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Like the photo, Wei Wuji, no matter how humble he is on weekdays, is still a proud man in his bones. For his previous ignorance, he also thought that he had been fooled and was his own shame. So, at that moment, who mowgli didn’t hesitate to make moves.

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And, at the same time, he reminded everyone and told Lin Zhao to guard against the boa constrictor on the ground. Because, he firmly believes that in the monk’s world, even a liar would never dare to cheat a monk who is too powerful than himself, because the risk factor is too great. Therefore, even if the strength of this team is very strong, Wei Wuji also believes that the strength of this cheating team is not much worse than that of others, and even may exceed it.
In fact, as expected. That boa constrictor is not a monster beast, but a genuine demon race with successful cultivation. Without his reminder, without Lin Zhao’s resistance, only this sneak attack, among them, at least two or three people will die.
However, after the first wave of sneak attack was taken over, Wei mowgli was not so worried, so he was tightly decorated with the escaped black dress person and decided to slay it. And the rest of the people, but also did not live up to the expectations of who mowgli, especially the lyricist, the sharp counterattack, really worthy of the name of Brother Dan.
However, the python demon’s sneak attack on Wei Wuji’s team was suspected of recklessness, but it was also carefully considered. And one of its considerations is its own large array of blood rivers. Python demon firmly believes that the blood river array he owns, even if it can’t be adowa, but after slaying a few, it is absolutely no problem.
It is precisely because of this that the Python demon, after feeling the horror of the 10-day extinction ban, still has no slightest worry.
The blood eye flag is indeed worthy of its reputation. When the large array of blood river did not move, it introduced everyone’s spiritual consciousness into the dreamland of blood river. However, these elite disciples of the Five Elements Sect are naturally not so easy to deal with. Their own spiritual cultivation is not weak, so, one by one, they are all very sure, and they are still in their original places, and they can’t be caught in an external dreamland. If so, there is only one result, that is, your senses, including telepathy, are confused.
It’s terrible that this kind of obsessed solution is directed at his true nature, but it’s not too much trouble for monks who know the real situation and are not fascinated by his true nature to get rid of it. After all, their fascination is still in their own minds, and all their fantasies are just their own imagination.
Therefore, one by one, after they felt that they were in a dreamland, they immediately used their secret magic of waking up, clearing the mind and calming the mind, and began to isolate all external induction and forcibly break the dreamland. This kind of isolation is very dangerous. Once their self-defense shields and implements are breached, they will be attacked and killed without any resistance.
However, they are very convinced that the 10-day law of extinction put into practice by Ulrich is not so broken, and this short-term isolation will not cause real danger. Therefore, just for a moment, eight people, such as the photo, all recovered from the fascinating light emitted by the blood eye.
And after recovery, the heart has been clear, with the prevention of all, naturally won’t let yourself easily caught. Everyone, naturally launched a spiritual coercion, shrouded in their own side, to resist the erosion of this fascinating light.
Just, though, David chan and others, one by one, will never be confused by this kind of god-obsessed light again, and fall into the dreamland of blood river. However, just for such a short moment, the driving speed of the 10-day extinction ban law was slowed down. If so, it also gave the python demon its own arrangement law and won a crucial time.
Just for a moment, when the cat and others were fully awake and ready to continue to attack, they found that among the eight blood eyes, they each bloomed a very strong lotus flower, betting on the center of the nimbus around them, and pulling the nimbus, moving towards the center, and gradually merging together.
Of these eight people, from the perspective of knowledge, it is natural to make the most of it. Seeing this moment, Chen Yan shouted loudly at that time, "Come on, attack those blood wheels as quickly as possible, and don’t let them merge together, otherwise, we will be passive when the blood rivers are together!"
Mystic itself, not don’t want to attack, just, he is presided over the ten-day extinction ban, don’t open his hand. And the rest of the people, because there is no doing so fast response, so, but also did not start preparing for large-scale forbidden method, so, it is very instant to release their own portable multiplier.
Muwangcha, Lei Yin Shenmu Sword, Ice Crystal Rainbow Chain, Xuan Bing Ruler, Aurora Ball. ……
A total of more than ten pieces of spirit and treasure, each blooming with dazzling brilliance, bombarded the past through the barrier formed by the 10-day law of extinction, toward the blood wheel that will be gathered and condensed together.
"Boom, boom, boom …"
The power of these multiplier, nature also is quite extraordinary. With the frequent violent rumbling sound, after being concentrated by the sword light and the treasure light, the blood wheels also hit them with blood and rain. In this way, not only did the blood wheel originally converge toward the center, but it eased down, and it seemed to be scattered again and backward. Even the blood wheel itself was somewhat swaying, and it seemed to collapse and spread out.
Seeing that this method is effective, Ming Youet al. admire Yan Yan’s brilliant vision in their hearts, and naturally spare no effort. One by one, they all spelled the name and poured their own mana into the dharma tactic, blessed them on the multiplier, and bombarded them fiercely towards the blood wheels.
At this moment, they seem to have found something of the meaning of fighting with the dragon head python. Although there is still a certain gap between the cultivation of the Python Demon and the Dragon Head Python, his own wisdom and the instruments he has are enough to make up for this part, even worse.
After all, compared with the demon family, everyone is more willing to be the kind of stupid monster beast with little brain.
Monty python demon also didn’t expect that, in his view, these younger disciples, who have been living in a comfortable environment and receiving strong protection from their elders, actually have such a firm mind and reflective ability. However, this change is nothing for him who has been through war and weather for a long time.
Monty Yin Fire is the most powerful flame that erodes the instruments among all kinds of strange flames of magic way. In particular, he also has a certain ability to attack, and the multiplier is burned by Monty Yin fire. Even if some multipliers are made of special materials, they will not be burned for a while, but as long as they are broken by Monty Yin fire, he can easily erase the brand of the original owner of the multiplier, thus making it a kind of multiplier without a master again.
Therefore, to deal with the evil fire of monty, you should either use spells or add corresponding restraint spells to your own multiplier, otherwise, you will suffer in nine cases out of ten.
There are quite a few of the more than 10 pieces of instruments that Ming You and other seven people flew out of, which are only spirit instruments, and they are also spirit instruments of ice properties. Although water can suppress fire, it can also burn mountains and cook the sea when the fire is big. Therefore, the mighty monty ignited the fire and rolled in. In an instant, the cold light of the protective body of these instruments was wiped out, and then the brand of the inner spirit was wiped out, making it a thing without a owner.
When they saw this, even though they knew that the rest of the instruments were high-quality goods, Bao Guang was abundant, and it would take some time to erode them clean. However, they still instinctively tied their hands and feet, and some simply withdrew their own instruments and prepared to use spells again.
As a result, the original suppression of the eight blood chakras was immediately disintegrated. At this time, the python demon laughed proudly, and without waiting for the people to use their spells, the eight blood wheels completely overlapped together, and after a ripple, they completely merged.
Eight blood chakras, fused into one. When it was, the center of the blood wheel violently oscillated, and soon it turned into a huge hole, dark, extending to the endless void.
At the moment when the hollow extension stopped, everyone saw the thick and almost endless blood. "Boom-"There was a loud noise, and the blood of the surging tide poured down this empty tunnel. Just in an instant, it rushed out, like the collapse of the Milky Way, just like the bursting of the river and the sea.
As soon as the blood rushed out, the huge fiend moved in unison, turning eight blood eye flags and guiding them into a huge sphere, wrapping them up and down in vain.
These blood waters are not only blood waters, but also countless ghosts, in which they are floating and sinking. At first glance, these ghosts are not much different from ordinary humans and monster beasts. However, if you look closely, you will find that they have some different characteristics more or less, and these characteristics are all races in the underworld.
There is no doubt that this is the real river of ghost blood. Because only the water of the river of blood in the underworld has the ability to imprison the soul, and only the race in the underworld likes to sink the enemy’s soul into the river of blood in the underworld, suffering forever and not being able to live beyond life.
At the moment when huge blood cells were formed, the 10-day extinction ban of Chen Yan was finally ready. At this moment, did not dare to have the slightest delay, and immediately moved the forbidden method. Because he knows very well that under the surge of the river of blood, it won’t be long before his ten-day forbidden space will be destroyed.
With a shocking explosion, ten suns and countless golden spots disappeared, leaving only that brilliant golden light. These golden lights, like the tide, bombard the huge blood cells. Before, the layers of water in the river of blood are evaporated, and even the ghost inside is no exception. Suddenly, it turns into nothingness.
The ten-day ban on the extinction of the world is indeed very severe. However, there are too many rivers of blood, and there is the gate of the river of blood. The golden light is finally annihilated by the blood, and the original water of the river of blood has not only been replenished, but also more. Even the place originally set up by Chen Yan and others has been spread by the water of the river of blood. If it weren’t for them, they would have retreated rapidly when they were on the 10th. I’m afraid that they would really be banned in it.
And as long as they fall into the battle, they will certainly be separated by the python demon. A single Buddhist monk, even if he reaches the realm of making a fake Dan, is unable to deal with a large array. In that case, a few of them, there is no suspense.
However, as long as they don’t fall into the law, they have always been outside the law, and they have the strength to fight with the python demon. After all, the gate of the river of blood is temporary, and there is a limit to the water of the river of blood that the python demon can move.

Chapter 270 Strange array shift
Chapter 270 Strange array shift
The reason why the array method is so powerful. It is because it borrows part of the power of heaven and earth. However, under the guise of the force of heaven and earth, he is also bound by this force of heaven and earth, so that he can only show his incomparable power within this range, but he has no influence on those who leave this range.
If you want to pursue this person who leaves the scope of law, you can only move, but as soon as you move, this appearance will be broken, and this part of the force of heaven and earth will no longer be able to do it under the guise, and without this force of heaven and earth, the law will have no such powerful ability.
For the array method, flexibility is a big drawback. Of course, this shortcoming is not irreparable. As long as the array methods are combined, they can be refined into the array or array that can extract the power of the nearby heaven and earth anytime and anywhere, which is flexible. It is no longer a problem.
However, such things as array diagram and array disk are many times more difficult than array devices such as array flags. Most of these things can only be practiced after decades or even hundreds of years of sacrifice, so almost all of them are treasures above magic weapons. Below the magic weapon level, you can’t say no, you can only say that there are very few. If there is one in the open, it will definitely make the world confused, and everyone knows that it will be sold at a price that is jaw-dropping.
Therefore, to get this, for those monks who are not rich in wealth, they can only rely on fortune and chance.
This python demon decorated a large array of blood rivers, using the blood eye flag. Obviously, it can’t be moved. As long as it moves, it lacks the blessing of the power of heaven and earth, and its power must be greatly reduced. At that time, he alone can’t resist the converging attack of all.
Arihiko’s calculation, python demon nature is not unclear. If, he really only has such a little skill, now. Will definitely retreat, admit the looting. However, the python demon can plunder in this place where babies are forbidden for so many years, and most of what he has gained has been smashed on this large array of blood rivers. His large array will naturally not only have such a little ability.
Seeing was, Ulrich and others were far away from the scope of the blood river array, and they thought they had their own way, and they prepared the dharma tactic for their rest. A ray of cunning light passed through the eyes of the python demon.
At the moment when the gate of the blood river was banned and the water of the blood river was cut off, the python demon violently shook the hands of the monty Yin fire banner, and the huge fiend phase immediately returned, suspended above his head, and then, the fiend phase was eight arms in unison, and the volley was a dummy. When it was, the eight blood eye flags inserted in the void flew up in order and fell into the hands of the fiend phase.
Then. Eight arms of the fiend danced wildly, and eight blood eye flags fluttered in order, guiding the water of the blood river upstream from the huge blood cell shield, which condensed into a substantial long river on the top of the fiend’s head and stood there. Then, the fiend pointed at the blood river overhead, a traction, a waterfall of lotus flower straight down, behind the python demon, split, into two huge blood wings the size of three zhangs, blessing on him.
For such a situation, the python demon obviously has long been familiar with it. Blood wing one body, at that time, the python demon manipulated its method tactic, blood wing vibration, dancing infinite illusion, in an instant, the python demon crossed hundreds of feet of space, and quickly jumped towards the Chen Yan and others.
The fiend phase is a derivative of monty’s Yin fire, which naturally moves with the movement of python demon, while the blood river, controlled by the blood eye flag, naturally moves with the blood flame flag. Blood river large array, in such a way, moved up. Although say. In this way, we still can’t absorb the power of heaven and earth, but the power of the blood river from across the border is completely preserved.