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"Hey, hey," Yu Long burst into an evil smile. "Your proposal is good."

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Poetry Yin see Yu Long a face of obscene directly language Tang Xiangxiang is smiling without a word, according to the wizard’s habit, men have three wives and four concubines, but it’s not a big deal, but the witch has always been a one-bedroom huotang legally, and the rest is just a warm bed girl.
Of course, here in Yu Long, it is obvious that he treats all women equally, and Tang Xiangxiang is not going to force anything about it.
Walk into the room and close the door. Shiyin chuckled and said, "Xiaoyu, please avoid it for a while. We’ll call you before you come in."
"Oh-"Long Yu promised to stop in front of the screen.
A moment later, he heard Shi Yin calling "Xiaoyu, come here"
Hearing Shi Yin’s cry, Yu Long hurried away and looked up. Two women had gone to their coats and left their bras. Well, they were lying side by side in bed arms and slender straight legs, all of which were exposed in the air. Shi Yin’s head was slightly higher. Her legs had a fascinating temptation, which was smooth as if there were no pores, and her legs were even, straight and slender.
Tang Xiangxiang’s slender waist reveals half of the snow, and her small waist and smooth and flat abdomen are all strongly tempted. Her double peaks are unusually tall and straight, and her bra can cover up half of it, almost revealing the deep ravine in most of it, which is even more ridiculous.
Looking at this perfect scene, Yu couldn’t help but breathe quickly. Before he hurried away, he gently caressed his hands to his two wives. "Two wives, you are so beautiful."
Hearing Long Yu calling his wife and daughter is sweet in his heart.
Finger stroking in Shiyin’s face, sliding along the curve of the face to the slender jade neck, then gently hooking the back before running the bra summary skillfully, and soon the hot twin peaks struggled to jump out of the bra bundle, and the two pink buds stood proudly in the air.
Shi Yin opened her eyes, which were full of charm. She looked askance at Yu Long, who was gently unbuttoning her clothes. Her eyes were full of excitement and expectation. "Husband, you should love me tonight."
Tang Xiangxiang got up slightly and hugged Yu Long from behind by the strong and hard rubbing against Yu Long’s back.
Shi Yin is physically lying in Yu Long’s arms, and her mouth is madly in love with Yu Long’s lips and small hands holding his neck.
Yu Long lovingly looked at her hands and gently hugged her poetic body. Her uvula was intertwined with affection and lingering. After a while, Yu Long looked at the charming person’s eyes and smiled.
Tang Xiangxiang poked out her mouth from behind and kissed the clove uvula in the man’s earlobe to stimulate his nerves.
"Husband loves me-Yin calls for active courtship.
Yu Long’s eyes showed light tenderness, and his body slightly pressed Shiyin on the bed. Looking at Shiyin’s eyes, he showed a charming expression, and Yu Long’s blood immediately stood up and pierced.
Immediately two hot body immediately tightly intertwined.
Tang Xiangxiang seems to be the first time to see a real person’s heart is not excited, and the ripples in her mind are constantly forgiving. It is her great strength that also prevents her from being damp and hot.
"Ah-"finally Shi Yin reached the peak in a high-pitched moan, lying on the side and enjoying the afterheat.
Long Yu is still alive and kicking, reaching out to Tang Xiangxiang with a pair of claws. He is obsessed with stroking Tang Xiangxiang’s charming mountain peaks and trying his best to tease the Empress Been.
Tang Xiangxiang’s eyes are full of happiness and shyness. Seeing Yu’s little hand stroking his chest, his mouth is red and his chest is slightly gasping. The feeling makes her physically stronger.
"Husband loves me-"
Shouted affectionately
Yu Long felt the woman’s mind. In Tang Xiangxiang’s tactfully charming cry, Long Yu broke through all obstacles and entered Tang Xiangxiang’s body. The two of them finally got together and clung to each other.
In the room, Rowling stealthily enjoyed the scenery of three people. Outside the room, a figure was listening to the corner in the window. The three people knew that before this strange stimulus was more exciting …
Early in the morning, three people together, Yu Long excuse to go out for a breath of fresh air and go alone to find a woman who listened to the wall last night. The morning sun rises and the sun shines everywhere. A handsome figure stands on the cliff in the distant mountain, staring at her eyes and not knowing what’s going on.
"Sister Yukime, what are you doing?" Yu Long asked softly in the past.
That’s right. That bitch Yukime heard that it was her last night.
Yukime was thin but didn’t look back.
It was a long time before she said, "Xiaoyu, congratulations, all your wishes have been achieved. From now on, you won’t work so hard."
"Sister Yukime, thank you-"Long sincerely said, "You have been a sister, a mother, a teacher and a friend for so many years, and I can repay your kindness even if it is ten generations."
See Yu Long said Yukime eyes with a hint of light relief, but when I think of her heart, she can’t help but sigh lightly. "Yu, you’d better call me uncle."
"Your mother is here-"Yukime replied.
Yu Long paused. He walked a few times and stood side by side with the snow. He looked very calm and couldn’t see anything strange.
Glancing at Yukime, Yu Qing said, "Sister Yukime thinks there is no need to change her mind. I’m used to it. Aren’t you used to it?"
Xue Ji smell speech look a surprised, she looked a little sad at Yu Long, her lips moved lightly, but in the end she didn’t speak.
The atmosphere at the scene seems to be a little quiet.
It took a while for Yukime to ask, "What are you going to do in Xiaoyu’s future?" Yukime didn’t answer Long Yu’s question.
"I can’t be immune to the catastrophe," Long Yudao said. "At the beginning, my parents were unable to deal with the catastrophe in my heart. Now I would like to deal with the catastrophe naturally after reaching an agreement. Although I don’t want to be a world leader or be a hero, I will fight with what I love."
"Oh," Yukime looked at the dragon with the same tenderness in his eyes at this moment.
"Xiaoyu, what would you do if the teacher elder sister didn’t agree with you to call me that?" Yukime suddenly asked, at this moment, she seemed to get up the courage to stare at Yu Long as if there were tender feelings flashing.
Slightly avoiding those two exciting eyes, Yu Long’s face emerged with a smile and looked at the sky quietly.