully marked "END" at the end of the program.
And his little whirlwind was deleted, and after the big whirlwind appeared, he still had the hope accumulated by his original little whirlwind in major towns. This is also the same reason that flashy artificial intelligence did not limit the deletion of the data left in his account, and the same is true for the convulsion master. Although the lucky value system is gone, after the big whirlwind inherited the little whirlwind data, except for all the character attributes and skill data, it can be said that everything else has been well preserved, including of course NPC’s ID certification for Ye Zhang’s flashy game.
At this time, what Ye Zhang wanted to do was influenced by the dark forces, but all the people who followed him never exposed their distorted character, and the exception of the bartender was probably because his heart was too passionate about Fu Shi beyond the understanding of normal people and was finally affected by the dark forces.
Flashy artificial intelligence is like an operating system, while Ye Zhang is like another dual system. When the virus released by artificial intelligence infects all hard disks, it can be removed by reinstalling the system. However, this virus is very overbearing, not only will it infect hard disks, but even the boot area will be infected. Ye Zhang, an additional operating system, cannot completely eradicate the virus. He can guarantee that his side will not be infected.
Thinking about it, Ye Zhang suddenly smiled and smiled very heartily. He never thought that he could enjoy such a high profit as a game administrator. He was like the king here. He could occupy more land and expand a larger army. He could build a large number of folders and make more files, and he protected these files and affected them by the virus.
Tao An’s words seemed to point out a light path for Ye Zhang. At this time, Ye Zhang looked at himself a little differently when he saw the name. It was as if everyone was playing games together, but suddenly one day he found out that one of them was actually GM. This feeling was not a surprise to others, but a rather awkward feeling.
Especially people like celebrity and ghost Yin, they feel a little uneasy at the thought of confronting Ye Zhang before. If Zhang Ye really has such a limit as a flashy administrator, wouldn’t it be a big loss if anyone made him unhappy and deleted his account in anger?
"Ye Zhang, you won’t delete my account after this, will you?"
Look at the name war that because of easy to become some hostile eyes Ye Zhang and name war two people burst out laughing at the same time at the moment.
Tao An’s words are really a life-saving elixir. If you want to bring the player department into his protection, they will not be affected by the dark forces, which is 90% simpler for Ye Zhang.
When Ye Zhang and Ming returned to the South China, when they found Residual Blood, Ye Zhang told Residual Blood to let him accept his disciples widely, Residual Blood also misheard himself.
Ye Zhang, are you crazy?
Players are brainwashed by dark forces and become out of control. They will lose control at any time, which will not only bring destruction to people and things they come into contact with, but also bring bad influence to the whole bloody carnival.
"Brother Blood, trust me, they won’t mess around!"
The residual blood still felt uneasy when it saw Ye Zhang’s positive attitude, but it was easy to tell the residual blood that there was nothing wrong with listening to Ye Zhang when it was a famous battle.
Don’t say that even Feng Zhi won’t refute Ye Zhang’s idea because of something in glitz now, which is also recognized by two people.
After Ye Zhang left Feng Zhi, the whole person became refreshed, but at present, he still can’t breathe a sigh of relief, because now he is no longer a person in front of them, but an artificial intelligence. Who knows what extreme measures this artificial intelligence will come up with to obstruct the Ye Zhang plan?
"Go to Caesar."
Zhang Ye went to Fenggu with a famous battle. Now Caesar has not established a trade union. Their level is still at the level of 7 when they were away from glitz. However, it will take a long time to return to the flashy level limit when no one takes training. In addition to the group of falling songs and Cang Lei, Ye Zhang also saw sleeping sheep and Dong Ge.
"Ye Zhang, you are here!"
When Caesar came over, the sheep followed him. Now, the 12-level sleeping sheep can be said to be Caesar’s main force on hand. Although engineers have many restrictions, after so many experiences, the sheep is no longer the one who changed from a wet nurse to a professional spell player because of Ye Zhang’s words.
Ye Zhang will talk to residual blood, Feng Zhi told Caesar and added.
"Caesar will establish a trade union level as soon as possible, and I will let the famous war help you recruit as many players as possible in the glitz."
Caesar also showed doubts, but he immediately came to his senses.
"Okay, I’ll set up a guild as soon as possible."
Ye Zhang didn’t know it was because Caesar had been away from glitz for a long time. It can be said that now Ye Zhang and Feng Zhinai have established a very good network. At this time, Caesar had to make more efforts to get involved in their triangular array, and Caesar once went to the sacred valley to help toothbrush superman jointly manage the whirlwind mall, leaving a little room for himself to return to glitz.
"Ye Zhang, let’s go to Benlie."
The famous war words made Zhang Ye nod, and there will definitely be a rush there. Although it is not as close as Feng Zhi and Residual Blood, there can no longer be personal contradictions and disputes at this time. It is very realistic to say that Ye Zhang now wants to compete with artificial intelligence to pull people faster. Although Ye Zhang knows that artificial intelligence is trillions of times faster than Zhang Ye in data processing, Ye Zhang has not lost.
When they came to the death awning from the delivery door of Fenggu, they saw the ghost Yin as soon as they left the delivery point.
"What happened?"
Ghost Yin has not followed Ye Zhang and others these days. He is mainly responsible for the mysterious poster side, and this matter is known to a limited number of people because it involves a famous war, and Ghost Yin is one of them.
When Ghost Yin heard Ye Zhang’s greeting, he took a look at the famous war with relish.
"Ye Zhang, you will never believe who this mysterious poster is!"
Ghost Yin this sentence let Ye Zhang immediately cheered up. He had a presentiment that Ghost Yin must have found something, which confirmed the identity of this person.
"Ye Zhang, I heard that you studied at Sichuan University?"
Ghost Yin this question let Ye Zhang one leng, he didn’t know each other will come to this topic at this time, but he nodded.
"Ye Zhang, it seems that the other party came with hatred and revenge. Do you remember who you offended at the beginning?"
Ghost Yin said that Ye Zhang could die if he couldn’t guess. His eyes immediately darkened, but at this time he showed a faint sneer.
Ceng Hao!’
Chapter five hundred and ten Hang up
Ceng Hao used to be a morbid friend to Ye Zhang, but when they were torn apart by glitz, there was a sensation in the campus of Sichuan University. But it has been so long since this incident, and this person who has long been forgotten by Ye Zhang suddenly jumped out, which made Ye Zhang feel a little incredible.
It’s hard to say. What kind of influence can Ceng Hao, the Gao Fushuai, have on Ye Zhang today? It seems that the two people are not at the same level for a long time.
But immediately Ye Zhang will look back to the ghost Yin face hesitated a mouthful.
"Are you sure it is Ceng Hao?"