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"Isn’t it wise for you to say that, Amian?" Ye Feng asked with a warm half-truth smile in his heart.

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"Is Amy wise? That’s because you don’t understand her."
Ye Feng said that I know her too well, and arrogance is more arrogant than arrogance.
Summer rain foam looked at Ye Feng a face of disdain fudged smiled bifurcation topic "but you don’t feel inferior, you are a temperament player, your temperament …"
"fascinates you deeply."
"…" Summer rain foam looked at expression seriously Ye Feng is not a burst of absence "when".
She should be affectionate. You can talk to me about emotional communication. What changed in the end? This incomprehensible mop is dead.
Ye Feng sent a secret message to the crow as usual, and the result was still waiting for no reply, so there was no way to continue waiting.
The ruins hall is still swinging around, and it is impossible to refresh the reality so quickly. This is a special map. If the monster is dead, it is really dead. The root is not refreshed.
Ye Feng slightly considered Luo Yunmeng saying, "You should take Vivian and them to continue to blame me for going back to the city."
"Why are you going back to the city?"
"Set up a defense line to block the Adlai prairie and connect the storm Gobi channel. I always feel that it is not so simple for the ghost to suddenly appear in the ancient battlefield. In addition, the entrance to the ruins has been hit. If the ghost returns, it is easy to find that it must be blocked here." Ye Feng said
"But what if Garella is angered and he leads the NPC army to attack on a large scale? Don’t forget that the ghost can pull Garella’s pro-guard knight to brush the blame. Obviously, it’s tricky with Garella. You should know that players can reach an agreement with NPC if they have a high degree of affection." Luo Yunmeng worried and said, "You seem to have said that it is not ripe to fight Garella now."
"It’s probably not that we can control the defense of the Golden Castle. Even if we fight now, I have a fighting force. I can’t leave a time bomb beside me when the national war is just around the corner. If we really fight, it will be a good thing to wipe out Adlai’s occupation of Valentis." Ye Feng laughed.
Lan Yumin shook his head and said, "Oh, don’t blame me for being too frank. I don’t understand where your confidence comes from. Catherine, a priestess of Abel tribe, seems to have said that there are not millions of good knights in Garella. Even if this figure has water, there are always 700,000, but you are making up a private army. It seems that it is less than 30,000. Plus, your ingenious reserve is less than ten thousand times. Is it possible for you to win?"
"War is never more people can win the battle. J: ng is not expensive, but more strategies are appropriate. What’s the difficulty of war?" Ye Feng smiled indifferently.
Ye Feng left the place where LanYuMian watched Ye Feng disappear. He was indignant and didn’t know that this injustice was born.
"Do you think you can win? He’s too anxious. Now it’s not wise to provoke Garella. It’s not a joke. NPC is not a player. It’s really a burp." Lan Yumin is very serious and continues to sell her insights.
Luo Yunmeng chuckled and smiled "I believe him"
Tang Weiwei thought, "Although this guy is usually unreliable, it seems that he has never said anything big. He said that if he can win, he will win, and I believe him."
"You …" Lan Yu Mian Nai’s eyes are extremely complicated with God Se.
At this moment, Ji Xiaoxi tugged at Yu Mian’s skirts and whispered, "Amian, didn’t you say that Tuoba’s brother is a man who can work miracles? Why are you so unconfident?"
Luo Yunmeng and Tang Weiwei’s faces at the same time generate gave an intriguing look.
It’s embarrassing to sleep in the rain
"Did I tell you? Did I tell you … The moon is so big today"
"Sister Amien, it’s daytime and it’s underground. Are you confused?" Ji Xiaoxi asked innocently.
The fifth chapter seeks before you move (a)
The discussion hall of the Lord’s House of Golden Castle
Ye Feng sat in the first place, the former chief of Abel tribe, and now the head of the Flying Eagle Order Grant, the head of the Nushi Order Orov, the head of the Cang Lang Order, Princess Ago Abel sacrificed to Catherine Gam, and Chief Hammerle was all listed.
At present, these five people represent the high-level core of the private army and allies of the Earl family in Ye Feng today
With the ruins of Westeros, it is necessary to summon these five NPC bosses to discuss the Garella war.
In fact, from the heart, Ye Feng doesn’t recognize that it’s the time of Garella War, but the ghost with Garella pro-guard inexplicably appears in the ancient battlefield of the storm Gobi, which always makes him faintly aware of a crisis.
Luo Yunmeng said yes, if the player’s goodwill is high enough, it can affect NPC’s decision. If the ghost Garella is really trading in anything, then what if the ghost becomes a ghost strategist in Garella and Garella is not just a super NPC?
And it doesn’t rule out that the myth is sent out by experts to help. Who knows what Indra and Qin Shiyue can play? Y and N seek tricks.
So Ye Feng feels that this war is going to be fought sooner or later, and it can’t be delayed any longer. It’s urgent to completely solve Garella, a potential enemy, or the country will fight him, and even the earl fief will fall before the country.
Ye Feng, the ruins of Westeros, considered for a long time and felt that it was necessary to speed up the progress of the famine. Before calling the NPC bosses’ military meeting, he had informed the sky that Hua Yu had taken Yunmengze’s mercenary group over 90 master knots and cooperated with Luoyunmeng’s beautiful women to brush the mecha. Anyway, it was not a map, and there was no limit on the number of people. The ruins passage was not closed because players entered. Anyone who wanted to find the coordinates could enter.
He came here to call more masters. For him, the most precious thing now is that the progress of the ruins shortage is as fast as possible, and the summoner of the mecha is very important in his war deduction. Marshal Chen Yongjie of the gods and horses has completely become a war vendor. Every day, he takes thousands of J and NG English to brush meritorious deeds on the battlefield, and the deputy marshal has taken over the most J and NG sharp J and NG British regiments, who are responsible for the fortress shortage. Both marshals are so busy that they can’t get away.
Ye Feng withdrew her thoughts and looked calmly at several NPCs.
"The purpose of this call is to discuss the military action in Garella War."
Smell speech Grant and Catherine, the two difficult brothers and sisters, passed a bit of excitement at the same time. No one is more looking forward to the Garella war than the two of them.
The other three people were surprised and puzzled by lightning. They looked at Se seriously. In their view, it is very ugly to take this force of Golden Castle to challenge the millions of soldiers of blade master Garella.
Grant quickly regained his composure and stood up to salute Ye Feng. "Count, you know that no one is more eager to behead Garella than Catherine and me, but with all due respect, it is really inappropriate to fight in Garella now. Our strength is insufficient and the strength of Valentis is too different …"
Ye Feng is very satisfied with Grant’s performance. This buddy is still very chivalrous. J: ng avoids his master and jumps into the fire pit, but he can hold back his revenge and anger and speak out.
Ye Feng laughed. "What do you think?"
In addition to Catherine still frowning meditation, everyone shook their heads to express their opposition to Ye Feng’s quick success and instant benefit.
Hamerle’s jaw trembled. "My king, you are brave and wise. It is well known, but the Gobi has just been pacified. Whether military or commercial, we are in the initial stage of development. As far as I know, that damn Garella controls the whole prairie. Those ignorant prairie people even regard him as a god and can call hundreds of thousands of troops to fight him casually. Our troops are too few."
"Really?" Ye Feng is still smiling and tapping his fingers on the throne with great rhythm. "I respect the Chief Pavilion. I wonder if you would like to lead your people to help me if I insist on fighting in Garella."
"You must doubt that you are the king of J and NG glory. Every J and NG people are willing to follow the king’s will and sacrifice their lives."
Se, the god of Hammerle, is solemn and solemn, and that old man with a little obscene face seems to be plated with a layer of sacred brilliance.
"So … Emirates Pavilion, you can go back and make me need the help of Gam’s J and NG clan. You can rest assured that you will get due compensation for the outcome after the war, and I promise you won’t let the J and NG clan take the lead. You need to let them cooperate with Orlov to improve the Yugoslav capital of Golden Castle." Ye Feng said seriously.
"Oh …" Hammerler was shocked. "You really insist on fighting Garella. This is throwing straws against the wind …"
Hammerle deeply regretted the impassioned loyalty speech just now, but he also gave up the fallen island from the J and NG clan of Gam. After the family moved to the deserted town, the J and NG clan of Gam and the Ziyó u clan of the storm Gobi were in the same boat, and the people’s power was already in the same boat.
If we really let Garella destroy the nest that sheltered him, the earl of Garella will be the first to destroy Gam’s J and Ng family as soon as the soldiers turn, and even if Gam’s J and Ng family fled to the fallen island, the final result is hard to predict. Without Ye Feng’s shelter, Derog’s royal family will continue to maintain preferential policies for the J and Ng family.
Hammerle was sad to find that if their king insisted on fighting in the field, the J and NG family had no choice but to obey the king’s orders.
Ye Feng did not move Se to observe the change of Hammerle’s expression, and he was amazed at the smile in his heart. The demon said that it really made sense. These NPC people have their own delicate thoughts and wisdom in unifying the great god and the divine light.
"If you treat eternity as a real world, then it is a real world." Ye Feng became more and more aware of the saying "Smile Devil".
First of all, when everyone saw that the earl was determined to fight, they couldn’t help but become deep.
For a moment Orlov got up and said, "Count, you have to fight, but is the kingdom willing to send troops to help us?"
"Colonel Orlov is right, but I think because of the invasion of the dark legion, the war zones of the major kingdoms in the mainland are busy arranging and consolidating the magic-resisting front, even trying to give consideration to the war in our territory. Moreover, the Adlai Prairie and Valentis belong to neutral forces. Although you are an earl, you must obtain the authorization of the kingdom and the temple to fight before Garella openly raises the anti-flag to invade the Gobi, otherwise it will be treason. Although you are from another world and will not be executed, you will definitely be beheaded. I don’t know if the earl can have a warrant for the war between the royal family and the temple.