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"Green morning elder sister you are so generous! Love you! "

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"I have to take pictures to commemorate this moment!"
So in all the surprise and thanks, Zhongqingchen sighed gently.
Then send a text message to Chenchi, "Thank you."
Chenchi must have done this to make Qingchen not hungry and create a good image in the minds of colleagues, especially when everyone is a rich second generation at the front end. It is not too much to send these snacks.
However, at this time, a dissonance suddenly sounded very abrupt.
Because I have been out for the past two days, I will be more when I go back.
☆ haper 1 arrived to meet.
"Everyone eats very much." The meaningful sound made everyone look at the speaker.
Chai Weiwei walked closer and closer behind everyone, and his eyes crossed the midnight snack mountain from their hands and finally stayed in the green morning. "Everyone looks very well treated tonight, which has dragged you down."
Chai Weiwei?
Qing Chen remembered that Chai Weiwei was working overtime tonight, but she never liked the excitement of her colleagues, especially when she was eating. She never asked her assistant to order food for her alone, and she wouldn’t eat cheap restaurant food near the TV station with everyone.
However, at this time, since she has appeared in front of her, Qingchen should also ask politely, "Why don’t Sister Weiwei have a snack with us?"
When Chai Weiwei appeared, everyone here realized that Chai Weiwei was coming to find Qingchen trouble again. After all, everyone saw their former contradictions. Although Chai Weiwei had not been sad for Qingchen for a long time, everyone would subconsciously think that Chai Weiwei would find Qingchen trouble.
However, this time, unlike what everyone thinks, Chai Weiwei came here to have a look at the morning and said, "Take your time. I won’t join you if I want to lose weight."
They were all surprised, but they saw that Chai Weiwei really didn’t do anything. At this time, compared with Chai Weiwei, it is obviously the most important thing to eat a meal.
See you continue to eat midnight snack, Qing Chen still followed Chai Weiwei and touched her in the corridor.
At this time, Qingchen still politely said "Sister Wei Wei"
Chai Weiwei’s stewing steps are enchanting and his lips are slightly open. "I knew you would follow."
"You definitely didn’t go in to chat and have a look at everyone’s midnight snack. There must be something to tell me?"
"Hum you are clever" Chai Weiwei glanced at the green morning some awkward.
Qingchen was quiet in the same place. She knew that since Chai Weiwei had calculated that she would come out to find her, she must have something to say to herself.
But what made her have to draw herself out like this and be mysterious?
Chai Weiwei hesitated for a long time, but it meant not saying, "I have nothing to say to you, just to wish you a blessing."
Bless her? Bless her for what?
"It’s not easy to think about you and Chenchi in the past."
Chai Weiwei’s blessing made Qing Chen feel very strange.
Qingchen always feels that Chai Weiwei doesn’t want to bless her own people mindlessly. She might even wish that she and Chenchi could be separated. How can she still bless herself?
Qing Chen was puzzled, but Chai Weiwei didn’t say anything. He planned to walk on high heels and left as if he hadn’t said anything.
What the hell? What the hell does she mean?
I don’t blame Qingchen for doubting and thinking much, but Chai Weiwei’s attitude today is really suspicious.
But Qingchen couldn’t find out why Chai Weiwei did this, and he could struggle silently in his heart.
Today, I worked overtime until the early morning. I didn’t want Chenchi to pick me up so late, but he didn’t know when he was already waiting in the viewing platform.
I saw that particularly familiar Land Rover when I was in Qingchenlou.
"When will you come?" Go over and pull the door and ask Qingchen directly
Chenchi asked, "Don’t call me after work?"
Qingchen is guilty and spits out his tongue. "I don’t know when to go to work. In case you are asleep."
Chenchi patted the back of Qingchen’s head and snorted. "How can I sleep before I receive you?"
Qingchen smiled and explained "I just don’t want you to be too tired."
"It’s never tiring to have something with you." Chen Chi said and took back his hand and started the car.
In the early hours of the morning, traffic or people are scarce. If you work overtime and go home at this time, Qingchen will feel lonely. Even though she often tells herself that she is also enjoying herself alone, there will be some moments after all, and she really hopes to have someone with her.
Now, even if it is a quiet night outside, the morning will never feel lonely, because the smell of Chenchi is around her, so that she can feel how satisfied it is to have someone to accompany her, especially when this person is still your favorite.
This is probably why Qing father always wants Qing Chen to find the other half early. He has been there before, knowing that someone is with him and going home late at night, but people are waiting for the difference.
Qingchen couldn’t help but turn his head and look at Chen Chi’s side face. Men’s lines and faces have unusual charm. Men’s breath is noble and cold, and their looks are cool from their bones.