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Lan Lin looked back at Ruan Li in some words. "It’s up to you, Ruan girl. The emperor asked his family to pick him up because he was worried that the girl was wronged!"

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Ruan Li looked up at Lan Lin. "General Lan, I am willing to follow you to the palace to stay!"
What she means is to ask Lan Lin to help her solve the trouble caused by Xiao Liancheng.
Lan Lin really gave the ball to Ruan Li in the hope that they would solve it peacefully, but now she kicked it back.
This Xiao Liancheng has always been unreasonable. Does the Lord want to fight with him here?
I am hesitating not far away to a childish voice "Daddy Daddy-"
LanLin smiled and looked unexpectedly is chicken balls huan came running.
He waved chicken balls and bumped into his arms. He stretched out his hand and put his arm around chicken balls and pointed to Ruan Glass. "Do you remember Aunt Ruan Glass? At that time, in Ancheng, Aunt Ruan loved you the most! "
————Chapter 39 began to suspect Ruan Li because of her words.
Chapter 39 Because Ruan Li began to doubt her in a few words.
Chicken balls naturally don’t remember Ruan Li, but when Ruan Li saw the chicken balls, there was a surprise in her eyes. She tried to pull up the chicken balls before, but she twisted and hid.
He looked at Ruan glass with a puzzled face behind LanLin.
Lan Lin was embarrassed for a moment and then smiled slightly. "A lot has happened to Miss Ruan over the years. She doesn’t even remember Yunqing. Don’t take it to heart!"
Ruan Li is naturally white. After all, when he was in Ancheng, his balls were still a four-year-old child, but in a blink of an eye, they all grew into one and a half sizes.
She shook her head and smiled. "It’s good to get to know each other later!"
The atmosphere has just been tense and suddenly eased a lot.
Xiao Liancheng saw Lan Lin and Feng Dan Dan taking a few steps in front of Ruanli and said, "I also said that we made it very clear last night!"
Ruan Liguo "I will live in the palace until I find the fruit!" "
Lan Lin said with them, "Don’t worry, Grandpa, Miss Ruan and Yun Qingqing are sisters. She lives in the palace and we will take good care of her. If Grandpa has any worries, you can visit Miss Ruan in the palace at any time!"
Xiao Liancheng glanced at Lanlin and then turned his attention to Ruan Glass. Without saying a word, he knew that if he came hard today, he would get nothing.
Besides, what happened last night, he is also worried about whether Bai Jin will deal with Ruan Li. Now it is even the best way to let Ruan Li enter the palace.
Thinking of this, he stepped back and bowed to Lan Lin’s hands. "In this case, there will be General Lao Lan’s safety!"
Lanlin smiled and leaned over and said, "Grandpa Four will stick to his point when he is serious!"
This sentence strictly abides by the points can be said to be a double word. He will follow the orders of Lan Fengyue to protect Ruan Li, and he will also abide by the rules of master and servant and will not daydream about Ruan Li.
Xiao Liancheng naturally understood his implication, smiled brightly and arched his hands. "Liancheng thanked General Lan here!"
Lanlin smiled and strode away with Ruan Li.
Feng Yunqing and Xiao Linchu in Zhonggu Village have been here for more than three days, but they can’t wait any longer from the beginning of rainy days to the later rainstorm.
Li Er looked at the two people in a hurry and stopped at the door. "Two grandfathers listen to me and advise you not to enter the mountains on this day!"
From Bell and Drum Tower to Salt Lake Village, going into the mountains before crossing the lake means that this road can be difficult and dangerous.
Li Er spat and Xiao Linchu looked at him coldly until he had finished Xiao Linchu. "Er Liang, since you heard that the place we were looking for was Salt Lake Village, you have been trying to block it. What have you done in Salt Lake Village?"
Li Er’s face turned red and he withdrew to stop the two men from encircling their chests with his hands. He snorted, "Hum me, Li Er kindly advised you to be afraid that you would throw your life on the road to Yanhu Village, but now you doubt me in turn?"
Xiao Linchu and Feng Yun looked at Feng Yun lightly and squinted at Li Er two ways. "Then tell me what is the danger of going to Yanhu Village?"
"It’s lucky that the rainy mountain collapses. When you meet a flash flood, you will be buried at the bottom of the ground in the blink of an eye!" Li Er said with his hands clasped around his chest and his legs shaking.
Fengyun light or "you when I was three years old? This kind of rain has only lasted for three days. How can it be so easy for landslides and flash floods? "
Li Er glanced at Fengyun lightly and leaned against the door. "A woman’s house is always short-sighted with long hair. You always have to hurry. Now, just give me thirty taels of silver before you go, so that I can collect debts when you die!"
Fengyun looked back at Xiao Linchu. Xiao Linchu stared at Li Er two times in the first few steps. "Is it really so dangerous to go to Yanhu Village here?"
Li Er two hem smiled two root don’t look at two people.
Xiao Linchu hesitated and frowned. Feng Yun took Xiao Linchu’s arm and said, "Why don’t you wait?"
Xiao Linchu pursed his lips and looked complicated. "Have you waited?"
Fengyun put his hands on his arm and lowered his head. "I don’t want to have an accident on the way to Salt Lake. We have suffered too much!"
Xiao Linchu saw that she was in tears, reached out and put her arm around her neck, pressed her in her arms and sighed, "Don’t worry, no matter what the result is, I will always be with you!"
Fengyun light don’t talk is hugging him not far away. Although his back is turned to two people, he still can’t help but look back and touch his nose. He turned around and lamented a few words in his heart.
After breakfast at the inn, Feng Yunqing and Xiao Linchu went back to the room. Li Er saw that they were inseparable and despised to send a supercilious look and then went out for a walk by themselves.
The humble house in the inn was just about to change clothes and take them to the backyard for cleaning, so I felt a strange itch in my arm.
She put away her clothes and rolled up her sleeves, and saw that her arms were covered with a layer of red hair. Even the scars were covered with red hair where she had been burned by candles.
In this way, her whole body will be covered with red hair soon. At that time, I wonder if she will still be awake.
Disappointed behind there appeared a slender hand to pull her clothes.
When she turned around, she saw Xiao Linchu look calm, and Fengyun looked up at him. "Do you think if the villagers knew that I had red hair, they would arrest me as a monster and burn me to death?"
Xiao Linchu hooked his lips and smiled. "Even if you are a monster, you are a beautiful and lovely female monster. Where is someone willing to arrest you and burn you?"
Fengyun wrinkled her nose lightly. "Then if I become Xiaoqi, will you still think that I am a beautiful and lovely female monster?"
Xiao Linchu pinched her little face. "Even if it becomes Xiaoqi, I will accompany you to change how we two monsters look beautiful in each other’s eyes, aren’t we?"
Feng Yunqing finally laughed and knocked off his hand and picked up the tub. "I’m going to do laundry!" "
Xiao Linchu looked at her charming appearance and joked, "It’s raining cats and dogs outside. Where are you going to do laundry, Mom?"
Fengyun chuckled and smiled. "The landlord, Aunt Zhou, has a rain-proof laundry pool. Many people are washing clothes there. If it rains, it will be very lively!"
Xiao Linchu reached out and pulled her. "Then I’ll go with you!"
Fengyun gently shook his head. "What are you doing in my laundry? Besides, there are a group of women in the parents’ home. Where is your place? Stay in the inn and wait for me! "
She took the clothes and turned away. Xiao Linchu looked at her back and smiled and took a closer look.
Aunt Zhou’s laundry pool was not a laundry, but a hot spring in the village. Later, it was circled by a rich man. After the rich family had an accident, Aunt Zhou bought a bath and built a shed. Women in the village chatted about laundry.
When Fengyun was light, the laundry pool was surrounded by women, and there were piles of high pulp laundry next to it.
She is shy and doesn’t know what to do there.
The woman opposite saw her and shouted, "Hey, sister looks unfamiliar. You’re not from this village, are you?"
The woman next to her didn’t notice that she was wearing a blue printed jacket. She turned around and smiled at Fengyun and said while washing her clothes, "She lives at Aunt Zhou’s house. It is said that she buys mountain products with her" xianggong "and domestic slaves. Do you have any mountain products to find her …"
A few people heard that Fengyun was only accepting mountain products, and this just warmed up.
One of the women with hands full of foam got up and pulled Fengyun lightly. "Sister, some willow soaps in my family were collected from the mountains the year before last and dried. The color is very good. Do you want them?"