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"Fire!" Stara roared. Naga thugs grabbed their weapons and rushed to the front. Fisherman Nightcrawler looked frightened. Unfortunately, natural disasters bought goblin artillery, poison, knights and wizards and couldn’t play in the sea. Motriti observed the situation through a narrow crack in the window. What enemy made the fanatics of Hena so nervous? The extremely low temperature told her that it should be near Northrend. Who will attack the natural disaster fleet at this time? Maybe poverty and nervousness are just a few blind pirates sitting in the main ship. Kel’ Thuzad stared at the ocean direction, and the coastline of the harbor lingered in the horizon. It was Northrend. The climate was extremely bad, only in summer, it was short and unfrozen. He knew that Alsace had landed in this place centuries ago. What he didn’t know was that howling wind fjord would be the burial place of the natural disaster fleet.

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The blow wind blew down that flimsy window, and Motti unplugged the wat grass stuck to her hair angrily. but just then, she saw the enemy’s north wind passing across the ocean. A ship emerged from the horizon. it was strange that the hull and sails of the ship were painted in black, symbolizing the skull of pirates. A man was standing in a mast dozens of meters high, staring at the compass with a captain’s hat and holding a goblin telescope. "Allow me to take revenge." The old man looked in his own direction. Motti was surprised by Kunka! The black coast war’ enemy fleet’ army wiped out Cuenca! Save traxex’s ship, and the fisherman chiselled it through Cuenca! She laughed at’ Captain Azeroth is the worst’, regardless of friends and enemies, and the illusion of elves struggled for a long time, silly captain!
"Oh, my God," the lich gasped in a gasp. It was a pirate ship’ Black Pearl’ that sailed on the nine oceans. It sailed very fast and sailed under the cover of several pirate ships to the parallel position of the main ship of the natural disaster. Cannon chamber! The stern gun is ready to attack! " Cuenca personally took the helm and gave orders to the crew, never forgetting to grin. "I didn’t expect that before I became a navy admiral, I started as a pirate!" "Is he Captain Coconut back?" A few decades ago, pirates nicknamed Coconut ran rampant in the waters of eastern kingdoms. At that time, everyone was ignorant. "Don’t fight that crazy. We are almost at Howling Wind Fjord. We will speed up our progress in the name of the Lich King and arrive in Northrend." Kel ‘Thuzad issued the opposite order to the fisherman to make the phantom assassin. "Why not? I have enough troops to deal with the pirate Cuenca. If I dare to challenge me, I will make him suffer."
"Drowning rampant pirates with seawater!" Starla clamored for the unique ferocity of the fish Terran. Khadga’s insight into the magic of the pipe summoned the light green barrier. The fish people were desperately trying to kill the pirate ship’ Black Pearl’. There was a Naga who would never allow humans to challenge them. Every pirate ship was equipped with artillery, Slackley’s speed advantage, and rushed over to try to chisel the ship and was immediately suppressed by cannon fire. The eyes of the Naga Royal Guard were bleeding. It was a red silk Seramo pirate ship soaked in the sea with heavy casualties. It was stronger than a fortress. The captain was so excited that he put two fingers to his temple and waved forward smartly.
"Afraid of what natural disasters warships? Turn around and find out whether Cuenca has Abaddon? Kel ‘Thuzad? " The pirate attack was well prepared. Merritty was obviously angry. With the heroine Yu Wei, she imagined that she would win a victory by taking advantage of the number. So the Lich and Defense of the Ancients respectively ordered more than 20 ships heading for Northrend to turn around and fight. The ghost ships with black flags turned around. They belonged to super-large battleships and got very close to each other. When the Queen ordered the horsehead fleet to be turned around, the major undead warships had to adjust their directions to adapt to each other’s distance before they were able to turn around. "Sail! Come on! Step on it! Rush over! " Kunka released his commanding partner high on the mast for many years, and the pirates immediately responded "Yes, Mr. Coconut!"
The bloated undead ship is still busy turning around. The Black Pearl has rushed into the heart of the undead fleet. Then the main ship of the fire undead attacked several big holes, burning canvas and cracking boards. The ship flew up, wobbling and losing its center of gravity. The ghoul swayed like a drunk. Abaddon’s skeleton horse screamed like crazy. He felt uneasy. At first, when Mortrude attacked the war order, he still had hope of winning. Now the Lord understands that it is impossible to win the pirates who are good at fighting naval battles. The best way is to get away quickly. "Let’s go!" Crobel Ruth took Abaddon’s hand, and he felt it was inappropriate to dump "Don’t find Motretti".
Broken the skull flag and fell to the sea table. The ancient toilet mirror, books and diaries were scattered all over the floor. The paper was deposited on the bottom of the sea for hundreds of years, and the handwriting could not be clearly seen. A rough painting fell out of the diary signed’ Arhas’. Motriti curiously picked up the blonde sorceress and Arthas side by side, which was a short girl with delicate face, pointed ears and slender eyebrows. The picture had neat handwriting. "Jaina, can she be our child?" It’s almost Northrend, and I’m so scared. "Merritty smiled and couldn’t help admiring that Wang’s imagination actually painted his daughter like a night elf. She stared at the painting carefully and studied it again. Why is this girl so like me?
"abandon ship! Abandon the ship! " The lich fled to another ghost ship with an elegant dress. The powerful death knight took the attached iron hook and cable, swung it to the friendly warship and grasped the rope, then swung it to the opposite side. The necromancer released several boats without swimming to teach the fishermen to send them to the ship to be bombarded. The skeleton floor of the main ship was blown into a hornet’s nest, and the flood leaked into the cabin. Merritty quickly took up her diary and attacked the pirates with a long knife in her hand. She broke through to the deck. Abaddon hugged her and slid along the good cable to another safer warship. The sword split the rope and chased the pirates into the water.
"Whoa, whoa, I’m a real bad guy." Cuenca grimaced at the other side, bit the rum bottle stopper, hit the first mate’s chest and poured a handful of wine into his mouth. "Cheers! My sailor! " "Dirty pirates, they got my skirt wet" The lich’s coquetry made Crobel Ruth red in the face "I said you were the worst captain of Azeroth, and now I take it back" Abaddon Naidi sighed "You are the best captain in the world" "The naval battle has not been finished yet, and you are facing the Cuenca offensive Kel’ Thuzad; I lurked to the Black Pearl to assassinate; Lord Abaddon, you lead the reserve fleet around the navy to attack the flank. Just give me the assassination. I have no choice. Motriti shook her head resolutely. Her eyes were a little sluggish. The Scourge can’t lose again.
Hearing this, Abaddon resolutely carried out Kel ‘Thuzad’s frosty armor and mocked the captain. "Alas, Wang Guocai, who has lived for decades, awarded you the rank of Admiral. If you join us, I will immediately allow you to be a rum seller." "Kel ‘Thuzad, you are a eunuch man, you’d better hide in battle." "Black Pearl" The lich ship is faltering. "Return the gun! In the name of the Lich King! " The Lich stopped nagging and cast a frost star on the opposite side from a distance. After sacrificing a ghoul, the helmsman added frost armor. "How are you, old friend?" On the day of birth, Kunka has been dealing with the Naga people in the sea. "The fisherman has been trapped in the whirlpool for thousands of years and can’t fail again!" Starla lit a magic fire that deepened the damage, accelerated and rushed to Cuenca, and slammed the’ Black Pearl’. Nightcrawler, a fisherman, emerged from the stealth and firmly tied Cuenca with a dark chain.
The’ Black Pearl’ cannon is a powerful natural disaster warship. black sails is burning and collapsing. Abaddon has to use Ma Guang’s shield to protect the skeleton. Ma Yue is very close side by side. A ghost ship has been tossed and turned, and finally two ships in the back row are relatively comfortable, but it’s just that Motti can’t see the miscellaneous army. Defense of the Ancients chose a warship with sufficient black powder. The helmsman is a virtual elder, and there are also such things as violent guards and evil women. The master of pain burned the remnants of the legion, so Lord Abaddon determined that the chaotic knight must be in the cabin. He walked to Nessa with a soul-sucking sword, wearing a magical aura and attacking armor. All kinds of auras protected him. The evil knight swept away undercity and became fanatical and focused. Abaddon knew that this demonic plate armor was smelted in the depths of the starks River and felt that his strength had been weakened.
"Death knight! The ship is a burning legion. I can’t let you work for that woman. "Frostmourne immediately became restless and needed to hold it tightly to restrain the violent shaking." All the property of the Scourge belongs to the Lich King. Transfer the ship to the wing of Kunka for me! " "Poor Defense of the Ancients Merritty must have put on a lot of green hats for you." Abaddon is still cold-eyed, but since he entered the cabin, he will cut Nessa’s neck. He failed to live up to the girl in undercity, and the doomsday guard and the fear devil surrounded him. The Lord sneered, "Come to the knight for a duel!" "Let me tame this cold earthworm!" Nessa pushed the burning legion to guard everyone to make room for the two protagonists in the duel. "I am avenging Yan Yan." Abaddon replied with a straight face.
At the same time, the big fisherman rushed to Kunka, and the Naga mob also broke through the pirate line and boarded the ship’ Black Pearl’ with artillery fire. Suddenly, the Slada fisherman smashed and splashed a lot of water, and the tidal messenger attached to the sea power. The navy would split the boat at random, and the spectacular fountain splashed seawater, which fascinated all three of their eyes. "Are your scales worse than your feet?" The fisherman ignored his black humor and showed ferocious eyes, holding a weapon, and he was about to take his head. The old man was a Cyclops wearing a black blindfold, and the captain fled around the rudder. The two fishermen chased after the rudder. Finally, they attacked the captain Kunka at two ends, stopped circling, and immediately slipped Stella and Slak into the face. "Well, it’s like a real battle." The lich held up the shell in front of his nose and sniffed it, then threw it into the gun barrel, but the undead barely fought in the sea battle, and the ability of the ghouls to project artillery roots was poor. "Stupid Let the necromancer gun! " Kel ‘Thuzad was angry and strangled, but he didn’t touch the border guard for ten times in a row. He sent his most trusted mage to participate in the war. The phantom assassin flashed and raided the Black Pearl, looking for the opportunity to cut in. The captain slipped to the door of the cargo hold, and Merritty threw a dagger and immediately chased her, but her feet were soon sent back to this intersection with a coordinate. The ground bubbled up and the water column threw Merritty into the middle of the school. The captain leaned over and glanced at it exaggeratedly. "Well, I peeked at the beauty of your skirt."
Scorching blade facing Frostmourne’s decisive battle knight walked around the arc carefully and glared at each other with murderous eyes. Nessa couldn’t help being lonely. A chaotic arrow came over. Abaddon light shield cracked the dizzy magic. Death entanglement was just created from the blade. Nie Shashi became a famous illusion. Four commanding and chaotic knights pulled Defense of the Ancients’s scorching blade through the cracks in reality, which made him particularly painful. He was afraid that his life would be stagnant, but the light that came back to life made him feel better. Nessa especially hated this kind of green psychic magic. Body and illusion attack harder. Occasionally, rumbling artillery came from outside, biting cold wind blew through wooden windows, and snowstorms flew in. The wings of the Lord of Fear were frosted, and the wind direction led all the ships to howling winds, fjords, ice and snow, and Northrend was hidden behind everyone.
When the pirates woke up, they immediately waved broadswords to encircle the big fisherman and fought with the Naga mob who boarded the ship. The Slardar spell was still cooling. The dark wave of Slak overflowed from the body. This evil magic of sacrificing life demon signed a contract. All the pirates around it fell. Merritty was chasing Captain Kunka, who was familiar with the terrain and kept circling with her. She was so proud that she lost her suffocating blade several times and lost her vision. The phantom assassin had tried his best to leave several bloody injuries on him. "Help the queen catch it." The lively shrimp, the big fisherman, sped up and rushed to Captain Cuenca, smiled, and the ghost ship CoCo, full of rum, crashed into the fisherman in a straight line. Ladies and gentlemen, you will always remember this day because you almost caught Captain Cuenca. Genlemen, Milady, you’ llalwaysremermehisashedayoualmousaughpacaikunkka.
The ship exploded. Slardar was raw and brittle. Fisherman Nightcrawler collapsed in a pool of blood after’ gung’. Son! My son! My son! My son! My son! My son! " Stella fell to her knees, and the fisherman soldiers swam to her, quack, quack, and lost their breath. The fisherman whined for two times and stopped breathing. Merritty considered whether to comfort her in the past, but she still felt that the war was heavy. The shadow of the kingdom of Slak is where its energy lies. The fisherman Nightcrawler likes to call it magic shadow dance. When the enemy can’t see it, the resilience of the fisherman’s tenacious life is reflected in Slada’s painful and desperate cry. He climbed the’ Black Pearl’ covered with blood and took his son out of the battlefield. All the fishermen followed the leader and disappeared.
Captain "Little Girl" took out the tide messenger and pointed it at Motriti. "Where can you run without those smelly fish?" Mottretti threw a suffocating blade at his crotch. The captain hurriedly hid while she took the opportunity. Kunka naturally won’t let her go. The tidal messenger resumed the power of the sea. The assassin chased the phantom and held the sword that infiltrated the sea, but he cut it, but it cut a mass of gas. Kunka stared at his eyes and left a vague shadow in place. Mottretti raided the old man at the helm. "Don’t let me cut you." When the old man heard it, he was going to hurt himself. The reaction speed was as fast as that of the young man. The Fisherman quit the battlefield and screamed. There was a snowstorm blowing
The phantom attack didn’t crush Abaddon, but he recovered a lot of physical strength by the magic of returning to the light. But the four chaotic knights beat him to death, which made him even more headache. He couldn’t tell which was the body and which was the illusion. "Go to hell, your Lord Lich King won’t be here for too long!" Nessa shouted arrogantly, but what you said exposed his body. Defense of the Ancients immediately launched a crazy mask and fanatical fighting spirit, which expanded Frostmourne’s power limit. He carried the illusion to cut down Abaddon’s sword and split it at Nessa’s key troops, but the attack on armor was greatly reduced, which did not cause great harm to Nessa. The chaotic knight immediately counterattacked and another chaotic arrow stunned Abaddon’s reality crack. It’s a pity that the illusion disappeared at this time, just like the encirclement and suppression.
CoCo ghost ship filled with rum kept the captain a little drunk. He staggered with a sword and took a few steps, twisting his ass and dancing funny. "We are pirates, fierce pirates holding bottles in their left hands and treasures in their right hands; We are pirates with a collar. "Several crew members joined the dance and then sang" Beautiful girls, please come to my arms; We are pirates, free pirates "and" guided by the skull and bones flag, we are born with hard work ".At the helm, the old man took off his blindfold and played with a finger back and forth" We are pirates without days; There will never be an end point for pirates floating in the seven oceans. "The captain stopped and suddenly the blade pointed at Motti." Don’t run! " Mottretti immediately gave up the idea of jumping off the boat, and indeed a stream of water rose from the place where she had just stopped.
"The burning legion! Go to hell! " The Lich King consumed the burning legion troops step by step, which angered the red-skinned general to avoid its sharpness. Defense of the Ancients retreated for a while. Once again, Nessa was determined to fight with the death knight. In the middle of Abaddon’s face, the plate armor was chaotic. When tearing, the knight was stabbed by frost and sorrow. Nessa stepped forward and didn’t even project his eyes. The Lord quickly bent down to make up a sword in his chest. "You and your Lord are equally keen on shame and don’t deserve to be called a knight." "The death knight believes in winning by hook or by crook." Abaddon squatted down. Come on, "You defiled a girl in the undercity Dusk Tavern. She is me." Nessa couldn’t hear clearly what he said. The head and body have been divided. Defense of the Ancients got up, the felhunter and the violent guard were hostile. He confronted the cunning and fearful demon king and dared not do it. "In the name of the Lich King, he attacked the ghost ship on the pirate’s flank!" He shouted orders.
The pirates chained Merritty to the cross. "I see what you can do." The captain turned around excitedly like capturing a war profit. "Pirates have a rule: surrender your guns and don’t kill them. Let’s make money together, sweetheart. I’ll take you to Celamo. Men must like you." Merritty looked up proudly. How could your queen stoop down to join the bandits? Watching the worried captain happy like an old child, she thought how sad it would be if she knew that her daughter was dead. "The captain’s natural disaster fleet attacked." Calm down the fire again. It’s a hundred times harder to drive away Kel’ Thuzad’s ship than the lich. Abaddon is back. Pirates are preparing to retreat to Abaddon at all costs. The Black Pearl is in turmoil and it’s almost howling wind fjord! There was an overwhelming snowstorm, hail hit the soldiers, and the fleet was dispersed and detained. Motriti’s wooden frame was also washed into the sea and she swam desperately to the northern mainland. Abaddon and Cuenca were still fighting in the snowstorm
Chapter one hundred and six Watch for the Winter Magina held Merritty from her lips and kissed every part of her body, and kept saying tender sweet nothings. "I like this. Merritty likes everything you have and would rather abandon a priestess who is prettier than you." "Ah" She is more in line with body language to express her love for elf teenagers, and she holds Magina’s hair with the other hand, but Magina hesitated to let Merritty ignore her wronged eyes. "I’m going far away to defend the natural disaster, and the night elves have to part with you temporarily." You are not going anywhere! " Meredith ran to grab Magina’s back, put her arms around him and put her tearful cheek against her back.
She felt a chill. Why is Maggie’s back cold? Slowly, her happiness, security and panic disappeared, and the pain and numbness came like falling from heaven to hell, and her conscious consciousness was swallowed up by vagueness. She seemed to hear Shandelsa and luna calling and struggling for a long time before she found herself lying on the coast, destroying rafts, drifting firearms and swords, freezing the Northrend coast and freezing the chains that tied her. The stake and herself were sealed in the ice and snow, and Meredith twisted her body to find that she was completely frozen. But I wonder if it is a miracle that the night elf, a creature in the southernmost tropical rainforest of Azeroth, didn’t freeze to death in the coldest place in the world, and the chain that linked her was cracked.
So she tried to breathe, trying to melt the choking hard ice, which had been baked for a long time. A thin layer of ice didn’t melt, but it couldn’t even melt its body temperature. "Ow!" An animal with rich hair and snow-white body crawled over and sniffed the ice slowly. She was nervous like a captured prey. Danasus introduced this walrus animal, which lives in Northrend all the year round. Compared with fierce frost wolves and mammoths, The crypt spider walrus is a friendly guy. I don’t know if it will eat me. When its body fluid temperature is wrapped around the assassin’s body and the ice melts layer by layer, her good body is gradually exposed. At this time, Merritty finally broke free from the ice. The first thing to do is to check the weapon armband. The dark ball is wrapped around the shadow moon and bloodthirsty, and the evil walrus runs away with its tail between its legs.
She shook off the covered snow, twisted and dominated her helmet, and hobbled towards the north. The sea was frozen and the natural disaster fleet would not land here. Thinking of the blood elves and terrans resisting the war songs, the clan fell and howling, and the fiasco in the fjord naval battle made her feel more painful. She hated fate, and when the moon god did not bless herself, she reached the peak of her strength after creating one incredible record, and fate was cruel. Stripped her honor a little bit. "You never show mercy to my goddess Ai Luen." She supported her numb feet and tried to walk in the snowfield, complaining bitterly and praying piteously. "Come and save my Lich King. If I go like this again, I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch the throne of ice."
There is a huge iceberg standing in front of her eyes. Northrend Snow has been sighing and deciding to rest first. Mottrey is lost in this place called the North Wind Tundra. Just when she is tired and wants to sleep for a while, Yu Guang catches a glimpse of a cave fire reflected in the cave and someone is burning a bonfire! She immediately supported her body and climbed towards the cave, regardless of whether she was anxious to survive or not and her loyalty to the Scourge supported the Queen to live. There was an old man inside, wrapped himself up and happy, warming himself in the cave, eating cooked rabbits, and the old man was holding a shovel named’ Frozen Magic Seal’ in his hand, and magic ball was circling around. This must be the old man’s call. The frozen magic seal released a magical snowflake. "You look like you need help!" He said it was a common language of Terran.
Meredith nodded reluctantly.
She really needs help.
With the consent of the old man, she crouched slowly by the campfire to keep warm.
The old man chewed the rabbit with ecstasy.
"goo goo"
At this time, I cried unwillingly, but I was reserved for the queen’s status.
How dare she beg food from a buck-toothed uncle?
Phantom assassins often hunt to dominate the helmet and infiltrate the enemy’s will
Unfortunately, the old man didn’t respond.
She stared at the old man’s thick cotton-padded clothes and delicious barbecue.
Although the night elf vegetarian owner
She seldom eats meat at ordinary times, but she is really hungry.
Killing the old man not only grabs food, but also gets warm cotton-padded clothes to keep out the cold.
The assassin suddenly played a flank.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-six Giant Tooth Story
"Ymir, your name is Genie?" The old man chewed the rabbit without knowing the change of the other person’s expression. "Mo Cui Di Ying Ge" The giant tooth Haimin was shocked and chewed it halfway through his mouth. "What’s wrong with you?" She smiled ghostly, although hunger and cold were very uncomfortable, it was always an assassin’s hobby to intimidate others to show fear. "A few decades ago, I was a strong young man working on a farm in North Lordaeron. The biggest wish of farmers was to have a manor of our own, so that we could have food and clothing. But King Arthas killed all the civilians and went to Northrend mainland. Everyone hoped to wait for the Storm Kingdom to support us to join the army, but the generals and officials of the Northern Expedition could make a fortune regardless of the war situation. I don’t think much of our foreign soldiers."
"Later, the number of troops in the kingdom became less and less, and almost all the recovered areas were lost. Most people fled to the south, and a few refugees took refuge in Northrend by boat. At that time, everyone didn’t know that the northernmost continent was the origin of the plague monster. The north wind tundra was extremely cold. Several brothers who fled together were frozen and lost their fingers and toes without food. Later, a group of loving walruses saved me, and I have lived to this day." "You grew a pair of rabbit teeth like stupid walruses." Ymir’s huge teeth attracted special attention. Motti didn’t forget to "Of course, it evolved naturally." Haimin stroked his fangs and his eyes suddenly became cold. "I ate all my brothers for lack of food in the next day. I adapted to the Arctic climate. My body hair grew longer and my body became as fat as a pig. But everything was worth my promise that my dying brother would be executed alive and let Lordaeron fall. A female assassin named Mottrey avenged the Terran! For decades, I finally waited for this day. "
The giant-toothed seaman patted the round belly, and the walrus disappeared. It became cruel and violent. "Kill the devil without blinking an eye. You will let hundreds of refugees die at one command. Defense of the Ancients please you. Send dead soldiers to rob the golden treasure in the farm. Even the wood is burned out." While talking, Ymir shot ice flakes with sharp edges and corners and stabbed Motriti’s body, causing pain, and at the same time great fear attacked her heart. She could not predict what would happen next. "The Terran brother Lordaeron was killed because of you!" The frozen magic seal came to her head, and the snowflake turned white. Motriti’s cheeks were pale and weak. She retreated at a loss, but the giant tooth Haimin root didn’t give her a chance. Ymir piled up into a huge snowball and rolled to the milli to guard against the assassin. As a result, she was black and blue.
Terrified, Mottrey kept retreating. She had never been so afraid of the simple and honest sea people with huge teeth. In her eyes, the sea people were even more frightening than the spectre. She had experienced the killing achievements and the pleasure of revenge many times in her life, but it was hard to imagine the taste of revenge. The dream scene became a reality. The bloody victim, with her hair hanging freely and her face ferocious, seeks revenge from her. There is a price to pay for the injury. When you intentionally hurt others, bad luck will come to you one day. Those who have been hurt by you will hate you even Morred. Because of the frozen magic mark and her own injuries, Merritty can’t escape. She once again feels help, as if she is holding her doomsday sister in her arms, but she is trying to save her life and watch the curse engulf her. Morred fate; The word "Morred’s fate" keeps popping up in her head. Zete once told her that "morred" means "fate" in the ancient elf language.
Giant tooth sea people accumulate strength ready to launch a powerful blow "I want revenge! Dead bar girl devil! " Shovel suddenly sends out the light of ice crystals. Ymir swings to the sea like a wave. By this great force, Merritty is directly thrown into the sky. She feels dirty and wants to die immediately. But she is not dead, but she can’t move on the ground. She is angry. Haimin has three steps and two steps. Shovel directly swung at Merritty’s head. Somehow, she made a resistance, closed her eyes, threw out her armband, attached to her shadow, and the moon wheel Ymir did not move. Even Merritty was surprised that she forgot that she was a phantom assassin in Rapier! He didn’t die. Haimin swore. He seems to have the strength to pick up a shovel.
"I have the strength not to escape!" As big as a walrus, he was quite able to withstand the blow. He waddled up and rolled into a bloody snowball and rushed at her. "Boo!" The sword penetrated Ymir’s chubby belly through snowballs, and the body oil mixed with blood in the snow. Ymir’s bloody hand gripped the black cloak and black gloves with a sword, and his heart was unwilling. "Devil! The slaughtered refugees will not let you go. "Before the giant tooth Haimin cursed Abaddon, she pulled out the rune sword and maybe took it away with her. Haimin was eager for revenge. The snow soon buried the blood. She was concerned and doubted whether Haimin’s funny and terrible face would become a nightmare in the future.
Behind Defense of the Ancients, there are a group of slouched knights with drooping shoulders and dirty armor covered with snow. From wearing the Medal of Courage, we can see that their status is noble. After landing, they tried to find Merritty. People complained that everyone faithfully carried out Abaddon’s wishes, and Merritty was a little tired. Before Abaddon helped her up, she lay down in Defense of the Ancients’s arms and slept in the past. "MaginaMagina" She murmured in her dream.
There is still one day’s journey away from the ice crown. Considering that Merritty is approaching the evening, Abaddon has sent his troops to station and set up a temporary camp to rest. Is the Lord crazy? Have you heard that the dead want to rest? But no one dares to question that his Lord leans against the camp tent. Merritty is resting on his leg. He keeps a stiff posture like a dead man. His father was still alive when he was a child. He said that the night elves’ bodies glow at night. They have a unique scent like lavender, which makes young Abaddon feel fine. Ling became interested. He read some descriptions of the night clan. In the far south, there is a magical continent called’ Odehill’ where the night elves live. Every 500 years, they will choose a full-moon priestess from among the outstanding female warriors.
Northrend woke up in the dazzling white light, and Merritty didn’t sleep late. When he needed to rest, he got out of the camp less and less. The Lord and knight had already prepared the way. They prepared a skeleton sheep for the phantom assassin. "I’ll fight your horse." Abaddon immediately stretched out a hand and pulled her across the horse. "Northrend is the magnetic pole force of Azeroth, and even the disk will lose its way." He took out his navigation compass and looked at it for a long time, but dozens of people died. The dead knight still set off from the army of the undead, Kel ‘Thuzad and Crobel Ruth according to the hazy memory. No one knows where the snowflakes floated leisurely. Merritty caught them from time to time and formed dark black ice crystals instead of melting.
"Luna in revenge me? How pious I once believed in her, but I didn’t want to give me even a little chance. Her tone was full of depression. Once I played magic chess with my family for several times in a row, I couldn’t find the right chess, so I always complained. Abaddon told her in a dry tone, "Brother, if you want to play chess, don’t complain about playing chess. All you can do is try your best to play chess." "You’re so funny." It’s a pity that even though she sat behind Abaddon, she could still imagine that stiff face and didn’t reprimand the student lecturer. He drew a picture for me. "He took out a crumpled piece of paper from his breastplate, but the picture was well preserved. A person who prayed for the emperor’s blessing was still hit by a stone. When he questioned’ What emperor didn’t help me’, he found that the emperor had been standing beside him to block countless stones for him.
Had said Abaddon twist a head and she looked at each other, extremely wind lifted his silver hair and a large number of hair fluttered with the wind. She suddenly had an impulse to burst into tears. She gave everything and was willing to change her man. A low-key way guarded her and stayed with her, but Motti never cherished it, although she knew that even if there was a major battle, Abaddon would never let her charge. He was cold, rigid and war-loving. Regardless of the old feelings of the Terran compatriots, the assassin once hated him for being cold, arrogant and heartless, but the assassin never knew that there was a soft place in the hard Lord’s heart, and he never lost his temper with anyone. He was an undead, and his face was pale. He often even spoke with no expression. Other departments didn’t like him for being harsh in running the army. He was not tall, straight and handsome, and he exuded aura. He had an expression.
He doesn’t know how to express his feelings. The Lich King gave him unparalleled talent for war, but he didn’t give him corresponding emotional intelligence. In any way, Abaddon is not a perfect person. He just has a strong body to protect his lover behind him, holding a cold soul-sucking sword to help her revenge, and those hands that can’t generate any more temperature to warm her. When complaining about the stone that hit her, she didn’t realize that he had blocked countless stones by himself. When you realized the truth behind, you found that the real emperor was around Abaddon. He was the emperor. She was her destiny. She kissed the right cheek of the Lord.
"eh?" At first, the Lord was puzzled, and then he quickly reacted. Merritty leaned over his shoulder and said softly, "Do you remember that winter when Merritty conquered eastern kingdoms, invisible assassins attacked you? Since then, I said that I would always be by your side." At that moment, Merritty wanted to ask Abaddon what you really liked about me. She finally resisted. She was not a melodramatic woman. "It is said that the night elves have an ancient profession called Watchman?" "Yes, young fairies choose to be watchmen and hunt, catch and guard criminals day after day, but the priestess does as she asks." "Motriti, you and I are much like lonely watchmen, which is our greater mission." "Then what are we watching?" "Watch for the Winter" Motriti looked up at Northrend in the winter, and at the end of the frozen silver world was the frozen throne.
The flat northern tundra is located at the northwest end of Northrend. This frozen continent is also known as the roof of the world. It is becoming more and more difficult for Merritty to breathe on horseback. A powerful force oppresses her. "The Lich King ordered the horse!" Undead knights have thrown their mounts and walked to see the mountains grow taller and grander in front of them. Polar bears, spider queens and tundra trolls can’t be seen along the way. The peak mountain stands on the northeast edge of Azeroth’s world. Wild monsters dare not set foot in the snow-capped mountains. The dense ghouls and monks are working in the undead wizard’s command. "The king is in Icecrown City, Defense of the Ancients’s adult phantom assassin’s adult." Tens of thousands of undead have dug a wide tunnel day and night! Mo Cui Di touched the tunnel wall and made a thick, smooth ice. At the end of the tunnel, there was darkness at the horizon. "The contract was booked." Abaddon took her hand and made a "walk" move.
After passing through the tunnel, the deep and wide ice valley stretches straight to the ice crown at the end of the world. Standing in front of them is a steep cliff. Abaddon knelt on one knee devoutly. Motriti picked up his frost sorrow and drew a thin blood chain at his fingertips, which flowed into the white land. The blood quickly dyed into the vast ice sheet and melted into the vast ice sheet. A red mark spread from her feet to the valley layer by layer, and suddenly in Northrend’ boom!’ Huge tremor and crumbling avalanche "Ow!" Aurors, a prehistoric creature, smelled the smell of blood and woke up. The huge ice wing that lay on the cliff kept shaking off the hard ice, and the cliff was almost collapsed by it. "Ow!" Aurors dived rapidly toward the valley, and a powerful hurricane knocked down many fragile wizards.
"Natural disasters!" As far as the eye can see, the skeleton soldiers gave a piercing roar at the same time, and Aurors soared to the sky and looked up. All they could see was the icy blue evil light. In the cold winter, Abaddon silently looked at Merritty, but they looked at each other in a sympathetic way. Anyway, Northrend has reached the heart of the natural disaster generals. This is already a great victory "together" and "fighting with the Lich King"
The old year will end in winter, and the bustling storm city will be brightly lit at night. Believers sincerely pray that the boy will follow his father to move the cut trees to the courtyard and hang the colorful gifts on the trees. The girls breathed out and painted all kinds of lovely patterns on the glass. The thirty-sixth year of Wood is coming. Although some Terran soldiers in the border area were also infected in the past year, after all, the mainland of Lordaeron is far away from Storm City in the far north. People’s hearts are faint and uneasy, but no one shows it on their faces. The poor and pregnant women are squatting in the corner with the red hat "MerryChrismas" issued by the kingdom, looking forward to more charity from the ministers and nobles who are in a good mood.
Stormwind officials have taken care of all the restaurants in the main city. They usually have a big belly, wear the gorgeous robes of the kingdom, and curl their hair in golden color. Officials and nobles are fat and generous, and their manners are elegant and generous. The dining table shows their distinguished and unique identity as the New Year approaches. On behalf of the Guards Corps, Terran generals in the Northern Expedition like Dragon Knight and corps commander, Rogue Knight’s generals Yu Xiao also all returned to the city from the front line of sorrow and sorrow, and returned to the capital of the main city. Unlike the big shots, these so-called’ heroes’ soldiers like to go to a place called’ pub’ for drinking and gathering, such as Li pub, early morning pub and Shuguang pub, which were all booked by human heroes. Boss pandaren was very busy.
My father is a prince. Five years ago, I was stabbed to death by the Night Devil of the Natural Disaster Corps to protect the old king. For this reason, I was lucky enough to have the Finance Minister in charge of the distribution of taxes and money in the kingdom. Tonight, I booked the largest Li pub in Stormwind to entertain the generals of the kingdom. The king is old, and the guards will fight regardless of the natural disaster. My brother wants to go out for the country. This year he just came of age. According to the laws of the kingdom, just reaching the age of conscription, "Whoo hoo, good iced tea wine ~" Panda Brewmaster’s pole threw a few glasses of wine’ frame’ all over the table, and then it played a drunken fist endlessly, which caused a burst of damage to everyone. "Oh funny panda" Knight Davion smiled and couldn’t close his mouth. "If Cuenca is allowed to be small," he said that Cuenca is a general of the Celamo city-state navy who started as a pirate. Most nobles looked down on him but gave birth to a beautiful daughter. The people of Stormwind affectionately called her’ Crystal Maiden
"Knight Davion, your army recovered a large area of lost land in the north and won glory for the Guards Corps. I decided to devote half of the kingdom’s finances to the war. In addition, King Priest drafted the Tax Law of the Kingdom during the War to force taxes and raise prices. In any case, the minister must try his best to increase income and support the war against natural disasters." "I have no intention to comment" King Priest is a stutterer or a gawk. "My brother Abaddon, a giant of Jacques Honis, is just an adult this year. He also contributes to the Guards Corps like a service kingdom." I call him the Dragon Knight and flatter him to pour wine I finally feel at ease. Come on, "Ahh,yesyes". This is Testin’s mantra. He is an upright commander and always agrees with whatever the Dragon Knight says.
The atmosphere of the wine table became lively. Several generals talked about interesting things about the front-line wars. I also listened with interest. "The undead are covered with plagues. Their fighters are carrion, skeletons and all kinds of disgusting insects. When the necromancer surrounded me with ghouls, Lilly gave me deus ex power. I threw a storm hammer full of anger and roared at God’s power to protect me. I tried my best to splash down a large number of ghouls with a big sword. Even the necromancer fled!" Swing is a straightforward man. He was promoted directly from a soldier to a general and lover, Crystal Maiden. Of course, the Dragon Knight also appreciated this brave young man very much. "I will definitely recommend you as a theater marshal of the Guards Regiment when you get to undercity to capture the lich alive." The Dragon Knight corrected his dominant helmet. For Swing, Knight Davion was highly valued. It is suspected that he was lucky and excited. Rogue Knight lost no time in toasting and both of them finished their drinks.