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"Uh …" Wuji scolded in his heart, and he finally diverted the attention of Chuyanqi, and let him give up the attention of going to Huazhou. This damn nine wait, it’s really hard to talk about that pot.

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Therefore, Wuji took advantage of Chu Yanqi’s slight hesitation and immediately said, "Our master should not go to those filthy places."
"Ha ha ….." Nine Hou smiled and said, "that place. If my husband and I are like this, it’s all right to go for fun and laugh. If such a character as Prince Chu is seen by those prostitutes, I’m afraid it will eat you alive. "
"Is it so fierce?" Chu Yanqi is really interested. He didn’t have a chance to visit the brothel in previous lives, but he really wanted to see it at this time. As for having fun, he was really not interested.
As Wuji said, he is handsome, wants a girl, and people will take the initiative to strike up a conversation when standing on the street. Why go there to exchange money for fun?
"Then please!" Nine Hou said, while approaching. Will take ChuYan habitat directly moved in the past.
"You lead the way!" Wuji didn’t trust him after all, so he was busy saying, "Let’s just fly there."
"All right!" Nine Hou smiled. "Mr. Wuji was very careful."
"Be careful, there is no big mistake!" Wuji laughed.
"Hum!" Just as they were talking, suddenly. I heard someone behind me with a cold snort.
When the three men turned around together, they saw the woman in black standing behind them at the auction house.
"Who is this girl?" Nine hou leng ran, curious asked.
"It’s none of your business?" The girl in black said crisply, "You men are not good people, and you will bully others."
"Who bullied you?" Nine waiting to see it. Clapping his chest, he said, "I hate men who bully girls. Say it out, and Jiu Ge will take it out on you."
"He!" The girl in black said, pointing to ChuYan habitat.
"Ah?" Nine Hou was greatly surprised when he heard this. "Prince Chu still bullies girls. Isn’t he always bullied by girls?"
"Hum!" The girl in black snorted and pouted, "Chu Gongzi?"
"Yes!" Chu Yanqi said with a wry smile, "Girl, this is really sorry."
"I’m here to discuss with you. Can you give me that little green bow?" Black girl watery big eyes, covered with a layer of water mist, "I really like … I give one hundred and sixty-two thousand LingShi, ok? You can earn 12 thousand by changing hands. "
Wuji felt very strange and asked, "Why didn’t you increase the price at the auction?"
"If I add it, you will add it!" The girl in black shook her head. "If you bid like that, it’s all. My price increase is just cheaper than the auction house. So, when I get out, I’ll discuss it with you, okay? Master Chu, this gentleman? "
"Little bow?" Nine Hou asked curiously.
"The instrument that the owner bought at the auction house just now." Wuji explained.
"This ….." Chu Yanqi looked at the girl in black with a delicate and charming pleading face, and almost felt a soft heart. She was about to agree, but when she thought of the feather cherry fairy, she shook her head flatly. "This can’t be done. That little bow is what I want from a friend, not me, girl. Otherwise, I’ll give you something as an apology?"
When the girl in black heard this, she was immediately disappointed. She had a flat mouth and almost cried on the spot. The three big men couldn’t bear to see it.
"This is for you!" ChuYan perched in the blue ideas, pulled out a small bottle and threw it to her.
"This is?" The girl in black answered the letter and asked, "Dan medicine? I don’t need it, Chu Gongzi takes it and sells it. " With that, she wanted to return it.
Chu Yanqi smiled and said, "It’s a pill, but it’s a pill for staying in Yan, not a pill for practicing."
"Uh …" The woman in black is one leng. That’s a good thing. The problem is that although Yan Yan Dan is not practicing Dan medicine, it is the Dan medicine on the six products. Refining is very complicated, and medicinal materials are not easy to find. Few alchemists are willing to refine such Dan medicine.
Because after the breakthrough of the spiritual cultivation period, Shou Yuan began to increase geometrically, and its appearance would not get old so fast. If we can break through the Danling period in a short time, then we will have Shou Yuan for almost 600 to 1000 years, and we won’t feel the appearance getting old at all. However, once the Danling period can’t be broken, our appearance will still get old slowly. Nevertheless, in the world of cultivating immortals, few people think of refining Yan Dan.
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Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Heterogeneous cultivation
Therefore, the girl in black looked at the Dan medicine in her hand, her face lit up and asked, "How to use it?"
"Just take it normally!" Chu Yanqi smiled. "However, I don’t know if it has any effect."
"Uh …" The girl in black heard this, and suddenly she felt a sense of distress situation, called-he didn’t know if it had any effect.
"However, you are a cultivator anyway, and you can wait for more than ten years and twenty years to take it. After all, you are still young, and your appearance has not grown. At that time, you can look at me. If I am old, if not, it will prove effective. " ChuYan habitat laughed.
At first, the girl in black was still listening to wait for a while. At last, she asked, "Have you never practiced?"
"Obviously not!" Chu Yanqi smiled. "I can’t open my mind. How can I practice?"
"Then do you want a multiplier?" Asked the girl in black.
"play!" Chu Yanqi can’t say that it is what a rogue fairy wants, so she can only say so.
The girl in black smiled bitterly: "When you are tired of playing, you don’t want it. If you want to make a move, remember to call me, okay?"
"good!" ChuYan habitat readily promised.
"Um … my name is the whole city, and your name is ChuYan habitat, right? I have heard a lot of words from the error-free novel network. " The girl in black city laughed.
"The whole city …" ChuYan habitat for ages, this world actually has a person named the whole city? And a beautiful little girl?
Beauty, disaster …
Finally, he still asked: "the city of the country?"
"Yes!" The whole city said, and smiled at ChuYanQi, waved, and turned into a black light, and immediately disappeared in the dark.
"The whole city …" ChuYan habitat again for one side.
"If Chu Gongzi likes it, I can let people check the origin of this little girl." Nine Hou smiled. "It’s not bad that this girl is beautiful and innocent."
"No need!" Chu Yanqi said. Turn around and go.
Promise can feel, ChuYan perched in the black girl say "city" two words, seems to be some unhappy. Although he doesn’t know what to do, his heart is very strange.
"Master, the whole city is just the name of an ordinary girl, with a beautiful appearance. There is no other meaning. " Promise to see him unhappy, immediately speak comfort.
"For me, there is no, but for you, there is!" Chu Yanqi said casually.
The infinite suddenly understood. ChuYan habitat unhappy, unexpectedly is from yourself, thinking that he has been careful to him, for fear of provoking him unhappy, in the face of the woman called the whole city, he didn’t dare to speak, how could he provoke him?
"Master, Wuji doesn’t understand!" Promise said carefully. "Promise only knows to wait on its master."
"Hey …" This time. I’ve been listening for nine hours, and I’m starting to laugh.
"Laugh?" Promise said disgruntled.
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