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Chapter 227 The fall of Jiang Kaijun
Just as Jiang Kaijun was still dreaming about how to get the money back, three uninvited guests came to his home.
"Who are you?" Jiang Kaijun looked at three strangers standing outside the door and asked.
"Jiang Kaijun is it?" Asked the man standing in the front.
"You, you?"
Jiang Kaijun words haven’t say that finish, three people through the door.
"Jiang Kaijun, come with us." One of them said.
"Who are you?" Jiang Kaijun was a little scared, and when he looked at people wearing straight black suits, he suddenly remembered that Qin Shaojie’s bodyguards were also in this shape yesterday. This is not his person.
"We are from the Commission for Discipline Inspection." Said, and took out a piece of paper from his briefcase and waved it in front of Jiang Kaijun. "This is an arrest warrant, please cooperate."
Jiang Kaijun looked at the bright red seal and immediately faded. Swearing in my heart. Damn it, that boy doesn’t keep his word
But no matter how ugly he scolded, Qin Shaojie couldn’t hear it, and he had to face the fact. Myself, it’s really over. As a result, the people of the Commission for Discipline Inspection were both surprised and angry.
Surprisingly, as soon as Jiang Kaijun was arrested, he told all the things he had done, plus the notebook he handed in on his own initiative, and the evidence was conclusive, just waiting for the trial.
What makes them angry is that what Jiang Kaijun has done can be said to be anger, corruption, bribery, taking advantage of his position to sell officials and illegal means to help Jiang Hai crack down on other people’s industries.
Jiang Kaijun’s attitude of admitting mistakes is good, and he also wants to take the initiative to explain and strive for leniency. But he forgot a word. Confess leniently, and go to jail. Resist strictly and go home for the New Year. That all confessed, even jianghai malicious acquisition of somebody else’s company, he is a person to fight down, the jianghai left out. That’s great. He saved his ass and waited for jail. According to the Chinese criminal law, corruption and bribery of more than 100,000 yuan means ten years’ imprisonment or life, and his illegal income actually amounts to 300 million yuan. Think about it, everyone knows that he has to do more dirty things. Waiting for him, there is only a plate of iron peanuts.
Just a few hours after Jiang Kaijun gave a full account, the noon news of Huaxia 1 was also reported. The host said very seriously. "This morning, Jiang Kaijun, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, took advantage of his position to illegally sell officials because of corruption and bribery, and obtained more than 300 million yuan in stolen money, which has been investigated by the discipline inspection department. Jiang Kaijun will face all the corrections, confess, and wait for him, which will be the most severe punishment. "
And this 300 million yuan of money was also handed over by Qin Shaojie. Qin Shaojie won’t take the money he shouldn’t take. The more than 30 million in Jianghai was collected by Qin Shaojie.
As soon as this incident came out, the whole entertainment industry was in a panic, from department managers, actors to ordinary employees, all worried. Because, Jianghai ran away. After Jiang Kai made his military fortune, he ran away. Moreover, according to legend, the boss of Shengshi Entertainment has also changed. It was even reported that Jiang Kaijun was brought down by the current boss of Shengshi Entertainment.
Soon, the legend that the prosperous time changed hands was confirmed. Because the relevant documents were distributed to various departments on the afternoon of Jiang Kaijun’s downfall.
Shengshi Entertainment is going to change its name, and there are a lot of personnel transfers.
This makes many people panic.
"Hello, sir, what can I do for you?" When Qin Shaojie walked into Shengshi Entertainment and went to the front desk, the receptionist who received him yesterday looked up and asked.
"Ha ha, Dong Lele, don’t you know me?" Qin Shaojie looked at this girl who revealed a pure strength everywhere, and said with a smile.
"ah? It’s you, sir, hello, I remember you. " Dong Lele looked at Qin Shaojie and recognized it. Isn’t this the handsome man in a white suit yesterday? It’s just that he wore a very ordinary casual dress and a wide-brimmed sunglasses today, and he didn’t recognize it at that time.
"Sir, we were talking about you yesterday." Another receptionist with Dong Lele said with a smile.
"oh? Chant me? " Qin Shaojie looked at Dong Lele’s blushing face and became interested. "What do I do?"
"No, no, sir, don’t listen to Taotao’s nonsense." Dong Lele hurriedly explained. I looked at Qin Shaojie, and then at several middle-aged people who followed Qin Shaojie who looked like successful people. Dong Lele said.
"What can I do for you, sir?"
Yesterday, Qin Shaojie demolished the chairman’s office. Except for Jiang Kaijun and his son, only Lian Yongsheng, who was fired by him, knew that other employees only knew that Shengshi Entertainment had changed hands, but they didn’t know who the new chairman was.
Qin Shaojie looked at this shy girl in front of him, and his heart suddenly seemed to be stung by something. It seems that the former Zhang Lili, too, was pure, beautiful and easily shy, but in the end, it became a slave to money.
"How long have you worked here?" Qin Shaojie looked at Dong Lele and asked.
"It’s been almost three years, and I’ve been working here since I graduated from college." Dong Lele whispered that he didn’t know why Qin Shaojie asked this, but he still said it.
"For three years, have you been the front desk?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"This ….." Dong Lele paused, what seems to be the room.
"Sir, you don’t know, we Lele, but the internship assistant of the general manager at the beginning, later went to the advertising department, but helpless, we Lele is so beautiful that we are always harassed by superiors who are gentlemen on the surface and animals behind their backs, and we Lele is a model of loyal women in the new era. As a result, we were demoted to the front desk. We Lele endured humiliation and continued to work for this high salary. " The receptionist named Taotao said first. "Handsome boy, why don’t you put our lele collection. Giggle. "
"Taotao, don’t talk nonsense." Dong Lele was a little anxious, and hurriedly went to cover his mouth.
"What’s your major in college?" Qin Shaojie didn’t care about Taotao, looking at Dong Lele smiled and asked.
"Secretarial." Dong Lele said.
"Well, you will go to the personnel department later, settle your salary this month, and report to the chairman’s office tomorrow." Qin Shaojie said, he turned to get on the elevator. Only two receptionists were left standing there confused. Dong Lele is even more direct. What does he mean by this?
"Miss Dong, I am the new general manager of Shengshi Entertainment. Even the manager of Yongsheng has resigned. Just now that is our new chairman, Qin Shaojie and Mr. Qin. You will be his secretary in the future. " When Dong Lele was confused about it, one of the middle-aged men standing behind Qin Shaojie just now came and looked at Dong Lele and said.