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"Let go of my wife." The trainer was furious when he saw Wang Guang teasing the female trainer. Unfortunately, he was tied up with ropes by Wang Guang, unable to mobilize his inner powers and exert any means. Even the puppet fighting with the art of war in the distance, after some madness, suddenly stopped and was destroyed by the art of war.

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You should know that the rope is no ordinary rope, but a bundle of fairy ropes refined from the hair of Dan’s teachers and some special materials. Although there is not even one-tenth of the power of the ancient bundle of fairy ropes, the practitioners who bind Dan’s teachers are a bundle of quasi-ones, and no one will ever break free.
"Haha, friends don’t worry, being original is just shaking." Wang Guangyin. Smile. Although this female practitioner is very beautiful, he doesn’t want to ruin the boy in the ruins because of this woman. After all, he will also enter the ruins and use the lung yin fire to break the ban.
Although I didn’t dare to do too much to this female trainer, I secretly squeezed and touched it, and the other party didn’t know anything. In this way, only the female practitioner was blushed, and she was very shy. And the man only thought his wife was ashamed, so he didn’t doubt anything.

Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Turned out to be anti-now understand
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Turned out to be anti-now understand
Wang Guang, who carried two practitioners, quickly returned to the oasis. This fellow was not passionate and left them on the ground. (Niu Wen’s novels ~ reading novels online) Three Dan teachers who closed their eyes stood up suddenly, but they were filled with joy.
"The three martial uncles of the boundless Buddha didn’t see your escort when they were being original to arrest this boy. Why didn’t you let this boy kill you?" Although he was talking to three Dan teachers, Wang Guang’s eyes kept falling on the cold Dan teacher.
"Don’t pay attention to that disappointing thing. If you die, you will die. If you lose it, you will lose it. There is no loss for this seat." With a cold snort, Dan Shi casually touched two collars from his arms and asked Wang Guang to put them on the two practitioners. "These two magic weapons are disposable. As long as our mind turns, we can open them. At that time, this magic weapon will burst, and I think even with the protection of the Chinese defense magic weapon, it can’t resist. "
The practitioner who was caught by Wang Guang saw that he and his wife were under control and suddenly became angry. "Since it is to ask me for help, why do you still use this means? Are you Dan teachers also afraid that I will play tricks in front of you? " While speaking, after this fellow was lifted by Wang Guang, he jumped up and slapped him in Wang Guang’s face. I only heard a bang, and only Wang Guang was dizzy and his eyes were shining.
Wang Guang, the "boundless Buddha", was caught off guard at the moment and was slapped by the other side. He was so angry that he screamed. "Your boy wants to die." While speaking, he turned over his hand and carried a long banner, intending to kill the practitioner.
But as soon as he moved again, he felt two powerful momentum suddenly suppressed on him, but even the strength of waving his arms could not be exerted. When he saw it, Wang Guang knew that he wouldn’t want revenge in a short time. However, before he was appointed, the female practitioner who was untied by the rope was flushed and jumped up to give him a slap, but she was stopped by the female Dan teacher.
"That’s enough. Don’t think that we want something from you now, and you are rampant. Angry with this seat, this seat will extract your soul and absorb all your memories. I would rather wait for decades or hundreds of years before I can enter the ruins. " The female Dan teacher is also very angry when she sees others and wants to humiliate her nephew. That’s why it stopped each other.
"If it’s as you say, you don’t have to arrest me." The male trainer snorted coldly, but he didn’t put the female Dan teacher in the eye at all. "The research on prohibition and law is much better than mine. Why did you come to me instead of looking for them? Just think that I am a fool? "
Such words, only the female Dan teacher to say speechless, could not say a word to refute.
"I’m Zhu Jiao, and this is my wife in accordance with the month. I also went to the three predecessors to take care of them in the ruins. " Male practitioners touched the neck collar, forcibly suppressed anger sink a track in my heart.
"Ha ha, if you have been so kind, you don’t have to spend so many means." Road flyover Firecrow on the side gave a strange laugh and collected his own momentum, thus releasing Wang Guang’s imprisonment.
Not convinced, Wang Guang tried to clean up Zhu Jiao when he went up, but he was stopped by the female Dan teacher. "Don’t delay the big event. When you get the things in the ruins, you will kill them and let the ruins be the final destination of their husband and wife."
"Hey, hey, the man killed, and the woman turned into a slave." Wang Guang, however, looked ferocious, and sent a message to the female Dan teacher to express his thoughts. "Be patient when being original. If he takes the opportunity to humiliate being original again, don’t blame being original for being cruel."
Female Dan teacher listened to the straight frown, but some complained that Wang Guang didn’t understand the general situation, but this boy was her nephew, and she wanted to protect him in front of outsiders. What’s more, in some ways, she also appreciates Wang Guang, so she didn’t say anything, but she was secretly on guard to prevent the two of them from having another conflict.
"Zhu Jiao, there is not much nonsense. When you get to the ruins, you will obey our command. If you don’t obey the command, not only your wife will be punished, but also you." That cold old Dan teacher sneered repeatedly, grabbed Zhu Jiao’s wife and threw it to Wang Guang on a monthly basis, but let Wang Guanglai look after her. Master Lao Dan believes that with the hatred between Wang Guang and them, it is absolutely impossible for him to have a chance to escape.
Don’t say a cold Dan teacher is what kind of calculation, just say Wang Guang. When this boy heard that Zhu Jiao’s wife was going to be under his jurisdiction according to the month, he suddenly became happy. This fellow is evil and vengeful, but when he sees the other person in his own hands, he smiles strangely. At that time, the dissatisfaction that was suppressed by Dan teachers just now was thrown behind him.
"Don’t worry, Martial Uncle, being original will definitely look after this woman and never let her have any accidents." While speaking, I shook my hand with a long banner. I saw a trace of black smoke flying out of the long banners. The black smoke was separated from the left and right, and a poisonous snake about three meters long and the thickness of chopsticks was revealed from the inside.
This poisonous snake is one of the few poisonous snakes among Wang Guang’s soldiers. Although it is not tough to kill, it is very tough in binding the human body. It is said that the ancient fairy rope was refined from this poisonous snake.
On one side, Zhu Jiao and his wife heard that they were going to be taken care of by Wang Guang on a monthly basis, and suddenly they felt bad. Sure enough, when Wang Guang manipulated a poisonous snake to crawl towards himself, Yi Yue began to cry in a low voice.
"You can take care of her with a forbidden magic weapon. How can you humiliate her with such disgusting things?" Zhu Jiao couldn’t stand it, but she roared loudly and planned to stop Wang Guang’s behavior. But aside female Dan teacher cold hum 1, is to stop him.
The poisonous snake is called a binding snake, so it is best to wrap it around the human body when attacking humanoid creatures. The tied snake slipped into the moon palace, and soon it cried loudly, and his face flushed and his body trembled slightly.
It turned out that after the snake got into Yiyue’s body, it swam along the ravine and tied the woman firmly. Finally, after tying a knot under her, the tail pierces the chrysanthemum deeply, and the snakehead pierces the Taoyuan to suck the liquid. If Wang Guang hadn’t controlled it not to release venom, the woman didn’t know what it would be like.
"Haha, uncles, my poisonous snake is wrapped around her. As long as she has the heart to escape, the poisonous snake will bite at random and spit out venom to corrode her." Wang Guang giggled and was very satisfied with his masterpiece.
Zhu Jiao listened to it with a sneer, and her hands clenched, but she hated Wang Guang. It’s a pity that this fellow Wang Guang is rampant and never takes him seriously, so the resentment is also shown in vain.
It is said that after the people simply talked about the ruins, the road flyover Firecrow began to open the ruins.
I saw the road flyover fire crow laughing strangely. The Dan teacher opened his mouth and spewed out clouds of flames. The flames turned into a three-legged crow in the air. These crows looked up at the sky and screamed, and a little bit of ignorance was absorbed by them. At that time, their size soared.
After hundreds of three-legged crows absorbed enough Nanming from the fire in the air, they arranged the array. Law rotation, a red light from the law of fiercely gush out. The red light didn’t fly forward or backward, and it didn’t turn left or right. Under the gaze of Wang Guang, the red light fell heavily on the lake where they stayed for three years.
The red light fell in the water, and the lake began to roll like a general, and a large number of fish and shrimp were burned to death. After three or five breaths, the lake was separated from the left and right, and after layers of streamers flashed, a dark cave emerged below.
"Infinite Buddha didn’t expect to be original and keep the entrance of this relic for three years." Wang guang hey hey a few quick laugh, in the heart a little weird.
One side of the female Dan teacher looked at her mouth and smiled: "What? Do you still want to explore the ruins secretly by yourself? Be careful, your boy. If it’s dangerous down there, you should run away quickly. Uncle Shi, I haven’t had a chance to take good care of you all the time. "
The female Dan teacher whispered a few words in Wang Guang’s ear, but Wang Guang didn’t remember much, except that the Dan teacher’s lips were soft and touching her ears was very comfortable. This kind of comfort is not what those women who have experienced before can bring him.
"Boundless Buddha this ShiShu is really attractive, since being original has just joined the clan, she came to seduce me, and now it is still like this. Is she interested in me? If so, what should I do to be original? Push it here, uncle? Or let her push it? It’s really tangled. "Wang Guang’s desire in his heart is sound, and in his thoughts, he followed the female Dan teacher and they entered the ruins. It was not noticed that after they entered the ruins for hundreds of feet, the cave behind them slammed shut.
Shun the passage for a quarter of an hour, Wang Guangcai under the guidance of Dan teachers down to a huge underground space. There is nothing in this underground space except some stone pillars. Clouds of fireworks wound around the stone pillars, and streamers danced wildly in the air.
"You follow closely, don’t go the wrong way. We have cleared a passage last time, but this time we have saved a lot of worry." Aside female Dan teacher hurriedly charged Wang Guang in a low voice, but let him be careful, don’t be entangled in the surrounding ban.
"Infinite Buddha" Wang Guang nodded gratefully at the female Dan Shi and smiled: "Don’t worry, Martial Uncle, you know this thing being original." Said this, twist a head and looked at Zhu Jiao with his wife in accordance with the month, see two people are resentful after staring at him, this fellow is laughing in a low voice.
Not to mention the resentment between the three people, but after Dan teachers led Wang Guang and them all the way through more than a dozen underground spaces, they once again came to a dark passage.
There were countless forbidden streamers in front of the passage. When Wang Guangzheng wondered why the Dan teachers didn’t move forward, the road flyover Firecrow rubbed his hands and hit a thunderbolt in the middle of the passage.
There was only a loud noise, and the flames were burning in the passage. Only the burned ones were forbidden to wander around. A large number of bans were shattered in an instant. But before Wang Guang was happy, he saw that the ban in the channel suddenly crawled, and one by one, the ofuda poured out from the inside, and then a new ban was formed. It’s just a breathing room, which makes up for the ban on the destruction of thunder and fire.
"Good means, worthy of being an ancient relic." Behind Zhu Jiao, when he saw that the ban could be generated by himself, he suddenly cried out. "You go aside and I’ll break the ban."
It turned out that Zhu Jiao saw this strange ban and immediately understood the purpose of these people bringing themselves here. After all, the channel doesn’t know how long it is, but it’s easy to break the ban with thunder and fire. If it enters the channel, it’s afraid that the ban will be generated at the back of the channel, so it’s trapped in the channel and lost its life. So he jumped out and volunteered without waiting for Dan’s teachers to speak.
"Haha, you have a heart." A cold old Dan teacher laughed when he saw it, but he lamented that Zhu Jiao was well-advised, and this heart could not help but appreciate it.
That Zhu Jiaojiao ignored the opinions of Dan’s teachers, but turned his head and gave Wang Guang a hard stare, then stood alone in front of the channel and closed his eyes to think.
I saw him close his eyes for a long time, and suddenly his hands began to wave quickly. As he waved his hands, a series of bans flew out of his hands. These forbidden students are strange, only to see them turn into butterflies in the air, and then fly away in the passage with their wings.
Prohibit collisions and send out ripples of light. After destroying the ban, the butterflies scattered and landed on the wall around the passage, but it was to prevent the new ban from suddenly appearing on the wall.
This Zhu Jiao destroyed hundreds of zhangs of channel bans in a row. Although there are still bans in the depths of the channel, there are also bans emerging on the wall, but they are all stopped by those weird butterflies.
Under the amazing gaze of all people, these banned butterflies have skyrocketed after resisting the newly generated bans. From the size of a baby’s fist to the size of an adult’s palm in a short time.
"I’m short of mana. Is there any Dan medicine?" Just when the Dan teachers were excited, Zhu Jiao stopped suddenly and reached for Dan medicine. "I used up all the pills in my body when I was fighting with your helpers. If I didn’t have the pills to replenish them, I wouldn’t be able to recover my powers completely in three or five hours."
Wang Guang listened to Zhu Jiao’s words and immediately sarcastically said, "You are talking nonsense. You will fight with being original, and you haven’t taken any pills. Why are you short of pills now? Do you want to be lazy and take the opportunity to blackmail us? "
Some words, but the Zhu Jiao said a face of ugly. With a sneer, this fellow stretched out his hand and pointed out Wang Guang’s way: "When I said I was short of mana, I was short of mana. If you have money, come up and solve these prohibitions, so as not to say that I am greedy for your pills." While speaking, I waved the butterfly that resisted the ban in front to take it back, but those butterflies attached to the wall still waved their wings, blocking the continuous generation of bans on the wall again and again. However, he was afraid that after he hastily took back the butterfly on the wall, there would be a ban, which would hurt his wife with low mana.
The butterfly that resisted the ban in front was taken back by Zhu Jiaomeng, and there was an endless ban pouring in and rushing towards the people. Wang Guang sneer at 1, conveniently withdraw from red sand bursts figure out.
The picture turned in the air, spewing a red light and rushing towards the front. This red light fell to the ground and turned into hundreds of millions of red yarns. On the red yarns, a lot of lung yin fire was burned, and at that time, the whole channel was stuffed to a full capacity, and it was not allowed to be banned.
Red sand flowed through, only to hear a burst of scratching noise, not only the generated ban was burned and polished, but also the wall was polished by red sand. After the red sand, there is not a half forbidden regeneration.
The red yarn went forward, and everyone followed closely, but no one paid attention to Zhu Jiao anymore. And Zhu Jiao left behind and looked embarrassed, very annoyed with his impulse just now. "Zhu Jiao Zhu Jiao why so impulsive this time? In the past, even if someone threatened his wife, he could tolerate it. Why did he lose his mind here just because of verbal arguments? That ten million forbidden generation is not only wonderful, but also can make my secret power greatly increased. As long as I delay the time, after ten million butterflies have absorbed enough bans, it’s hard to kill those Dan teachers. Then that boy won’t let me kill them at will? Now I just hope that there is a severe ban in front of me, so that the boy can’t show the means, otherwise this underground relic will be my burial place. "
That Zhu Jiao thinks a lot in his heart, and his wife beside him is also thinking about the moon. It turned out that when Wang Guang used his means to deal with the continuous generation of bans, the poisonous snake wrapped around her jerked up. The snake’s head and tail trembled slightly in the two caves before and after her, and the snake’s body kept crawling in the sensitive parts of her body, which only fascinated her. Fortunately, there is a palace to keep out, and she is not afraid of others to detect it. It’s just that she blushed when she saw the female Dan teacher suddenly turning her head to smile at her.
"You this diabolism, don’t let me get the chance, get the chance, I will kill you first. If you tease me like this, I’m afraid it will cause a lot of trouble if my "xianggong" finds out. If I had known this, I might as well have left you alone. " Crush physical discomfort according to the month and follow the crowd.
It took a full hour for this passage to reach the end. A huge stone gate suddenly appeared in front of everyone, and all kinds of monsters were carved on it. At a distance of several tens of feet from Shimen, Wang Guang felt a stronger momentum than Dan Shi.