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However, more people feel that even if they protest, it will not change Reyes’ fate.

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If Sohler does it himself, then Reyes is basically doomed.
After all, Arsenal is a Premier League giant. How many people dream of playing for Arsenal.
When Chang Sheng swore that he would never let Reyes leave the team, the media analyzed it and thought Chang Sheng was bragging. Because no matter legally or morally, Changsheng can’t stop Sohler, the president of the club.
Although some fans are dissatisfied with Sohler’s sale of Reyes, there is nothing they can do. Their protests sound weak and not enough to change the situation.
Reyes seems destined to leave.
There’s nothing anyone can do.
But who would have thought that the final result was this!
At this time, everyone remembered that if the player refused to sign for Arsenal, Arsenal could not buy Reyes. Even if they succeed in persuading Valencia, they can’t convince Reyes!
Arsenal themselves did not expect that they would eventually encounter such a situation.
In fact, the contract they prepared for Reyes is quite good. They think that Reyes will not hesitate to leave Valencia as long as he takes a look at their new contract.
But Reyes refused without looking at it at all!
What’s going on?
Arsenal don’t understand, but Sohler does.
After learning the result, he seemed to win the game for the first time!
Changsheng’s annoying face with a smile appeared in front of his eyes.
It turned out that he was waiting for himself here!
He should have thought of it!
With the relationship between Chang Sheng and Reyes, he must have given Reyes some hint … Even he told Reyes directly that it was possible for him not to accept any offer!
This fucking bastard!
Changsheng said in an interview with reporters that he was very happy that Reyes finally chose to stay in Valencia.
"I think Reyes made the right decision. Valencia is currently in a rising period, and staying in Valencia is obviously more than leaving. "
He gently reminded the other players that if the club wants to bypass me and sell you, I hope you can keep your heart and refuse the contract offered by the other side like Reyes.
In Valencia, under my command, you can win the championship. But after leaving Valencia, I’m afraid you’re not so lucky …
Changsheng believes that you can understand it naturally and listen to it.
He doesn’t need to call one by one at all.
Those main players who rely on themselves will naturally stay.
Nowadays, in this Valencia’s main lineup, except albelda, Ba Laha, Ayala, Vicente and canizares, everyone else is always winning. He gave these people a new life and gave them the honor they dreamed of. Most of these people were nobody before joining Valencia, and no one valued them and recognized them.
But they played well in Valencia, making the whole world know them and remember their names.
They know very well who brought them the wind and light today. Therefore, when you really face the temptation of other teams, you will think about it.
In fact, this team has been basically controlled by the winning streak.
Just look at the popularity of Changsheng in this team has reached [worship].
It’s not that easy for Sohler to dig a corner that always wins.
Sohler was shocked by Reyes’ rejection of Arsenal’s contract, but there was nothing he could do.
If he is the head coach of the team, he can also put players who don’t listen to himself in the cold. For example, if he wants to sell Reyes, Reyes dares not to roll, so he can send him to team B and force him to leave the team.
But he is only the president of the club, and he can’t make mandatory arrangements for the head coach’s arrangement. He can suggest that Changsheng punish Reyes, but do you think Changsheng might listen?
It’s polite for Chang Sheng not to spit his face in person.
At this time, he finally understood why Changsheng said that the team was his territory …
It took him two seasons to run the team as solid as gold. Although I inserted a team doctor, I was not a key person, and I couldn’t win at all.
And it will be very difficult for you to have more dominance in the team.
In fact, when he just came to power, he once called Abelda and canizares, who have a good relationship among the players.
He hopes that these two people can be their pawns and eyes and ears in the dressing room. Of course, what he said was not so naked, but rather implicit.
He didn’t say who he was targeting, he just wanted to know about the internal situation of the team.
For example, when we have dinner together another day, let’s talk. There will never be a reporter present …
But even so, his requests were declined by albelda and canizares.
He said it tactfully, and the two refused it tactfully.
It’s not that their friendship doesn’t work.
But compared with the friendship between them, the deterrent power of winning is obviously stronger.
Everyone still remembers how Changsheng dealt with the leaker aimar.
What they deserve is not that they were sent to Team B for three weeks, but that after this incident was over, Changsheng still resolutely drove aimar out of Mestalla.
Nowadays, aimar is getting worse and worse in Inter Milan, and has not played in the league for a long time …
See, that’s what happens when you offend a constant winner.
Albelda and canizares are both smart people. They really don’t have to offend the winners.
Although their refusal may offend Sohler. However, in their view, Sohler, at least we have a good relationship at ordinary times, may understand.