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He looked at the southeast, where the Japanese city attacked the Japanese city and the Japanese country would perish.

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From the military map found in Kamikaze fortress, it can be seen that Qicheng is also six hours away from Kamikaze fortress, and he can launch a campaign to destroy the country at any time.
However, although there are not many elite players left in the country, both players and np will do their best to defend the war, which will never be as easy as playing Kamikaze fortress. It is estimated that at this time, all players who belong to the Japanese war in the city are desperately rushing to the city, and although the Japanese are despicable, the sense of national honor and cohesion is still very strong. It is not surprising that players from the country and Japan will cross the city to rescue Qi.
"How to attack Qi City?"
Ye Feng is frowning in meditation. Suddenly, there comes a loud dragon roar. When he turns his head, he sees a green jade dragon patting its wings and flying towards the fortress in the eastern sky …
(Thanks to the cat, lang Lang in the dusty wind, Tooth Beauty, Ink Kitchen Stone Cooking, Sweeping the floor, and Beating. Who asked, Du Jinwu even rewarded? Thanks to Tooth Beauty for being promoted to overlord. Thanks to Ink Kitchen Stone Cooking and Sweeping the floor for being promoted to overlord.)
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-two A quick victory
Dragon’s speed is very fast, and it’s blurred. Red is becoming clearer and clearer, but it is the national flag that marks the identity of players in the national war period.
China players! Jasper dragon Kansuka!
Although Ye Feng didn’t have time to browse the video of the Diaoyu Islands war, he generally listened to smoking and no fire. He described that Hell Beloved, deputy head of the Shenzang mercenary group, had a seven-order dragon, Jasper Dragon. I thought it should be her. What is she doing here?
Since it is a player in China, np will naturally not attack Jasper Dragon, circling around Shenfeng Fortress, lowering the flying height and landing towards the main mansion.
Ye Feng thought for a walk towards the castellan mansion.
"Wow, the heroine of the Diaoyu Islands war, the China district line won. Today is a day worth celebrating. Come on, beauty, let’s give a warm hug …"
As soon as Ye Feng arrived at the door, he saw the rogue with his arms open and his face intoxicated with happiness. He jumped on the darling of hell, who was a little flustered. This scum was so shameful that it made people look straight.
"ah! Hug! Celebrate! " A figure flashed in front of the darling of hell and hugged the cold red tone. The cold and heavy hand gun was sore in the back.
When I saw the human beings clearly, I suddenly reached out in anger and pushed my hand warily. "Where are you?"
"The honorary head of the Shenzang mercenary group is a dust"
"A dust?" Cold red tone didn’t good the spirit crazy their "master earthly things you always don’t follow with what to do … ah beauty let’s hug …"
"Hug your sister!" LanYuMian couldn’t bear to kick the cold red tone and stumble, and then smiled politely at the beloved of hell. "I’m sorry to make you laugh. You know Linda has all kinds of birds."
"This … I think I can understand!" The weak theory of beloved girl
Although her personal fame is outstanding in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of pirates in China, her personal aura has always been quite strong, but here, after all, it is the headquarters of the temporary guild in the field of gods, not to mention Luo Yunmeng, Tang Weiwei, and Lan Yumin, who are famous goddess-level masters in the mythical era. Pulling them out casually is to make Leizecheng hundreds of millions of players look up to awesome figures.
The negative state of "away game" and "overlord brain powder" of the darling of hell suddenly became a bit helpless to Nuo Nuo.
Ye Feng coughed and motioned for the boss to arrive.
"You seem to have met the deputy head of the mercenary group of Shenburial." Ye Feng smiled and saw that the darling of hell couldn’t help but be amazed. Soon she took hold of herself and mixed with a bunch of beautiful women with different temperament all day, and her ability to infect beautiful women has reached a considerable height unconsciously.
"Oh … Rio Tinto colophon … Rio Tinto colophon President good" Hellfire nervous face with a red tide shyly low head seems to dare not look at Ye Feng.
This is the first time that fans have witnessed the idol’s style with their own eyes. No matter how high-end experts are, it is nothing more than that.
Aside a dust of embarrassment, secretly scratching my head, muttering in my heart that my beloved sister is atmospheric. It’s a shame to have a big bear with you …
"hello! Thank you very much for your help on the high seas and Diaoyu Islands. Without you, the players’ fleets in Leizecheng and Huaxia Wangcheng would not have insisted on the rescue of the gods’ fleet. "
"Oh, I … we should do it." Beloved girl continued to stutter nervously.
Ye Feng is also very surprised. He looks around all the people. What does that mean? What is this?
Ji Xiaoxi responded with sparkling eyes. I don’t know.
Ye Feng had nothing to say, "Where is your head of delegation?"
"It is reported that President Tuoba, the heroic head of Shenzang, has died in the heroic country of World War I on Diaoyu Island!" A dust positive color way
Leng Hongyin was disgusted with this mechanical fighter who messed up and took advantage of himself. Yin Yin asked, "Why are you still alive when the head of the regiment burps?"
"To have revenge! Although I am alive, my heart has already died with my great god tomb. One hundred heroes have died … "
"What is not a hundred?"
"Why does it have to be 100?" A dust disdain replied
Beloved of hell quickly tugged at the cold red tone and exchanged dust for fear that this fellow would affect his temperament.
"I’m sorry, most members of the God Tomb have some two. You don’t mind …"
A dust "…" No sadness in my heart comes from it. Your sister and brother are temperamental people.
The atmosphere is a little awkward. Ye Feng is carefully afraid of scaring this seemingly weak soft sister. Seeing her timidity, she doesn’t know what to say and winks at her sisters.
Key moment smoking no fire to stand up "are you overlord powder? Or the gods powder? Or cut tobacco? "
"Overlord powder …"
"Look, I’ll tell you, it’s the same as the beginning of the month!"
Smoking without fire is indignant. Although Bai Liusu is gentle and delicate in sex, she has a lot of fan ethics when it comes to "personality worship". She immediately unswervingly defends her idol and flies over with a white eye. "I’m powdered. What can you be swollen?"
Here, Luo Yunmeng and Tang Weiwei have a tacit understanding. Look at Ye Feng and then look at the hell darling’s conscience. It’s long and not handsome. Why are you so attractive?
Sleeping in the rain, the so-called pulling the moon, Bai Liusu, smiled and said, "Moon girl, you are not alone this time. Here comes another brain-less beauty brain powder."
Bai Liusu: "Why do I think you are cursing!"
"Nonsense, are you a bully brain powder?"
Bai Liusu "right!"
"This is not over!"
Ye Feng’s heart is dark and cool, and he is still very fulfilled by the beauty powder. It’s a pity that the present tense is too precious for him to have an intimate interaction with fans. Besides, he can’t be too urgent in front of Luo Shen and Wei Wei. When he finishes smiling, he nods to show a little surprise.
Luo Yunmeng adjusted her mind just to say something, but she suddenly got up the courage to lift up her little face and stare at Ye Feng’s bright eyes without blinking.
Her lips slightly touched her cheeks to reveal two beautiful dimples. "Can I talk to you alone?"
Ye Feng’s heart thumped and he said that it’s okay for me to talk alone. The key is always old, and now I can’t help being my own master.
Luo Yunmeng sighed in his heart and said to them, "Take your positions, let the overlord and the Tianjuntuan take turns to rest for four hours, and then stand by. Smoke men let the shadow dance assassination scouts broaden their reconnaissance horizons for 20 miles, closely monitor the players’ movements on the other day, and inform me as soon as there is any news from Sunset Harbor and Huayu Fleet! Go and arrange it! "
They left even a dust to follow out. Luo Yunmeng walked out of the castellan’s mansion and lost a secret language to Ye Feng.
"Do it quickly!"
Ye Feng suddenly burst into tears when she listened to this ambiguous word. Am I that kind of person?