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"ah!" The old East Emperor turned completely pale at the moment. It has been more than 10,000 years. He has never felt so scared like today. This long-lost threat of death, he has not realized it for ten thousand years. But today, from a younger generation who rose later, he actually felt this threat again.

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The feeling be nasty under, the old East Emperor knew that the force of time and space had not made any threat to Zhuge’s failure to shine, and immediately released a series of magic weapons, all of which fell to Zhuge’s failure to shine.
His fighting capacity is not so good, he can’t even compare with the old South Emperor, and he can’t match Zhuge Liang. Now that his most trusted power of time and space has failed, I really don’t know what else I can do.
Zhuge greeted him with his fist and palm, and a dozen magic weapons were broken under Zhuge’s bombardment.
Almost teleporting, Zhuge didn’t show up in front of the old East Emperor, and the plank brick was violently blasted up.
Flesh and blood spattered, and the insides turned into blood fog in an instant, and the lower body of the old East Emperor was shattered by Zhuge’s blinding blow.
Zhuge grabbed it before it was bright, and grabbed the old East Emperor by the neck. At this time, the old East Emperor vomited blood and his arms were hanging down, and he had no strength to fight again.
"Stop it! Wait! Wait! " The Northern Emperor and the Old Western Emperor could no longer stand up at this moment, and both rose to the sky.
But at this time, the ghost king and Zhuge Ming finally moved, instantly stopped in front of the North Emperor and the old favorite hunger.
"Do you want to die!" The North Emperor’s eyes were cold, staring at the Ghost King and Zhuge Ming.
"It’s you who want to die!" ZhuGeMing cold way, a head of white hair stand on end, every hair is like a sharp Excalibur.
"There are four of us. Do you think we can stop it?" The North Emperor shouted, and the two half-step immortals behind him also stood out.
"Four people, right?"
At this time, Zhuge laughed before dawn, grabbed the old East Emperor by the neck, stepped towards the North Emperor and others, and sneered, "What about four people? Do you feel sure to go out? "
The face of the North Emperor was livid. It was true that, as Zhuge Buliang said, with his present strength, he really couldn’t do anything to him.
"Zhuge is not bright, do you understand?" Beihuang road.
"I don’t understand."
"Do you know?"
"I don’t know."
The Northern Emperor suddenly gritted his teeth and shouted, "I only have this kind of strength, but you have to understand that the vast fairy land is about to face a catastrophe, and the immortal is the main source of war. If you kill one, you will lose one!"
"So what?" Zhuge Liang sneered, "If I kill you, it will be a big deal for me to have a few more people in the future. Even if the war comes, I am afraid that I will defect temporarily, and killing you will be harmful."
Chapter 708 The ancient military changes (on)
Chapter 718 The ancient military changes (on)
"You … what do you mean!" North emperor drink a way.
"Still use me to say? At that time, you set up a trap for the non-magic elder, which led to the non-magic elder being sealed for ten thousand years. People with narrow minds like you, I can’t guarantee which side you will take refuge in the next World War I! Although the demon-free elder won’t let me embarrass you, I do things like this without Zhuge Liang. If I don’t like it, I have to take care of it! North Emperor and West Emperor, please leave your names! "
Zhuge’s dim voice is getting more and more intense, and the sound transmission technique is also used, so that people who are blocked outside the troubled times can also hear the ugly behavior of these old emperors. Until the end, he pinched the old East Emperor in his hand and swallowed up the Yuan God of the old East Emperor.
"You … you’re just … you’re just …" The North Emperor blushed and his neck was thick, pointing to Zhuge’s inability to speak, gnashing his teeth, "I’m afraid it’s you who said we would defect to chaos! Sooner or later, your seven-star treasure body will become a great harm to the universe.
Zhuge Liang chuckled, "It’s useless to say anything now. I can only tell you that I will be the enemy of chaos in the next World War I! If the misfortune is really caught by chaos, I will also pay my own treasure to leave no chance for chaos! "
"Hum! Well said! " Old Western Emperor Lengsen, don’t look away.
"The previous two seven-star treasures made this choice in the end. If I can’t reverse this situation, I will also make a final fight!" Zhuge’s voice was loud and dignified, so many people could hear it. Even the two immortals who followed the North Emperor were infected by Zhuge’s words.
A half-step immortal standing behind the North Emperor said, "If you really do as he said, with the fighting power of the Seven-Star Treasure Body, it will also become the main force in World War I in the future. If Chaos is lucky enough to succeed, and Zhuge Liang can really pay for the world, this is not a bad way to kill two birds with one stone. "
"what! Gentlemen, do you really want to believe this arrogant son? " The North Emperor and the Old West Emperor said with an incredible face.
"Ha ha ha ha, the northern emperor and the western emperor, in fact, you are just afraid, afraid that I will find you for revenge, so you just want to harm me. You are not for the survival of the wild fairy land at all, just for your own sake. How can I stay with people like you?" Zhuge strides forward before dawn.
"Wait a minute!" At this time, a half-step fairy said, "Zhuge Liang is not bright. I believe what you said. Maybe you can really become the main force in fighting chaos." But just now, the Northern Emperor also said that it is better for you to give up your old hatred and jointly defend the immortal land in the next world war. "
"impossible!" Zhuge refused simply: "The fight against chaos is for the sake of this vast fairy land and the public. Killing them is my personal vendetta, personal! I’ve always been a private person. Two seniors, this has nothing to do with you, but the two of them must stay! Gutong! "
At the end of the day, Zhuge called Gu Tong to the front without a loud drink, saying, "Brother, Brother Ghost King, please talk to your two predecessors more. Gutong, you and I will get rid of these two people! "
"Hey hey, yeah, haven’t started work for a long time, where will the day be! ?” Gu Tong shouted loudly, and a bronze-skinned man flew in the Heavenly Palace, impressively being the other eleven heavenly generals.
"You … you are going to …" The Northern Emperor and the Old Western Emperor kept retreating, looking for help at the other two immortals.
But even if these two half-step immortals wanted to make moves, they were stopped by the ghost king and Zhuge Ming. These two people are also half-step immortals, and the means are extraordinary. One is a descendant of Gu Wu gens, and the other is a descendant of Demonbane. The name alone has to make these two half-step immortals turn pale.
"begin! Kill! "
Zhuge didn’t light up with a drink, and rushed directly towards the North Emperor. And Gu Tong didn’t want to be so wordy in the past. He also knew the seriousness of the matter and directly took the rest of the eleven warriors to kill the old Western Emperor.
There’s not much nonsense, and the battle started directly.
The two immortals looked at the North Emperor and fell into a bitter struggle. They hesitated and finally decided to make a move. At the same time, Zhuge Ming and the ghost king also made moves. For seven or eight half-step immortals at the same time, thanks to the powerful seal set by Gutong, it will be protected here. Otherwise, the aftermath of this battle alone will be enough to destroy the troubled magic city, and even the Heavenly Palace will not be spared.
As the protector of the Heavenly Palace, Gu Tong naturally has to consider the comfort of the Heavenly Palace first, and the immortal can’t break the seal he is involved in.
Thunder rioted over the troubled times magic city. The practitioners who stayed outside the city also heard what Zhuge Buliang said before. At this time, none of them spoke and quietly watched the battle over the troubled times magic city.
The battle lasted for more than half an hour. Finally, under the crazy attack of Zhuge Liang, the body of the North Emperor was destroyed and the Yuan God was swallowed up by Zhuge Liang.
Twist a head to look at the other side of the fierce battle with the ancient emperor, Zhuge not bright sneer at 1, feet trample vanity, the whole people suddenly and violently rushed up. The old Western Emperor seems to know that he is doomed, and he frantically mobilizes the spiritual force in the body. She actually chose to blow herself up like Zhuge Muyan.
"Ha ha ha, even if it’s death, I want you to pay the price!" The old Western Emperor almost laughed wildly.
"Really?" Zhuge sneer at 1, not bright volley directly, hands caught the old western emperor a pair of bright and clean jade * feet, a hard tear.
Before the old Western Emperor had time to prepare for the explosion, his body was torn in half by Zhuge Liang. However, Zhuge, the Yuan God of the old Western Emperor, didn’t dare to swallow it, but directly smashed it. Her Yuan God is on the verge of self-explosion, and if she swallows it without authorization, she may cause a lot of trouble.
"The two seniors still don’t stop?" Look at the two immortals who are still entangled with Zhuge Ming and the ghost king, and said coldly.
"You … you really killed them! ?” A half-step fairy glared at Zhuge.
"As you can see!" Zhuge Liang didn’t show his hand: "I have no deep hatred with my two predecessors, but please rest assured that what I promised will definitely count!"