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Inter Milan felt more at ease after resisting Lazio’s offensive in the second half.

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They don’t think Lazio can break their goal.
What they didn’t notice was that Lazio’s attack speed began to accelerate.
Even Mourinho didn’t notice this.
Because Lazio’s attack speed is not slow at ordinary times.
But there is still some difference between the speed this time and the usual speed.
Of course, they still sent some questions.
For example, cavani retreats more often now. When Gotze comes up with the ball and appears at the front of the penalty area, cavani will definitely withdraw from the penalty area after the meeting, and then turn his back to the attack direction to meet Gotze.
Gotze usually passes the ball to him, and the two men will smash the ball outside the penalty area to make a two-on-one cooperation. When cavani returns the football to him, he will take a long shot outside the penalty area.
This has almost become a fixed routine.
With this trick, Gotze made a three-legged shot ten minutes outside the penalty area.
It seems that the next defense should pay attention to the defense of retreating cavani …
When Gotze collided with each other’s defense line again and again in the frontcourt, modric was in a slightly backward position. He had been observing the performance of Gotze and the performance of Inter Milan’s defense line.
He tried to find out what he could use from it.
Gotze had a lot of two-one passes with his teammates before, and with this simple cooperation, they pushed the football to the vicinity of the restricted area of Inter Milan again and again.
But if you want to go inside again, it will be very difficult.
It becomes almost impossible.
The players of Inter Milan are all in the restricted area, and it is too difficult to get in by passing the ball.
That requires very high accuracy in passing and receiving the ball. Even if you receive the ball, you will be surrounded by Inter Milan at the same time, not to mention shooting, and you can’t even lift the passing foot.
It seems that … sometimes you have to make a personal breakthrough.
However, it is meaningless to let Gotze break through alone, except to hand over the ball to the other side.
Taking advantage of a dead ball, modric called david silva and ledesma together, and then said to them, "We have to create an opportunity for Mario, an opportunity to break through. This has to make the whole team pull out the vacancy for him. "
Ledesma said, "What do you say?"
"I thought for a moment, our passing is very good, and the other side must also pay special attention to our various passing and cutting cooperation in moving forward. Especially during this period, Mario and our two-one cooperation is very much. Inter Milan must have noticed this. So we can make an issue of it … "
Then he said his plan to two people in this way.
Ledesma smiled: "Simple, isn’t it to attract fire for him, then cover him and rush forward, and finally make a way for him before reaching the restricted area?"
Modric said that ledesma summed it up very well: "That’s it."
David silva didn’t talk much. He preferred to do it. Seeing that the dead ball was coming to an end, he turned and left: "Then start doing it!"
After several opportunities, the three men brought this plan to all the teammates who were going to take part in the attack, let them create the illusion of a group of attacking, and then help Gotze to break through until the final touchdown!
It’s like a running forward in football, but when he rushes forward with the ball, his teammates around him will always cover him, help him hold off those who come up to stop him, knock the defender in front of him and open a passage for him.
Then the runner ran all the way with the ball and finally scored a touchdown!
Finally, modric found Gotze: "Prepare for a long trip, Mario."
"Ah?" Gotze didn’t understand it at first.
Modric simply told Goetze about his plan.
Gezer did not modestly say that I was incompetent, but replied, "OK, I know what to do!" "
"Ledesma and meireles asked me to tell you that although you pushed forward, the ball was broken and they helped you get it back." Modric pointed to the two lower back behind him.
The two men stood side by side, and when they saw Gotze looking over, they winked at him.
Gezer felt encouragement and support from these older generations, and then these encouragement and support turned into strength.