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"Ha … it’s not a bird, it’s a phoenix!" Nine times looking at the sweet smile of Princess Xiang, I can’t help but stay a little, and it’s so much to laugh at the whole city, damn it, it’s so beautiful ~!

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"Ha ha, there is such a small phoenix? Really cute ~! May I touch it? !” Princess Xiang Xiang looked at Jiuchong Road with anticipation.
"Ha ha, touch, touch, touch casually!"
Xiao Huang seems to like drifting things, too. Under the gentle touch of Princess Xiangxiang, her eyes are bent into a pair of crescent shapes, which is very useful!
Looking at Princess Xiangxiang lovingly stroking Xiao Huang, Jiuzhong is called an envy, heart way, Xiao Huang, you are really blessed ~! Whoops, why didn’t I pinch it? !
"Come on, Xiao Huang, call one for Xiangxiang, call one ~!"
Xiao Huang gave a melodious and crisp Fengming according to the order, and Princess Xiang was even more elated when she heard it, and the cuttlefish trembled with laughter. "Ha ha, it’s really cute ~! !”
Seeing Princess Xiangxiang’s happy appearance, I was very impressed. It turns out that all beautiful women like this lovely stuff. I told you earlier, I told you I would have taken it out in an ostentatious manner ~!
As a result, he patronized the show off in an ostentatious manner, and Jiuzhong didn’t notice a burning chief coming out from the corner of the passage behind him and waving at him! Burning Kui, a variant ghost produced by the evil spirits possessed by scorched rocks fused in lava hell!
It wasn’t until the burning chief shook to the crowd and swung his fist overflowing with rolling magma at him that he felt the heat wave coming. Jiuzhong realized that there was an enemy attack, and Princess Xiangxiang was in front of him. He couldn’t duck without authorization, but he could only catch the burning chief’s fist with his backhand!
Who knows that the fist of the burning chief is hot and hot? As soon as the nine heavy hands come into contact with the fist of the burning chief, the gloves turn red in an instant, and a smell of barbecue floats out!
"Oh, very hot very hot! !” Nine heavy hurriedly pull hand, fly a pedal on the burning chief’s chest, will burn chief forced back!
"Depend, dare to bad Lao tze’s good thing, rao not you! Die! !” Nine heavy acceleration toward the burning chief rushed over at the same time, hand a clutch small burn spirit, "fit! !” In an instant, combined with Xiao Huang, it inherited 10% basic attributes and all characteristics of Xiao Huang, and obtained the effect of fire damage immunity!
Just now, it was because Jiuchong was busy picking up girls and got carried away. Now Jiuzhong is serious, facing the enemy head-on, and the high-heat property of the burning chief has lost its function. Plus, with the illusion assistance of Princess Xiang Xiang, how can the burning chief be Jiuzhong’s opponent? After a beating, three times five divided by two, he will be turned over!
Get rid of this burning champion, Jiuzhong and Xiangxiang Princess, and start to try their best to find the entrance to the next hell!
Each layer of hell is an independent space, with a wide range, and it is like a maze inside, which is very difficult to pass. Jiuzhong and Xiangxiang Princess have been busy until late at night, and finally came to the bottom of the eleventh layer of hell!
Two people are now standing on a scorched rock platform, in front of which is a very wide magma pool. Hundreds of infernal fire ghosts are gathered in the magma pool, and they are excited and carnival in the magma pool, vowing to pull down all the creatures that dare to pass through their heads and bathe with them!
On the opposite side of the magma pool, there is a humanoid monster with a big figure, a bead in his hand and a flaming body. Needless to think, it should be the BOSS of this hell!
Looking at the inferno in the lava pool in front of her, Princess Xiangxiang asked, "What should I do? This magma pool is so wide and there is no place to stay. How can we get there? !”
Jiuzhong pointed to the inferno in the magma pool and said, "There is no place to stay. There are so many inferno heads that we can stay anywhere, but this is a technical job with high risk! But it doesn’t matter, I have other ways ~! " Jiuzhong opened his arms and said, "Hold me! !”
"Ah …? !” Princess Xiang Xiang didn’t react at the moment.
"Oh, you’ll know in a moment, hold me quickly!"
"Oh …!" Princess Xiang Xiang blushed and came forward, holding her hands lightly around Jiuzhong’s neck!
"Walk ~!" Jiuchong took hold of Princess Xiangxiang’s waist, displayed the skill of "breaking the void", flew in the air, and walked over the magma pool in an imposing manner, and finally landed on the opposite shore!
As soon as their feet touched the ground, the BOSS wandering on the shore rushed up toward them with great strides!
Nine heavy holding xiang xiang princess quickly flicker, volley gallop, ran to one side in the distance, put xiang xiang princess down, and then rushed up at the bottom of the customs, came to the nearby, first a "critical" throw in the past, get the monster information of BOSS, devil king, level 80, elite BOSS monster, French attack monster!
See nine heavy rushed forward, the devil king’s hand is a row of explosive inflammation, the nine heavy smashed down!
Although Jiuzhong is immune to fire injury, being hit by an explosive bomb will not reduce blood, but the strength of the explosive bomb Jiuzhong still needs to be fully accepted according to the order, so to avoid being frustrated, Jiuzhong still pulls out and dodges the explosive bomb hit by the Devil King, borrows power out of thin air, crosses an arc, and detours to the side of the Devil King from the side air, with the intention of attacking the Devil King!
As long as the BOSS monster is not too low-level, its IQ is not low, and it won’t be like those stupid monsters with simple minds and developed limbs, who don’t know how to adapt and only know how to fight!
The devil king’s reaction was very fast. When he saw Jiuchong detour to his side, he suddenly turned his head. Opening his mouth was a salamander with the thickness of a water tank, which was very fast!
Jiuzhong was careless at the moment. I didn’t expect the Vulcan King to react so quickly and dodge. He was bitten by a salamander and rushed to the nearby rock wall like a shell!
"Boom" was a loud noise, and Jiuchong actually hit the rock wall, throwing a pit straight behind the rock wall. Although the fire damage of salamander itself didn’t work for Jiuzhong, it caused a strong collision between Jiuzhong and the rock wall, but it caused physical damage. Jiuzhong immediately lost 500 points of blood!
The Vulcan King is in power and tide wait for no man. In the process of flying to the rock wall with a bite of Jiuchong, the Vulcan has thrown off two long legs, and rushed to the crowd in three or two steps. The red beads hanging in the left hand were aimed at Jiuchong, and the mouth opened behind the beads and blew against Jiuchong. A dragon composed of magma rushed out and actually hit Jiuchong!
Purgatory dragon eats! !
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven The dragon
"… meteor nine obsidian! !” The terrible thing about the infernal dragon bite of the Devil King is that this dragon is made of magma. Although it won’t hurt Jiuchong, once the magma freezes when it is cold, it will be miserable, and it will definitely become a mural and be slaughtered. Jiuchong naturally can’t allow this to happen, so he will make a big move and fight back!
If the potential is to rush the thunder’s nine fists at the same time, the dragon head of the inferno will be blown off abruptly, followed by the nine-fold sacrifice, "Qinglong is broken! !”
Man turned into a pretty dragon, and directly penetrated into the body of the purgatory dragon, pushing the beads in the hands of the Devil’s King to bombard the mouth of the Devil’s King who was still blowing fiercely!
"Poof … well! !” The purgatory ghost king’s breath stagnated, and the spell collapsed. The purgatory dragon, which has been penetrated by nine times, has turned into natural lava and scattered on the ground!
Nine heavy fire ghost king flew back together!
The Devil’s King was frustrated with a blow, and he gave Jiuchong a chance. Jiuchong was even more prosperous and tide wait for no man. He rained punches on the Devil’s King, and all kinds of skills took turns to go into battle. He gave the Devil’s King a k and beat him to pieces! The density of the fist, the Vulcan king chest into a vacuum state, no flame!
After a crazy combo, the burly body of the Vulcan King was beaten in mid-air by nine heavy objects, showing a short state parallel to the ground!
Nine heavy bodies lay across the body of the Devil’s King, and his feet slammed into the void behind him to get the maximum forward speed, and he made the last move, the Four Elephants Robbery Boxing "Xuanwu Shock", which was exploding on the chin of the Devil’s King!
Agitated fist strength, layers of explosions, all the way burst into the lava pool in front of the shore. The Devil Wang Fei flew continuously on the surface of the lava pool for more than a dozen times, hitting a ticket of purgatory fire ghosts in the pool, and finally landed not far from the opposite shore, losing his forward momentum. After "Gollum" emitted a bubble, he sank to the bottom of the pool!
Seeing that Jiuzhong was so brave, the king of Vulcan, who was so flat, had no strength to fight back. Princess Xiangxiang’s heartbeat accelerated for no reason, and she quickly ran to Jiuzhong and asked, "How’s it going? Is it dead?" !”
Jiuzhong shook his head and said, "… almost!"
"It fell into the magma, maybe it’s almost gone ~!" Princess Xiang Xiang looked at the place where the Vulcan King sank in the magma pool.
"The devil king is the best fire monster. How can he be cooked by magma? Wait, he will definitely come out!" Nine heavy voice just fell, he saw just where the devil king fell, and the magma rolled up, and the devil king slowly rose up from the magma!
I saw the flame on his body at this time, erupting angrily upward in a blowout trend. At first glance, the governor was unusual!
Jiuzhong threw a "critical eye" in the past. "No, this guy’s anger is full. He must enlarge his move. You should find a place to hide quickly!"
"What about you? !”
"After I combined with Xiao Huang, I was immune to fire. Its big move can’t help me. You should hide quickly!"
"Then be careful!" Princess Xiangxiang answered, and quickly ran away and hid!
The Devil King who emerged from the magma pool glared at Jiuzhong, and his eyes spouted two salamanders, indicating that it was very angry now and the consequences were very serious. With one mouth, the Devil King swallowed the red beads in his hand!
"Huh?" Nine heavy said one leng, way: "this guy is not being silly? How to swallow your own baby? !”
The words sound just fell, nine heavy suddenly stare big eyes!
I saw that the Devil King in the magma pool suddenly began to swell and deform. The original human form disappeared, and it was replaced by a monster completely composed of fierce magma-the dragon! !