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I saw a stone room of 30 to 40 square meters inside, empty and without any decoration.

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But in the innermost part of the stone chamber, there is a tunnel that leads to nowhere.
Yang Xiu as the prince of the devils came in, he found that Bai Zhi had fought with the four monks of Shujianmen. At that time, the magic weapon flew around, and the treasure light was shot at random, which was very dazzling.
When the friar of Shujianmen saw Bai Zhi suddenly coming in, he couldn’t help but be surprised and angry. He shouted, "Who are you? Why don’t we be afraid of all the monks in our book sword gate? "
But Bai Zhi ignored each other’s threats. Just smile and command the giant stick, and grab the right block. Although it is to deal with four people at the same time, it does not fall in the wind.
And at this moment, the net good Yang Xiu and the ghost king came in again. When Song Ming saw it immediately, he was shocked and frightened. "Are you?"? Bloodthirsty shura? "
Tan Er, Li Wan and Cui Jie met. At the same time, his face changed greatly. Thinking about each other’s achievements in the past two months, my heart is even colder, and I feel a white and bloodless complexion at the moment.
Yang Xiu heard each other call themselves "bloodthirsty shura" zheng in the heart, then feel a little funny, ignored, directly called the prince of the devils. Also joined the fight.
Two top-ranking monks in the late Dan period, plus Yang Xiu, deal with such a few monks in Shujianmen. The ending has long been doomed.
Less than half a column of incense, Song Ming and other four monks were successively killed.
And after the incident of Zhi Clivia, Yang Xiu didn’t even leave time for the other party to blow itself up, so he stormed off as soon as he started, and didn’t give the other party a chance to breathe.
Sleeves swept away the four bodies, and immediately put their magic weapon, bodies and storage bags into the hands of Gan Kun.
He didn’t immediately clean up the loot, but quickly flew to the passage, trying to check it inside early, and then quickly left, otherwise, when the monk of Shujianmen came back, there might be some trouble again.
The passage is not very deep, it looks like more than ten feet.
At the bottom of the passage, it is a hall of hundreds of feet.
The hall is more than five meters high, but it is inlaid with some moonstones, so there is nothing else.
And around the hall, there are several doors, and most of the doors are still open, and there is no defense ban such as law.
Therefore, god knows what is going on, and it is completely clear at a glance.
But except for an opening that looks like a mine. Most of the rooms in it are empty. Not to mention what can make Yang Xiu move.
He also knows that there is no such good luck. There’s a magic weapon waiting for you to come and get it.
Therefore, let go of the faint disappointment in my heart, cooperate with Bai Zhi and the Ghost King, and quickly attack those rooms that are decorated with bans.
Most of these rooms are not well banned, but simply decorated to serve as a warning.
The highest array is just a middle array.
Obviously, it’s because this place is full of monks of Shujianmen. Therefore, in addition to the law outside Lingkuang, there is not much attention in it.
But there are also reasons why they don’t pay attention to it. Because these rooms, like other rooms. There’s nothing. It’s all empty.
But this is normal, just like Yang Xiu himself, most monks don’t put precious things in the practice room at will. Especially this training room is still temporary.
Therefore, it is usually put in a storage bag, which is convenient and safe.
But when he came here, he didn’t even think about looking for those monks’ things.
But because I learned that this is the secret Lingkuang of Shujianmen, I thought that there were Lingshi mined by them in Ken ‘an, so I planned to move these Lingshi that had been mined.
Because he knew that lingshi, which was generally collected together, was put in a special lingshi storage room in order to avoid the disappearance of lingshi aura.
Moreover, it is impossible for a monk to keep it in a storage bag alone. After all, no one can guarantee that he can withstand the temptation. If he pocketed it, how can others get it now?
Every time a room is banned, but now there is a mass of air inside, which makes Yang Xiu’s heart colder and colder.
"It’s never a bad time to come by yourself. They’ve already taken the Lingshi net away, right?" Just when he broke some depressed guesses in his heart. Suddenly I heard a voice from the ghost king.
It is said that it is actually a special room!
Yang Xiu smell speech, in the heart can not help but burst of excitement, immediately out of the empty room, walk around the ghost king, indeed as expected as the ghost king said.
I saw the array outside this room. It is two or three pounds higher than other rooms.
Yang Xiu hurriedly called Bai Zhi and the Ghost King, and the three of them attacked at the same time with magic weapons.
Although the defense of this law is good, it is much better than the general one, but it has not yet reached the level of ten kill array, and it should be a little weaker than the lightning array of the highest day.
And there is no friar to control it, so under the attack of the three of them, this law only lasted for two or three minutes, and then I heard a bang, and the defensive cover broke apart, showing the true colors of the room.
Outside the room and other places, there is no difference, but wait for Yang Xiu to go in and have a look. Only feel shine at the moment, always calm heart. I can’t help but feel a little excited.
I saw that this room is 100 square meters. It’s shiny inside. It is full of fragility. It’s a dream.
There is a pile of lingshi about ten cubic meters in size, which is dazzling.
Yang Xiu is not without seeing so many LingShi, and the last LingShi sent in the day. Much more than here.
What excites him is that this pile of Lingshi is basically an intermediate Lingshi, and there are some advanced Lingshi, but the lower Lingshi is not!
I didn’t expect this Lingkuang to be an advanced Lingkuang!
No wonder the book sword door is so hidden. Let the Nanling Sect have no idea.
Too late to sigh with emotion, Yang Xiu quickly began to collect these LingShi, and let Bai Zhi and the ghost king continue to open all the rooms that have not been banned. If there is nothing else, you can go.
Just after he put all the lingshi into Gankun’s hands, he also roughly estimated that the middle-order lingshi should have the appearance of two or three thousand pieces, while the high-order lingshi should have the appearance of more than three hundred pieces.
It’s such a pile, but it turns out that there are more lingshi than that time when I learned that the celestial corpse sent it.
No wonder Nanling Sect and Shujianmen have been fighting for so long, and they still don’t give way. With this one lingkuang, so many lingshi can be produced. Who is willing to give up?
Just as he put all the LingShi back. Suddenly I heard Bai Zhi’s voice again.

Chapter two hundred and thirty-five The mystery of Lingkuang
Fairy field Chapter two hundred and thirty-five The mystery of Lingkuang
Just after Yang Xiu collected all the lingshi in the room. Listen to the ugly white zhi gong "Beijing is an anomaly.
When he heard this, his heart moved and he immediately flew to Bai Zhi’s place.
Bai Zhi is standing in a room now. This room is as empty as any other stone room.
No, it can’t be said that there is nothing left in it. Looking down Bai Zhi’s eyes, Yang Xiu saw at least a futon in the room.
But what puzzles Yang Xiu is that this futon should be nothing special. And there are also several rooms where there are also objects such as futons and incense tables, and there is no abnormality in them.
But Bai Zhi obviously won’t shoot at random. So he released his divine knowledge and felt it carefully again. But there’s still no psychic fluctuation.
"What’s happening now?" I checked and found nothing. Yang Xiu also don’t want to delay time, immediately to Bai Zhi.
When Bai Zhi heard this, he immediately sucked the futon in his hand, but he pointed to the ground below the light futon and said, "Look, master, there is a faint aura fluctuation here. Obviously there is something down there!"
Yang Xiu also always thought there was something wrong with this futon, but it turned out to be the wrong object! No wonder I didn’t see anything special.
He swept to the ground with his knowledge, but his face felt like an ordinary stone.
But the thought of Bai Zhi should not be wrong, so he paid close attention to it for a while.