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"Yes, this is the water tree that can continuously produce clean water! This community will not travel all the way because of water resources! "

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Holding this sapling, the black rabbit looks happy.
"I have heard that even water resources can’t solve the black rabbit. How weak is your community?" Yin sound measurement rang from behind the black rabbit.
"ah! This! " The black rabbit jumped up directly and said some incoherent words.
"Ah … I’m so sorry." Finally, my head fell lower than depression, and even my ears fell down.
"In fact, the black rabbit community has reached the point of life and death, and it will not be forced to wait for new companions to join … if … if Mr. Ye Yu and Izayoi Jun don’t join our community …"
"Didn’t I tell you that I don’t care about this?"
Looking at the black rabbit nervous Ye Yu is funny, and he slowly walked over and gently touched the girl’s head.
As Ye Yu approached the air, the chill gradually dropped and the temperature rose to a comfortable level.
"Mr. Ye Yu …" The black rabbit was moved and raised his head. Because of mood swings, his blue hair changed into a beautiful pink cherry again.
"Well, let’s talk about the situation of our community first after we are moved. It doesn’t matter if we are weak and try to become strong."
Ye Yu smiled and said that this situation made him involuntarily think of the family of Hessia as soon as possible.
"First of all, our guild has no self-reported" name ",so it is called" name "like many other guilds without names.
"Oh, are there many guilds in the same situation? Then what?" Ye Yu gently nodded his head.
"We also don’t have the pride flag of the guild to undertake the important function of showing the strength of the guild."
"hmm? What else? "
"What’s more deadly is that there is no name and no flag left. To be more clear, among the 122 members of our guild, except for the black rabbit, there is Master Jin En, and all of them are ten years old!"
"It’s so desperate!" While Izayoi sighed.
"That is to say …" Black Rabbit hung his head again in frustration.
"But what will become like this? Is the black rabbit community a kindergarten? " Izayoi asked curiously.
Black rabbit melancholy shook his head.
"It’s not that the children’s relatives were taken away from the biggest natural disaster in the attacked box court-the" devil "took it away."
"Lord? !”
Hear this word has been freely should and Izayoi immediately called to get up.
"What’s the matter? Izayoi Jun? " Even the black rabbit was startled by Izayoi’s reaction.
"It’s so interesting! Since it is called the devil, it must be stronger than! It is really interesting to defeat the powerful BOSS and save the game of the weak community that is on the verge of destruction! " Izayoi jumped up and his eyes sparkled as if he had found an interesting toy child
"It is impossible for the devil to be a natural disaster in the sandhouse, and even the gods are no match for them."
"Oh …"
Listen to the black rabbit. Ye Yu is also interested.
Devil? … So powerful, do they have the ability to travel around the world?
Chapter 174 Gift appraisal
Although the bad situation in the community has been told, it has not only not been abandoned, but has made the companion’s fetters deeper. At this moment, Black Rabbit is very satisfied.
But it’s a pity that the black rabbit’s happy mood didn’t last long before it broke into pieces.
"Ah ah? What? How can you just agree to the gift contest? Moreover, why would the leader of "FresGar" contact in such a short time and make it a provocative situation! ? And the game is in the sky! ? And to fight in enemy territory! What the hell were you thinking? Let me ask you again, ladies! !”
At sunset, I finally met at the Fountain Square. After hearing what happened, I was still excited. The whole face of the black rabbit was gloomy, and the rabbit ears turned upside down and became angry. I began to preach and question the sudden situation.
"That’s nothing to do. That scum really can’t help but want to teach a lesson." Kudou Asuka shrugged his shoulders when he was questioned by the black rabbit.
While Kasukabe Yō is holding the three-haired cat kept silent.
"It’s really … you problem children!"
The black rabbit broke out again and pulled out the folding fan that he carried with him, then gave Kudou Asuka a fatal blow
"Master king, too! Why not stop them! "
"I also want to stop … but"
Being called Jin En is also the name of the community. Nowadays, the real leader boy reveals a wry smile. It really happened so suddenly.