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Ye Fangfeng had no interest in those pills, and directly found the person in charge of the first floor and said, "Tell Zhang Mingye that every main leaf came to see him with the wind."

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He is light in the clouds and light in the wind
A six-Dan teacher is not qualified to pretend to be big in front of him.
However, this performance has attracted a layer of dissatisfaction from the person in charge.
In Danfeng Pavilion for so many years, no matter who comes to see the pavilion owner, he is always respectful.
Even Tang Guzhu is angry.
What about master Ye Jia?
The person in charge squinted at Ye Fengfeng and said, "My cabinet owner is making an alchemy, so please go back."
This attitude is not surprising when the wind blows.
There are always some inexplicable problems when a person stays in a high position for a long time.
The huge mind instantly enveloped the whole attic leaves, and the wind immediately found an old man with long hair and elegant hair sitting leisurely on the top floor of the attic eating crystal clear grapes.
"I’ll give you another chance to take me to see Zhang Ming, or don’t blame me for not being angry," Ye said with the wind.
Head face suddenly cold to waved and surrounded by a group of golden body realm big fellow.
"Hum Ye Feng I’ve heard of your title. Without the position of householder, you are just a waste of gas refining!"
"I want to see what you can do to me!"
He has a strong tone of fear.
Ye smiled at the corners of his mouth with the wind.
"Then you will watch."
With that, he directly reached out and grabbed the neckline of the person in charge.
Around a few golden body state said decisively at the same time to want to quickly take the leaves with the wind.
"get out!"
However, the leaves are light and angry with the wind, and a huge force has exploded!
A few golden monks feel like they were hit by a wild, ancient and mang cow, and fly out instantly to hit a large table and chair.
On the first floor of the hall, people suddenly panicked and looked at Ye Feng with a full face of panic.
"How dare anyone make trouble in Danfengge?"
"That man’s strength is so strong that even the strong in the golden body realm is not an enemy!"
"I remember that it was Ye Feng Ye’s new owner!"
People are indecisive.
The person in charge is also confused. Didn’t you say that Ye Fengfeng is a waste in the gas refining period? How can he have such a strong strength?
However, the leaves are always indifferent with the wind.
"Look at this clearly."
"Then let’s go together."
As he spoke, Ye floated him to the attic with the wind.
Danfeng Pavilion has five floors, and each floor sells different grades of Danyao.
Ye Fengfeng was constantly stopped by people in the process of climbing the building.
But how can they be Ye Fengfeng’s rivals?
It is faint to let their bodies fly around and spit blood when they let go of the gas machine.
Soon came to the top floor.
Ye pushed open the door with the wind.
Zhang Ming also felt someone break in.
But he is not only a six-Dan teacher, but also a powerful monk in the later period of then.
He is not afraid of anyone here in Yunxiao City.
"The pavilion is a little too presumptuous!" Zhang Ming surly.
Leaf casually throw away with the wind, head came in.
"Your hands are too arrogant. I am educating you."
Zhang Ming said angrily, "Is the real old lady easy to bully?"
Then he put his fingers together and crossed his fingers with the wind.
The sword sounded a flying sword, flashing golden light, penetrating the air and carrying violent energy, and instantly came to Ye Feng.
That’s Zhang Ming’s magic weapon!
He’s going to crush the leaves with one blow.
However, he chose the wrong opponent
Facing the flying dagger, the blade is a flick in the wind.
A wave of his finger center rippled out around.
Then the powerful magic weapon of life in the later period directly turned its head when encountering this fluctuation, and quickly stabbed Zhang Ming, and finally stopped at the skin in front of his eyebrows.
Suspended in the middle
Then everything except the window, tables, chairs and rooms disappeared in an instant.
Zhang Ming stare big eyes dare not move.
The man in front of him is far more powerful than he imagined.
"The seniors have something to say!"
His voice trembled.
Leaf smiled with the wind and then sat opposite Zhang Ming before stepping.
The life fly sword is slowly falling flat on the desktop.