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It can be said that the enchanter is the only deputy who can make a lot of money.

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Things are scarce, and noble people show’ essence’ because of scarcity.
It is because the enchanter has invested too much in the early stage, so the return in the later stage is quite large. An enchanted card may be a little more expensive, and it may be a million dollars cheaper or hundreds of thousands.
The most important thing is to rob a businessman with you and almost become a monopoly industry in disguise.
If you don’t make money in this situation, who else can?
The root problem is still due to the early investment problem, but in the case of making enchanted orbs later, there were only a few full-level enchanters, and at that time, enchanters were the most profitable vice industry in real sense.
"The deputy profit analysis is probably like this ~ Generally speaking, the initial positioning of the deputy is not for profit, but for the convenience of oneself and others to upgrade to’ sex’ and so on. See you later ~" Sakura Snow disappears.
"Silly bear, do you think this auction house has any ideas besides sending np materials?" Two whew sent a screenshot and asked
The second screenshot is papaya.
The top price of papaya is gold coins, a total of 168. It is estimated that a player has more than N accounts to feed np fruit.
Because of the good feeling, the price of papaya is still considerable.
"Ideas?" Tianyu some puzzled replied
"Well, there’s a business opportunity here, but it’s not suitable for a lot of tossing." Two wheezes must type back
Chapter 5 Demand Quantity
"I really didn’t see it …" Tianyu replied truthfully.
"Just now, I finished my second favor and planned to buy five papayas, but I didn’t find exactly five pawpaw shops in the auction, so I bought the cheapest group with three pawpaw shops. After the exchange, I added seven more pawpaw, and now the output is increasing, and it will become cabbage price sooner or later. I also plan to sell it now. How should I sell it?" Two xiu explained
"So that’s it …" Tianyu opened the auction house and carefully observed it again. A group of five is really rare.
However, the root cause is that during this period, the auction house law chose the number of buyers independently, and the sellers had to buy as many buyers as they wanted.
"I just tried selling eight gold coins each in five groups, with a total of 40,000 auctions in three groups and selling them directly in two minutes. One of the groups has a wrong price, so I put an extra” but if I go through the formalities, I can’t get back 10,000 gold coins. If I think about it, I can’t stand it … maybe the buyer’s eyes are’ flowers’ and I can’t see it clearly." Erxiu sent an email screenshot and typed it.
"Khan … now everyone is buying those specific deputy materials to complete their goodwill. The market should be very good. Many people in the game want to make it convenient or don’t like to think, so if you buy those deputy materials, look for a group of five and buy too much. Do you still feel that?"
"Sea turtle shells are even more exaggerated. At present, the market price is 11,000, and we can sell them to 25,000 pieces in a group, totaling 10,000. After the buyer finishes, the’ medicine’ of the body is almost 100,000. It is estimated that they are finished."
"It seems that all specific deputy materials can be set up in this mode. At present, not many people pay attention to this detail. Maybe someone will see you posing like this for a second, and then you will get cheap deputy materials in the auction house. Then you will compete at a lower price, and the most important thing in China is to follow the trend."
"This is for sure. I just said that it is not suitable for a lot of tossing and turning, but this phenomenon can be extended to other things. For example, if you need a rough piece, it will definitely sell better than hundreds of groups. For example, if you need to have a’ color’ big crystal auction, the cheapest quantity will often be broken. If you have a price difference with a’ color’ crystal, you can get gold coins." Erxiu analyzed.
"That said, it is estimated that the price of automatic shouting in other people’s streets must be lower than the auction price, so people can make the funds flow quickly."
"Well, it’s quite easy to study and study the feelings when chatting anyway. It’s also quite easy to feed np a million game coins a day."
"This kind of work is usually done in the workshop, but at present, the deputy materials have just come out of the market, but it is still quite broad, but it is not a big business opportunity. If you just make fun, it will become a lot of fun, but it will be a wave."
"Silly bear, do you have any plans for your next step? And the bone ring. Do we still accept this equipment? " Two xiu asked.
At the beginning, Tianyu planned to collect the bone ring just when the tiger title was the most abundant, so Tianyu resolutely chose to hoard the tiger title after considering the choice between the two.
The reason is simple: the tiger title is relatively less invested, and the income is the same as that of the bone ring, at least for one year. If it is one year later, it is estimated that the bone ring will exceed 100 million yuan and soar to 300 million yuan, and then it will return to the prototype because of the birth of the sacred synthesizer in the extreme altar.
"I don’t have any ideas … but the price increase of the bone ring is certain, mainly because we are short of liquidity at present and the title of tiger is still in our hands. Compared with the situation of no business opportunities, it will be more reliable to wait for the price increase of the title of tiger than to take risks and invest blindly."
"En" two whew is that if conservatives let him make a choice between big risks and big profits, big risks and small profits, he will definitely choose the latter.
Today is the fourth day after the update, and all kinds of deputy materials of the auction house have appeared, so the two discussed it.
It has already entered the Children’s Day in June, but it is not Tianyu’s dish.
"The seventh chapter has been updated … but the rattan bug hasn’t appeared yet. Will this bug no longer exist in this world?" Tianyu then tested the cloud angle’ color’ again, and there was still no physical attack superposition after testing a set of bugs.
At this time, a message sounded in the right corner of the brain.
Tianyu points to frown.
"The unlucky bear hasn’t been connected for a while, right?"
This message is from the Seventh Master.
"Seventh Master, don’t be ill. We haven’t been together for a while."
"Have you thought of any ways to get rich after a good feeling recently?"
"To tell you the truth, the recent game business opportunities are short-sighted, and I really haven’t found any big business opportunities. Why don’t you order them?"
Tianyu, it’s not rude to type this sentence, but it’s a little bitter. The taste is not strong or light, and the temperature is just right.
"Don’t be loquacious with me ~ to be honest, I haven’t found any big business opportunities. The lines are busy feeding np, but what’s this like? "Get" our group of businessmen seems to be boring with the construction room. "
"After all, there is no big change now. This job is profitable and the deputy materials have just come out of the market. The prices of several special deputy materials are also considerable. Can we find something to do without the direction of receiving goods?"
"Brother, seriously, the business community in the game has been calm for a while. Are you really without business opportunities or not?" Seven ye seems to be serious about typing and asked
"That department staff has been on a business trip recently … so I really don’t have any business opportunities." Tianyu fooled his team and used it to fool Seven Ye.
"… well, it seems that we can continue to engage in monopoly speculation and raise prices. This way can’t last too long because it is too’ overbearing’ and easy to attract public anger." Seven Ye Nai typed and said.
"Well, if there are any business opportunities, I will definitely inform Seventh Master."
"I’m relieved to have you this sentence! Waiting for your news. "
"Good" Tianyu stretched out after typing this word.