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"Let’s wait and see what it’s like to hatch." I urged in a serious way, but I was smiling. Xiao Yu looked at me and chuckled. This girl is so clever ~ she must know what I think, which made me a little embarrassed.

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Wu Yun looked at everyone but didn’t want to hatch this bone ball. Looking at the bone ball again seemed a little hesitant and said, "This will not hatch out as an ordinary skeleton, right? Will everyone have one pet? "
"It shouldn’t be, and it should be said that this pet can evolve into a battalion chief and a general king even if it is an ordinary skeleton." I spared no effort to encourage Wu Yun again
Wu Yun gave me a strange look and turned to the bone ball again, which seemed to be determined. "Well, I’ll hatch and have a look."
After that, this girl should have chosen to hatch the bone ball and disappeared with a gray light. Everyone eagerly stared at Wu Yun and wanted to see what the pet was like after hatching. Wu Yun was stunned for a moment and didn’t come yet. The announcement rang. "Announcement Congratulations to the player Xiao Yun for successfully hatching the rotten skeleton pet leaderboard. The game will be updated for one hour independently. After the update period, the player can check the pet unified information on the official website."
Three announcements in a row finally confirmed my guess. Hey, hey, little crowd, thank you. I was just about to ask what this Zhou Yan skeleton is. Wu Yun has looked at me with a face of reluctance, which makes my heart tremble.
"Pets ranked first, decadent skeleton class, undead pet owner, Xiao Yunjie, you ranked first, hurry up and summon it to see what it is like?" Kiki, this girl is estimated to have looked at the leaderboard, eagerly calling Wu Yun Wu Yun’s bitterness and staring at me. I am uncomfortable all over. I can be beside it by the light rain ~ A gray light flashes and a miserable white skeleton appears in front of everyone. It seems silly and motionless, but everyone laughs when they see the name on the top of the skull. I have a black line on my face-flying bones!
Shit ~ I can’t be less than one meter tall even if I become a skeleton. This girl is so contemptuous of us! But I can’t understand this girl, why are you targeting me so much ~ meowed ~ "I said, little crowd, can you stop doing this?" I’m at least 176m m. Although I’m not tall and powerful, I don’t think it’s like this, do I? And tell me about the properties of this little thing? "
"Hum, you said that you always knew that the pet hatched from the bone ball was like this? And kept encouraging me to hatch! I told you, if you’re flying, can you not run first? And hatch it for me! It’ s really not good! "
Shit ~ this girl looks tough and careless. Why does she look so smart? This also got?
"Absolutely not. I think the first pet should be a good place to let you hatch. You see that god gun is so powerful. Didn’t I give it to you first? How could I be like that? You’d better let everyone see what the properties of this thing are like. "
"Hum, how do I listen to all feel that you are lying? Forget it, sister, I won’t dispute with you! See for yourself the properties. "
Flying bones (rotten skeletons can evolve) level undead pet growth value 3 HP 3 defense 13 physical attack 15 speed 1 mana 3 magic defense 1 magic attack 15 skill amount seems a bit pathetic? Are you sure this thing can help fight? Damn it, I’ll die if I don’t touch it. I’m a little embarrassed to look like Wu Yun ~ This girl is looking at me with a face of Gherardini as if to say, do you know how miserable you really hurt me?
"The forehead just don’t see what to let it upgrade? There are some skeletons over there that I can take for you? This is definitely not the case after the upgrade! " I said in a cold sweat, "okay, this is what you said? Well, in fact, I also think that after the upgrade, it should change a lot. This evolution should be able to make this little guy change from an ordinary skeleton to a skeleton general. Even the king quickly packed up his things and went to help me practice the little bones. "Wu Yun, this girl, changed her face as soon as she heard me say that she was trained ~ She smiled and was very eager.
"Well, everything has been divided. Now that these skills have been cleaned up, all occupations have been divided. Let’s all take half and then go to whatever we should do!" Ling Zhou aside mouth way
Quickly divide the skills. Zhou Ling left with Xiao Xiao and Luo Ling, saying that she went back to deal with what she had just got, while Kiki stayed with Wu Yun. Kiki, this girl, is stuck. Wu Yun, this girl is proud to look at me. Obviously, she wants me to honor my promise to bring a pet.
Kiki and Wu Yun were grouped in the team and looked at a skeleton in the distance. I really don’t have any interest in killing, so I’d better go inside and see the so-called zombies.
I said the idea. Light rain means I will follow wherever I go. Wu Yun wants to help practice skeletons. Where is Kiki? This girl is all right. She just wants to watch me train. Since several people have no opinions, let’s go in and see zombies!
Chapter 155 Thunder rotting corpse pit
I decided to continue to go to the depths of the canyon to see that I flew directly to the middle school, while Kiki came in slowly with a light rain and Wu Yun. After finishing the skills, I didn’t pay much attention to how big the skill range was, but it really startled me to fly to the middle school and slowly move to the depths of my sister-in-law.
It is estimated that it should be a circular area with a radius of 1000 meters, which is really big enough. Anyway, almost all the skeletons have suffered. After passing through the skull area, I finally saw the so-called zombies in Kiki’s mouth!
Shit ~ where is this zombie? It’s just rotting corpse. I’m covered in rotten meat and I can’t find a clean place after wearing a rag.
After looking back, I had to have a light rain in my heart. This girl is worried ~ Kiki has seen it, and this girl is estimated to have come in to pack things. Otherwise, how would she know that zombies have died a lot? She should be able to withstand Wu Yun, a tough girl. There should be no problem, but the light rain may not be necessary. It’s a little unnatural to see the dense skeletons. If you see these disgusting zombies, how can you be comfortable?
After thinking about it, I quickly sent a message to Xiaoyu. Don’t come in. Forget it. This is not a good place. Xiaoyu quickly replied to the message. "What?"
"The forehead light rain wife it really doesn’t look very comfortable ~ you still don’t see good! This zombie is much more disgusting than a skeleton. "I dare not describe exactly what a zombie looks like. It would be bad to scare this girl.
"It’s okay. I always encounter all kinds of blame after I go with non-success elder sister and them. Don’t worry, I can adapt."
"ah? Then you wait in the area near the skeleton and don’t go inside again. Tell Wu Yun to call the little skeleton out. I want to brush my experience ~ "
After I sent the message with Xiaoyu, I looked at the’ corpse’ in front of me again. Damn it, I didn’t feel comfortable looking at it. I lost a divination technique until a zombie saw the attributes. I said it was a carrion. Girl Kiki said it was a zombie. I told you, didn’t you say that zombies are all dry and stiff? This M department is all rotten meat!
Rotten corpse level 4 HP 15 defense 14 attack 12 speed 1 skill ptomaine weakness fire thunder damage bonus 5% light damage bonus 1% carrion commanding level 45 gold boss HP 45 defense 16 attack 14 speed 15 skill jumping ptomaine weakness fire thunder damage bonus 5% light damage bonus 1% This carrion seems to be no worse than skeleton, that is, defending against high-point attack is not as good as skeleton, but it is really troublesome to carry poison, but it seems that there are not many melee professions willing to kill carrion. Think about a pile of rotten meat dangling in front of your eyes. If you are not careful, you will get some vomit on yourself. Damn it, you can’t even think about it.
The strange refresh here is different from the skeleton outside. There are three super-huge pits, and the rice face is some rotten corpses. All of them are crawling out from the inside and wandering around. It’s not very dense. It seems that the best way is to directly kill the corpse, which is much faster.
I didn’t bother to attract a few murders after seeing the peripheral carrion. I flew directly to a big corpse pit and stopped at the point where I was about to put my skills. How can I brush this blood away? Didn’t get attacked? But at first glance, my mother is poisoned? It was only when I noticed that the surface of the corpse pit was covered with a layer of light green gas, which floated from the inside of the corpse pit. There was too much carrion in MD, and the poison gas overflowed.
Fortunately, this blood volume seems to drop dozens of points per second, and the speed of our blood return is quite fast, so it won’t be attacked by strange people. This poison gas alone won’t kill us. At most, we will quit after a while, and we are about to start work. Then we exclaimed. I know it must be several women, but it’s strange that this sound doesn’t sound like light rain. Why does it sound like Wu Yun?
Doubt back a few women are really taking a closer look at Xiao Yu in the skull area and carrion area, but this girl is holding her chest and retching ~ Nai turned and flew out, Xiao Yu still don’t look at this girl here. It’s not good if you watch too much and have nightmares.
Landing on the ground quickly, holding Xiaoyu gently patting the girl’s back and saying, "Xiaoyu, you’d better not be here. Anyway, you’re level 3. Just go back and change your job. I’m still waiting to see what features you have after changing your job. I’ll take you to practice again when I find another place."
Xiaoyu vomited for a long time and finally straightened up, but I couldn’t bear to let this girl stay and see what’s strange about it. After my wife doesn’t want to see anything, she won’t touch the hard work and disgusting work. Just dare to do it. Women should still face some cute cats, dogs and rabbits. "Listen to me, Xiaoyu, go back first, change jobs and do it later, and don’t face those disgusting monsters. Let’s slowly choose a local game. There are so many kinds of monsters in the map, and you don’t have to face such disgusting things."
"Well, I’ll go back and do it. If I can’t do it, you have to come back and help me do it together." Xiaoyu reluctantly squeezed out a smile and accepted my proposal
"Well, if you can’t do it, just call me and I’ll go back immediately. If you have skills to learn after changing jobs, you’d better learn one or two attack skills." I nodded with a smile.
"Okay, I know. Then I’ll go back to Sister Yun Kiki. I’ll go back and change my job. You can train." Xiaoyu said hello to Wu Yun and quickly made the light disappear back to the city.
"Light rain ok? Gigi, you dead girl, what is this? It’s so disgusting that you don’t say it’s too uncomfortable to look at it. "Wu Yun complained that Xiao Yu was away from Kiki.
"ah? People feel sick, too, but it’s weird. Although disgusting, isn’t it the same as giving experience and equipment? And I’m afraid I scared you by describing it to you before ~ "Kiki, this girl is quite right, and Wu Yun vomitted to stick out his tongue."
"Come on, Kiki said yes, this is the blame. If the map is limited, this level is a kind of complaint. It is estimated that women are more active than men when they rob the blame, but now they are still you two. If you can’t hold it, you can hurry back to the city at any time. Don’t let yourself feel too bad! All right, I’ll brush it in the past, and you’ll be here. There’s carrion gas in it, and it’s going to keep bleeding. "
Two women don’t have any different opinions. They directly found a forbidden spell and left a big stone to climb and sit, which made my heart extremely unbalanced. Damn it, these two girls are comfortable. Even the little skeleton can stay outside and resist the impulse to throw two women into the corpse pit, and then resist the nausea and continuous bleeding pain. Once again, they flew to the edge of a huge pit and stopped directly to brush the strange brigade and start the flame burning and magic shield. It seems that this magic shield can also isolate a lot of toxic gas. It’s a lot slower to lose blood
On second thought, there is poison gas in the gas. What if it rains? Didn’t the poison gas get drenched? That seems to be the way it is! Well, I’ll give you a rainstorm technique first, and release a rainstorm technique directly to your own area. Sure enough, the rainstorm technique drenched all the poisonous gas and spilled it into the giant pit again, which made me feel much more comfortable!
Now we can kill you all with such disgusting things! Five thunders and thunderstorms hit the huge pit and directly brought up large tracts of injuries. Many rotting corpses and rotten meat became blackened and gave off a violent smell, which almost smoked us out. Holy shit, this is really not something that normal people can do!
It’s a pity that for me, a human being who is tens of meters away, they are the best way! Those skull shooters can still hurt us when they kill skeletons. Now you fucking rotting corpses won’t have such means, will you?
Md thunders and stinks, then we can spear a large number of rotting corpses in a different way, and the rotten meat is stuck everywhere. Shit, it still stinks ~ This M game designer must be some disgusting guys, so strange md is purely disgusting!
How can you stand playing like this when you quickly exit the crater range md? Killing me slowly is really impatient ~ if you have patience, your nose will protest! It seems that we can directly solve it at one time! Anyway, now that the 24-hour cooling of the thunder storm has passed, let’s put a spell on the giant pit directly. I don’t know if it can be partially killed. If it’s not strange inside, I have to throw a wall of fire in it and burn the pit dry!
Several attacks attracted the carrion outside the giant pit to come back slowly in the direction of the corpse pit. I also saw several carrion commanders jump up from the pit. This ya jump is not a general jump for several meters, but it can also jump high like a mantis seen on the north side of the Black Dragon City!
Wait until near the crater, some rotting corpses returned to the edge of the crater. I flew over again and directly prepared for the thunder storm for ten seconds. When preparing, it was really painful. The md face was full of stench and it was constantly ravaging this sense of smell. If we didn’t have a firm heart to kill all these guys, it is estimated that we would have to turn around and run.
The dark clouds slowly gathered in the middle, and finally in ten seconds, the dense purple thunder kept breaking. I quickly retreated from the huge pit and stood in the middle, watching the scene in the huge pit. The corpses in the huge pit decreased layer by layer, and the rotting corpses disappeared directly in just a few seconds, just like a bottle filled with water, which was constantly decreasing due to the high temperature. This is the scene in the corpse pit.
Ten seconds later, my level rose to 35 again, and Wu Yun and Kiki screamed outside.
Chapter 156 Evolution Little Skeleton
Look at the corpse pit that has been baptized by the curse. At this time, there is no creeping carrion in it, and I don’t need to burn the huge pit with fire walls. It’s like an alien meteorite coming out. There are still a little black smoke coming out of it, except for equipment and gold coins all over the bottom of the pit.
I am very satisfied with this effect, which is much better than the second time to deal with the skeleton. Although all the monsters overlap in the skeleton, many monsters die, and a lot of thunder waves. This time, it is like peeling onions layer by layer, and some monsters are constantly split and dissipated, and then another monster is attacked.
Looking at the huge pit braving black smoke, I thought about it. I still don’t want to pick up things first. Maybe the black smoke is smelly. I still go out to see Wu Yun. They mainly look at what happened to the little skeleton. I don’t know if there is any evolution after the upgrade.
Wu Yun, who just got back to two women, immediately rushed over and hugged me. She bit me in the face. I was so angry that you came again? Let me know first if you want to come! Besides, you attacked me again. Should I give it back this time? Why do you always take the initiative?
"Miss Liu Yang but to level 25 level 25! How on earth did you kill the monster? I’ve been promoted directly to several levels in this short time! Haha, I can practice less for many days. Kiki girl is also level 24. "Wu Yun cried excitedly after letting me go."
"Yes, Sister Yun was so excited that she dedicated her first kiss to you, boss. You’re so amazing. I’m promoted to level 24. Why don’t I thank my boss for my first kiss?" Kiki laughed and booed into her eyes, and this expression made me feel scared.
"Stop it! I said little crowd! Don’t you think it’s unfair? You sneak up on me and kiss me again, but I haven’t been kissed yet. You have to be responsible! Of course, if you refuse to take responsibility and don’t let me kiss you back, how about offsetting it? " I smile happily staring at Wu Yundao
"Flying small how dare you say that your face has not been kissed? But I’m too lazy to care about my sister. If you want to kiss your sister, it’s not necessary. Come on, my sister will give you a kiss. Do you dare? " Wu Yun said, this girl will face up.
By looking at this seductive face, I really want to chew some meat for her. Unfortunately, this girl is right. I really dare not! You said that when you kissed us, there was no one else! What a pity to sigh in my heart!