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Black spent almost every day in basketball during the rest of the holiday.

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Along with Dihara and Vulcan.
Dihara’s cheerful personality can get along with anyone, but he loves basketball or can’t cope with the excessive energy of Vulcan!
[Don’t these guys get tired just like robots? ]
Sitting on the edge of the rest, watching Vulcan challenge OneOnOne to Black again, Dihara could not help but lament.
[and … when did black become so severe? ]
From the first encounter between the two men, Kurihara realized that the basketball level of Hei is different from that of the past, which is a qualitative leap. He is no longer a black opponent, and even though he is in a slight relationship with the Vulcan OneOnOne, Kurihara still thinks that he still has reservations.
[Black didn’t show the strength of other departments]
So …
[He is what will become this way now? What on earth has had such a great influence on him? ]
He and Hei grew up together and got used to each other like the palm of his hand. He immediately ruled out the possibility that Hei was replaced.
Despite these incredible factors, what else can make him grow up so horribly?
[Would you like to join the Tiguang Basketball Department before? If black is so strong, how can those people leave the basketball department and hide it all the time? What did he do? ……]
Dihara was puzzled.
"Dihara Jun?"
Once again, Vulcan failed in the contest. Vulcan practiced while holding the ball. When the analyst made a mistake and was not enough in the game just now, he went in the direction of Diyuan.
"Dihara Jun?" Black stretched out his hand and waved it in front of Dihara. "Are you all right, Dihara Jun?"
"Ah-?" DiYuan this just during the.
"Just now, I found Dihara Jun sitting in this position motionless for a long time and a little worried."
Black face has no superfluous expression, but the fundus still leaks a little.
For this pair of eyes, I suddenly felt a sense of shame.
[What the hell are you thinking? ! What the black theory has become, and how powerful his basketball is, he is always that you know the black! You just need to remember this! ]
"Thinking about some messy things."
Black blinked and looked at him and scratched his head and began to pull up. "Vulcan will also go to a school with us, so there are already three people in my team with Black. I don’t know if there are two positions left …"
In choosing a school in high school, Hei didn’t take the principle of proximity and didn’t go to several other famous basketball schools around him. Instead, he chose a high school that was not far away and basketball was not paid much attention to.
Vulcan, who just came back from abroad, paid little attention to these problems, but he noticed them.
"At this point, please don’t worry about DiYuanJun." The black corners of the mouth unconsciously praised "DiYuanJun will meet them. They are all excellent players."
[day? It’s the first day of school. Does it mean that the remaining two are seniors in that school? ]
[But since black said that he can rest assured …? ]
[no! Still can’t let go! ! ! He has never heard of anything in that school that can be regarded as a better player, asshole! ]
….. With the hearty king, please pay attention to the consistency of your own image and title.
So with a nervous mood, I didn’t sleep well all night, and finally I ushered in the so-called 1 black basketball 1.
> > I’m here to take it
There is another person who is as complicated as Dihara.
That is Haizaki shougo.
Awakened by slang in the early morning, Ashaki is at the gate of the high school campus at the moment.
You can ooze water with a gloomy expression.
The preparatory bell has just rung, and few people are near the school gate, but Ashzaki just refuses to take that step.
[It’s too bad to observe discipline and discipline! ]
Grey battery heart construction how all can’t pass that one.
[I’d better go outside for two more laps and come back when the time is over]
Ash battery bowed their heads and kicked the feet stone turned to go.
"How long are you going to dawdle?"
A pair of hands caught him by surprise, and Ashaki reacted quickly sideways to avoid all the boredom in his heart, but when he saw the other person’s face, those who ignited the will to fight quickly went out again.
He can’t bear to frown, so he hides the shock in his eyes. Why are you here? "
Hongcun squinted at Ashaki’s face with a faint and arrogant expression. "I’ve always been here and this kind of words should be asked by me-I didn’t expect you to be called a simple-looking and harmful guy by him."
Simple harm, of course, is not to form ash battery
Ash battery immediately white each other like yourself are said by the man.
He scoffed, "That idiot really dared to put me with you."
Hongcun didn’t speak like he acquiesced in this sentence.
"Let’s get together … I’m suddenly interested in that fool. How can he do it? If it turns into a disappointing game, I will never spare him."
Facing the morning light, the pupil of Ashaki stretched vertically like a beast and even exuded some malice, which was his special performance when he was excited.
However, compared with his excitement, Hongcun pulled the armband and warned smoothly that "the school rules will never spare you if you don’t come in soon."
Even if he walked in, Ashzaki left his mouth and did not forget to look back and ridicule "It seems that you have been thoroughly introspective this year."
Rainbow village didn’t speak carrying ash battery face but evoked a little smile.
Reflection? If that were the case, I wouldn’t be talking to you here now.
What about you? Ashzaki was swept out of the house by Akashi in those years. Although he said he didn’t mind, he couldn’t help it. Even if you never regarded glory, you would never allow another person to suddenly appear and take it away.
Yes, you are so possessive. How can you allow that to happen?
So the most important thing for you to be here now is to get back everything you have been deprived of. You have to pay homage to you and be proud of everything you have.
….. So am I.
Although I have been trying my best to control it, something that can be dissolved in the blood can’t be erased.
Yes, I want it back-what belong to me.