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"No, more than 25 elder sisters have been sent home."

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Haikui hey hey smile, the in the mind andao this guo master and young master are also like girls, not a little older, the body is mature, just feel it, what’s so special about tender,
"Have your maids been harmed by your master and young master?" Haikui asked with great interest.
This question is direct and explicit. My little girl blushes like a little apple, and the red one looks good.
A guard leaned into Haikui’s ear and said, "I know this. When Master Guo was young, he liked to do things in the house, but later he heard that he was injured and couldn’t do anything. But we all know his hobbies and like to find women who have had their first time, so this house is full of young women."
Haikui oh, suddenly, it turns out that this guy has a virgin plot.
"Sister, don’t stay in Guo Fu, you’ll be in trouble by Master Guo," Haikui kindly reminded the little girl.
The little girl replied in a timid voice, "It’s always like this everywhere. I have to eat, and my family is waiting for money."
Haikui didn’t say a word after half a ring, and finally he burst out, "The evil old society."
"Old society," the two guards looked at each other, not understanding.
Several people were chatting, and there was rustling footsteps outside, which sounded like a lot of people. Haikui looked up and looked out over my little girl, and he saw Master Guo walking in front and a man with a ticket behind him.
The man with the ticket surprised Hai Kui, and his conditioned reflex was shocked. He didn’t have time to think about it. It was a soldier with a ticket wearing black iron armor, but he walked very steadily, and his armor didn’t make the slightest collision. At first glance, he was well trained.
Haikui was shocked, and then it occurred to him that this master Guo was really not interesting enough. What a fucking chicken thief, he went to call the soldiers.
Haikui has identified Master Guo as the kind who doesn’t trust Haikui at all and wants to kill Haikui.
"If it’s not good for a while, you two should go first," Haikui said, feeling that the guards were not bad.
One of the guards nodded. "Don’t worry, my Lord, we’ll save it. Wait a minute. The two of us will slip away and go out for you to find an adult with talent."
Depend, Haikui scolded 1 in his heart. These two people are still sincere. If these armored soldiers want to hurt him, come to him with talent, and you can’t be happy without another knife behind his back.
In the blink of an eye, Master Guo came to Haikui with the soldiers.
Haikui leaned back, expressionless, and suddenly his heart was as calm as water.
Master Guo came to Haikui and suddenly smiled and said, "Ye Gongzi, this is the garrison of Qingfeng County."
Hai Kuigang set his eyes on the garrison mentioned by Master Guo. This garrison figure is still burly, with bare eyes and hands hanging over his knees, and you can see obvious calluses. At first glance, it is a family practice.
"I don’t know what to call this adult," Haikui asked faintly.
With a bang, the people guarding and guarding the belt knelt down to salute Haikui.
Haikui was stupefied and looked at Master Guo.
Master Guo had some intention of buttering up Haikui, and said with a smile, "Ye Gongzi, your status is noble. I specially invited the garrison adults to protect you."
The guard bowed his head and said, "Please show me Yu Pei."
Haikui showed the phoenix on her waist,
Garrison took one look, and immediately his voice became fearful. "I don’t know if an adult is coming, please forgive my subordinates for their neglect."
Hai Kui understood that Master Guo was kind enough to look at Master Guo admiringly and said, "Master Guo, I’m going to the capital, but I’m a little short of money. You know it costs money to go out."
"Don’t worry, I’ll arrange it for you," Master Guo smiled brightly, just like chrysanthemum.
Haikui turned to the soldiers kneeling on one knee and said, "Let’s all stand flat."
"Thank you, my Lord," the garrison and the soldiers replied in unison, and then stood up in a neat and orderly manner. It seems that there is no less training at ordinary times.
The two guards were afraid to sit there any longer, so they stood up hurriedly.
"You two are guards with talent, aren’t you?" asked the guard, looking at the two guards.
"Yes, my Lord,"
"You two can go, and I’ll protect your adults from now on," the garrison said to them.
Haikui spoke to stop it. "Wait, they are fine. I’ll arrange it, so you don’t have to worry about me."
Garrison face with disappointment, bowed their heads and fuels, "yes,"
The two guards’ faces lit up, and they began to fantasize about their day of success, followed by several evil servants. Isn’t that a cool word to express?
"Have you eaten?" Haikui asked Shoushou.
"What’s your name?"
"Subordinate named Wang Dazhong,"
"Well, that’s a good name. I don’t dislike it. It’s better than Guo Shijie’s name," Haikui nodded and said casually.
Master Guo interjected, "Don’t worry, Ye Gongzi, I’ll change my son’s name today."
Hai Kui suddenly found that it feels good to be awesome. Although there is no magic, power will make many people flock to it, and his legs will be crossed. Hai Kui asked with interest, "What are you going to change it to?"
"Childe, please give me your name," this guy’s flattery is one by one, ok,
Haikui is very useful, and it really confirms that sentence, thousands of people wear everything, but they don’t wear flattery. Although Haikui understands this truth very well, it is hard to resist.
Haikui thought about it. What’s it called? Longevity, longevity, prosperity, wealth,
"Come on, I’m just saying, Master Guo, don’t take it to heart," Haikui laughed.
Master Guo nodded. "Yes, whatever the childe says is what I listen to."
Hai Kui suddenly understood a word, why good people don’t live long and harm Qian Qian for years? Good people generally don’t like it and don’t want to go along with evil forces, but evil people often pander. Isn’t that the truth?
Chapter 395 Going to the capital
79. "All right, we’ve had dinner, too. Thank you for your hospitality. I’m going to leave," Haikui stood up and said.
"Wait a minute, childe," master guo stretched out his hand and stopped him.