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Bian Bing, who has already boarded the city head, asked, "I don’t know one thing, please tell Mr. Xi."

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"oh? What is it? "
"We obviously only have food for 2,000 people. Why should we say that we have food for 30,000 people? Where should we get these extra foods?" BianBing asked doubtfully.
"Do you think 30,000 of them will survive?" Li She interrupted and said, "Let’s go, don’t watch."
You can ask Li to fight by himself, but you can ask Li to watch others fight. Li really can’t do it, and she shakes her head with a sigh and leaves.
Li can go, but others can’t, and we must take precautions. After all, 70,000 people are not a minority.
The bottom is getting more and more bitter. Because of the lack of weapons, they basically intersect with fists and feet, specializing in the weakest part of the human body. The skull and nakedness are the best choice. Some people directly bite the carotid artery with their mouths, and blood is sprayed everywhere.
And those who took the knife, like a fiend, regardless of harvesting the life around them, they only have one belief, want to get a place to survive, and to survive, they must kill people, and they have no mercy.
As for those who haven’t broken free, they seem to be resigned and motionless, waiting for others to blow their heads off. Such people are also the most.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Arrange prisoners
The battle didn’t end until nightfall. I don’t know how many people have changed these thousands of weapons. I only know that the blade of the broadsword is rolled, the body of the sword is twisted, and the pike is broken into several sections.
During this period, many people tried to escape. Almost all of them were attacked by cavalry led by Zhang Han, and they caught up with them. Only a few people escaped.
Tianmen foot soldiers lit the torch, making the front of Tianmen town still brightly lit. Bian Bing looked down and felt almost the same, and shouted loudly: "Stop! Pause! "
At the bottom of the people have already killed red eyes, only know that only killing people can survive, and they didn’t hear Bian Bing’s cry.
Bian Bing let the foot soldiers beat the gongs and drums, which attracted the attention below and shouted, "All right, you can stop!" "
"meowed! I want to go home … "There are players crying loudly below.
"Grandpa, I finally survived!" Someone looked at the bodies all over the body and said, hi.
"Shit! Come again! " Someone is fierce and roaring around.
Niu Ba first commanded the foot soldiers to count the number of people and said, "There are 4,386 people in all!"
"Why are there so many?" Bian Bing thought that the number of people had almost stopped, but I didn’t expect that there were so many people.
"Some of them are dying, and others have completely lost their ability to act." Niu Ba said.
"Well, I see." Bian Bing nodded, turned to Xi Zhicai and asked, "Mr. Xi, what now?"
"For those who are useless …" Xi Zhi made a gesture of committing suicide.
"I see." Bian Bing looked down first and said, "First of all, congratulations on your survival. You really think of us. Just let us pay for more than 4,000 people’s food."
Bian Bing’s words let the prisoners below breathe a sigh of relief. Just after relaxing, Bian Bing said, "But we don’t keep waste in Tianmen Town. For those who are seriously injured or have broken limbs, we can only say sorry. You didn’t have a chance to join us in Tianmen Town, and you will still be greeted by death!"
"kill!" Niu Ba led a team to kill it, and killed it when he caught the target, without mercy.
Those who are tired and sitting on the ground with sound hands and feet quickly get up and raise their hands in succession for fear of being killed by mistake.
There was another movement, and Niu Ba counted the number again. There were only more than 1,800 people, so we know how many disabled people there are.
Bian Bing said with satisfaction: "Well, you will be from Tianmen Town in the future. We are a family. If anyone dares to bully you, Tianmen Town will never agree. If it is a person, we will kill it. If it is a god, we will destroy it. But I hope you will not do anything sorry for Tianmen Town! All right, let’s go back … "
"Wait!" The drama suddenly interrupted Bian Bing’s words.
"Is there anything else for Mr. Drama?" BianBing asked doubtfully.
Xi Zhicai said, "I heard that the master has three brothers who are leading people to train a fierce wolf to ride in a forest, right?"
"Yes, it’s in that forest in the south." Then whispered in the ear of the actor: "I heard that it is a special arms."
"I heard the master mention that he had three brothers who took 200 people to train wolves to ride, but unfortunately the mortality rate was extremely high. I heard that only 48 people survived." Xi Zhicai said.
Bian Bing nodded in agreement, and the death rate as high as three quarters is really scary.
"I think this group of people can be handed over to the three brothers of the master. Wolf riding needs brave and ruthless people, and this group of people who survive is this kind of people. It is the most correct choice to give them." The drama was added.
Bian Bing felt reasonable, but he didn’t dare to agree easily. After all, Li She didn’t nod, but he said happily, "I’ll ask your master what he means?"
For this proposal, Li She certainly agreed with both hands.
When Bian Bing received the news brought back by Le Jin, he said to the people waiting for mercy below, "Do you want to be ordinary people in Tianmen Town, or do you want to be fierce cavalry and create your own brilliant life?"
Cavalry? Who among men doesn’t love horses? Just like Europe in the Middle Ages, those people all want to be knights. Why? Because knights have horses, that’s an honor.
This group of people who came to attack Tianmen Town even had catapults, but they didn’t have cavalry, which shows that cavalry is rare, especially in Jingxiang.
It’s not that the inch man doesn’t have cavalry. On the contrary, the inch man has more than 1000 cavalry, but it’s useless to attack the town and ask for cavalry. Besides, can’t a small town even hold more than 200,000 people?
Unfortunately, he really didn’t win it.
Why did the inch-headed man send out more than 200,000 troops? Although they are all scum soldiers, they are better than many people, which can create an atmosphere and bring a message to the surrounding towns: I have many people, so surrender as soon as possible, or I will destroy you!
However, these were shattered by Tianmen Town, which added power to Li She.
As soon as I heard that it was a cavalry, some prisoners could not stand up and shouted, "I want to be a cavalry!" I want to be a cavalry! "
"Ha ha!" BianBing sneer at 1, "I haven’t finished, this is no ordinary cavalry, is a Wolf ride! It’s a cavalry mounted by a vicious wolf. Have you mastered it? "
Wolf riding? Fuck! So imposing! Some people’s blood is pouring out, especially those players who shout wildly when they hear that they can become wolves, and they have no idea how terrible the death rate of becoming wolves is.
Pointing to Zhang Han, Bian Bing said, "If any of you want to go, go with him. If you don’t want to, come to my place and sign up. I’ll arrange it for you. Let’s have dinner first! "
Immediately, foot soldiers carried out the 20 barrels of rice, which were already heated again. The most important thing was that there was wine and meat. The prisoners, no, should not be called prisoners. People in Tianmen Town set it and wolfed it down.
"Eat slowly, there is more!" Bian Bing shouted, and the foot soldiers carried out more than 20 barrels of rice, which could make this group of people eat enough.
This was arranged by the actor who was drinking wine on the side. The actor said that this would make these prisoners have no bad feelings about Tianmen Town, and perhaps they could have a good impression. Li She deeply agreed. Isn’t this carrots and sticks?
Eventually, after satiated with food, they began to choose. Most people chose to ride a wolf. Less than one hundred people chose to be a quiet people. They were basically npc, so Bian Bing arranged it for them. As for others, they went to the forest with Zhang Han, where there was cruel training waiting for them.
This matter was finally solved. Bian Bing arranged for people to pick up the dead bodies in front of Tianmen Town, and Li She was settled down. But there is one thing that Li She must solve, that is, these people are the forces that have been enemies, and they are not gentlemen. Li She must make regrets to herself.