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All three people stared at him except himself.

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"Ha ha … well, it’s a joke, she’s joking." Seeing Qin Fu’s poor eyes, Qin Shaojie hurriedly made an excuse.
Qin Fu didn’t take off his crocodile belt, just sighed and said.
"Son, your mother and I have never been in charge of you, and we know that we can’t control you. I can’t say anything to your mother about how you want to spend the money you earned, but I still say that, don’t do anything illegal." Qin Fu said earnestly.
"Don’t worry, Dad, I will never do anything illegal. If I do something illegal, I will let the sky thunder." Qin Shaojie held out three fingers and swore to the roof.
"Gee, you will be struck by lightning sooner or later." At this time, I spit out.
"Don’t interrupt, old man." Qin Shaojie depressed way.
Fortunately, they can’t hear the ghost.
I had a very harmonious lunch, and my parents stopped asking themselves questions. They just chatted about Qin Shaojie’s life and study. When the food came up, I saw Ethan still standing at the door. Qin’s mother enthusiastically talked and gesticulated and asked Ethan to come in for dinner, but Ethan refused.
"Mom, don’t worry about him. His task is to sit and stand while we eat and watch him. Hehe. " Qin Shaojie joked.
Shit, I have a professional ethics. Ethan cursed in his heart.
"Well, Ethan, these are my parents. There are no outsiders. Sit down, too. Don’t you have to eat in your line of work?" Qin Shaojie said.
"Well, the boss spoke, and I sat down." Ethan shrugged his shoulders and said.
"Hey, this child can speak Chinese." Qin mother said with surprise.
"Mom, he speaks several languages, but he is a bodyguard, so he refused your request to let him sit down for dinner." Qin Shaojie explained.
"By the way, mom and dad, let’s change the shop at home, find a better, bigger facade and decorate it well." Qin Shaojie suggested.
My parents have been guarding this small shop for more than ten years, and now I have some money, which is just a big one, and it is also an investment.
"No need."
Qin Fu refused without thinking.
"I’m fine with your mother. It’s too big. It’s too busy."
Qin Shaojie saw that his father refused and was trying to persuade him again, but he was interrupted by a cell phone ringing.
Yixiaohui embarrassed smile, holding a mobile phone and went out. After a while, I came back again.
"What’s the matter?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"The family called and asked me why I didn’t go back."
Shit, I almost forgot why I came back. I was so busy chatting with my parents that I almost forgot about her.
Chapter 95 Qin Shaojie into the village
Marriage, a wonderful thing, is called the grave of love by modern people.
In ancient times, parents’ orders and matchmakers’ words were emphasized. In ancient times, when women wanted to get married, it was necessary for matchmakers to come to propose marriage. Parents depended on the situation, and some poor women had no choice at all.
It was not until the Republic of China that the theory of freedom of love came into being, but it was also aimed at some people. At that time, warlords were everywhere, collecting grain and conscription, and if they had no money, they would give you a military ticket like waste paper, which made the people miserable. At that time, a bag of white flour could be exchanged for a daughter-in-law.
After liberation, only a few people are free to fall in love, and more are blind dates.
Qin Shaojie can’t figure it out. This is the age of his mother. It’s the 21st century. How can anyone do such a bloody thing? Even if you want to marry your daughter, you should choose a better one. The lyrics of a song say that if you want to marry, you will be called Big Wolf. Such a man is an example. But the somebody else is to marry a nouveau riche.
Qin Shaojie expressed deep sympathy for Ai Xiaohui’s experience.
Under the inquiry, Qin Shaojie knew. The man’s home is a mine, but it’s just a sand mine. It was only contracted in the past two years, and he earned millions of dollars in two years. He lived in a big building and drove more than 500 thousand cars. Ai Xiaohui’s parents somehow got in touch with others. When they saw the photo of Ai Xiaohui, the man, the son of an upstart, nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice, and immediately gave 200,000 yuan as a bride price, demanding to get married as soon as possible.
Although Ai Xiaohui lived a good life in Beijing, her parents insisted on letting her marry the nouveau riche, insisting on the idea that it was better to marry well.
Good name: that is the richest man in this county.
Qin Shaojie listened to Yi Xiaohui and laughed.
"Ha ha, the county’s richest man? Your parents are so funny, so tell me, what am I? Great wealth, great wealth? " Qin Shaojie laughed.
"You are still in the mood to joke." Ai Xiaohui gave Qin Shaojie a disgruntled beating.
"I’m dying of worry. I’ve never seen it before, so I have to come back and get married. Fortunately, I caught such a rich shield that I dared to come back. "
Yixiaohui depressed said.
"I guess, your parents saw me, what nouveau riche, sand prince, have to go, don’t want to marry you to me. Haha. " Qin Shaojie laughed.
"Nonsense, you are a shield, hum." Xiao-hui yi Qin Shaojie teasing, blushing and said.
It didn’t take an hour, and the car drove to Hexi County.
As soon as this movable castle entered the county, it immediately caused onlookers. This place, it is best to see a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and even the richest man in the county drives a domestic BMW.
Ai Xiaohui’s home is not in the county, but in a village next to the county. When the car arrives in the village, all the children in the village are surrounded, not to mention children, and many women who are chatting with their parents in the sun are also surrounded.
"Gee, is this province to lead? This car is much better than Er Gou Zi’s Xiali. "
A middle-aged woman looked at Rolls-Royce and wowed.
Qin Shaojie doesn’t intend to drive in, and asks Ethan to park his car at the village entrance. Since he is coming to support Yi Xiaohui, he should put it in the end and show it off first.
"Oh, isn’t this Ai Xiangyang’s daughter?" The middle-aged woman just now suddenly turned her eyes from the car to Yi Xiaohui.
"Yes, this girl came back? Didn’t you hear that her family was going to marry her to the rich man who dug sand? Why did you bring a man back and drive? This car seems to be better than the cashier. Don’t touch my car. " Another woman echoed and said.
"Mom, you don’t understand? My sister Xiaohui is developed this time. " A young man in his late teens laughed beside him.
"Developed? Where can I send it? "
"Mom, you said that the sand digger, he is a nouveau riche at best, and the car is not called don’t touch me, called BMW. It is still made in China, only over 500,000. " The young man explained.
"Oh, it’s only more than 50? You little bastard, your parents only earn more than 10 thousand yuan a year, and they have to pay for your education. When can you earn back 500 thousand? " The middle-aged woman gave the young man a shock.