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Although the elves hold great power, they are inexperienced girls. It is very simple for such girls to want to control, but Ye Yu is different. Such a man with great power and indeed on the side of the elves has alarmed everyone at the top.

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"I know what you are worried about. Don’t worry. I can easily take what he is! Besides, he is a rational person, and if he doesn’t touch his bottom line, I don’t think he will be against us. "Chin’s confident speech dispelled several people’s concerns.
Then it comes out that sitting next to the ugly cat is a stupid design of a tiger-headed dog with a big mouth.
"So what about the status of the Ten Fragrant Elves now?"
"After being collected by’ Frainus’, it became very stable and no earthquake noise was observed. Although we didn’t investigate the power of the remaining species, it was probably hard to say that it was the level of’ just killing the world’."
Jean said that three of the four dolls at the round table held their breath together.
"So little at this stage, even if the elves are in this world, is there no problem?"
The ugly cat, who looked shaken, said that Chin was mixed with disgust in her sight, but she still replied in a steady tone’ Yes’.
"On the other hand, if you want to disappear into the neighboring border on your own, it is also very difficult. Then at the beginning of the war, the plan has been reached and the earthquake threat has been eliminated."
"Since the battle plan is effective, let’s continue to carry it out. This time, the goal is the man. I think you and your sister should be able to do it perfectly?"
"After the peace of mankind, I look forward to your performance as commander of the Five Rivers."
Chin put her hand on her chest for the first time.
Opened the sealed room door Murasame Reine a face of indifference expression waiting at the door.
"How’s it going?" See Chin come out and speak softly.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
"Speaking of elder sister now, where are they?"
"Ah, because all the ten fragrant clothes have disappeared, Ye Yu has gone home with the ten fragrant clothes," Murasame Reine replied
"Well, now it seems that that guy has no hostility to us. He is willing to go back with Shi Zhi, so he is going to join us, too?"
"Well … it seems so for the time being. This guy Ye Yu is mysterious, but at present he seems to be harmless to us. His purpose is also to protect the elves so that they can live like normal people, isn’t it?"
"That’s right, that’s right, and with him, we also have the confidence to talk about whether to negotiate with the AS guys or the old guys."
Jean said so and peeled off a lollipop and threw it into his mouth.
It’s always a good thing to be able to be in your hands. Although Ye Yu is not in their hands, Chin is confident that she will be able to fascinate this guy with her own honey trap.
She didn’t forget that time to make sound and speak for herself.
Hmm … But does Ye Yu like this type of voice? This is a little troublesome. Sister Shi Zhi’s words are still a little naive and immature.
Jean said so immediately with hostile eyes staring at Murasame Reine, let the latter show some confusion.
Chapter 396 Accidents
It looks like an elf with a completely different appearance. I think of the sadness and despair that the girl gave off when I first saw Ten Incense, but the girl in front of me is completely different.
She is just like a pure and lovely angel, which makes people look at her and feel pity.
Listen, when the girl asked Ye Yu, she forgot her own eyes and began to search around, then she saw the rabbit doll that fell to the ground.
Is that the thing? Looking at the girl’s flustered posture, I don’t know what the doll means to her, but Ye Yu still went to the place where the doll fell and picked it up.
"Do you want … this thing?" Before picking it up in the rain, the doll fell off from the girl’s hand and showed it to the other side.
"Well … thank you, big brother." The girl opened her eyes wider than cute and took the rabbit doll. She didn’t forget to say thank you to Ye Yu.
"Oh, nothing." Ye Yu smiled gently and looked at the girl carefully wearing the rabbit doll in her hand.
Then the girl suddenly made the doll’s mouth move one by one.
"YaHa~ ~ I’m sorry, big brother is really a big help ~ ~"
Is it ventriloquism? The rabbit made a wonderful high note.
Cocked up to curious to see the girl’s face … As if to stop the rabbit doll like Ye Yuhe girl from talking again.
"Oh, oh, thank you very much for your big brother’s help. My name is Si Nai, and her name is Si Nai." The rabbit doll pointed to herself and pointed to the girl at the same time.
"Well … this" some didn’t look at Bai Yeyu and made a very puzzled expression, but after carefully staring at the girl for a moment, she saw that the latter was afraid to move, and Ye Yu seemed to be white again.
Scared? Right, just like Shixiang. This girl who looks weaker than Shixiang must be afraid of the world and others hurting her, right?
Is it because of fear that you use this method to disguise and protect yourself? Looking at the girl trying to perform, Ye Yu felt a little distressed.
"You are an elf, right?"
When I spoke directly, I let the four bodies tremble slightly. I saw the girl’s flustered face through the girl’s hand waving the rabbit leaf royal.
But soon the girl regained her composure and began to talk with Ye Yu.
"Ho ho, that’s right. Four nai adults are elves. How are you scared? Don’t worry, I won’t shoot you after my brother helped us. "
Four is the rabbit doll so calm that Ye Yu feels a little funny and shakes his head. He once again came to the girl in the previous step.
"Ah … big … big brother want to do so close but not oh! I’m an elf. Be careful of getting hurt. "
"Don’t worry, I’m not like those people. I just want to help you. There is no such thing as an elf, because I just want to protect the elf from being bullied by others."
"Ah … ah …"
In the face of suddenly coming forward and grabbing his arm, Ye Yusi suddenly panicked and even managed to manipulate the doll dialogue.
"I … I have to go. Goodbye, big brother."
Some said this in a flurry, and then the girl stepped back and jumped away.
Ye Yu did not recover, but silently watched the girl pass through the corner and soon lost her figure.
The girl still doesn’t believe what he says, and he can’t be too anxious, but it can be seen that Si is very wary of the world and everyone.
Did you really keep a letter to yourself because Shixiang was a fool’s first meeting?
Can’t help but think of yourself and ten sweet first meeting Ye Yu a face in distress situation.
Anyway, let’s go back and discuss this matter with Chin, although the girl suggested that it would be a date again.
Actually, I am also very curious about this elf Ye Yu, for example, her appearance did not cause an earthquake, just like the ten incense at that time
However, because of this strange elf girl, things were slightly delayed for a while. When Ye Yu returned home, Shixiang and Shizhi seemed to have come back before.
It seems that when the two girls saw the sudden rain, they also planned to come back before it was heavy, but it seemed to be a miscalculation, and when there was almost no response, the rain was heavy to a certain extent.
Looking at two pairs of wet shoes on the porch, Ye Yu changed shoes and walked into the room while thinking like this.
"But why is it so quiet at home? hasn’t the piano come back yet?"
So muttered Ye Yu while walking on the second floor soon his whole body was stiff.
There shouldn’t be a girl in the corridor on the second floor, just so careless.