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"This ….." Li Yi really don’t know what to say at the moment. Did you say yes yourself? If we all sleep together, Li Lu might die. If you don’t say that men and women don’t kiss each other, you are afraid that you will regret it.

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"Come on, what can I do for you?" Li Lu asked.
"This … don’t you think there is some of that?" Li Yi said shyly.
"What that? What do you mean that? What’s that? "
"Forget it, nothing, let’s go." Li Yi knew that even if she told Li Lu for a long time, she wouldn’t understand, and maybe she would get confused, so it would be better not to tell.
"Is there really nothing?"
"It’s really nothing."
"how about it? How is my house? Is it beautiful? " Li Lu’s voice is full of expectation.
Li Yi looked dumbfounded. Is this the room? This Nima is all decorated with grass and trees, and there are even small toys made of "Mao Mao Dog". This … this is a child’s room!
"Well, it’s really’ beautiful’." Li Yi said sadly.
"We’ll sleep here tonight." Li Lu said in bed.
Will you be killed by grass in the middle of the night? Will you get up in the middle of the night and let something made of "Mao Mao Dog" frighten to death?
Thinking of this, Li Yi not only got a cold war.
"Well … you go to sleep first, and I’ll go out to the toilet."
Li Yi walked out of the room and went outside.
"I have to admire myself now. This idea is really too second."
It turned out that just now, Li Yi came up with a good idea, and when Li Lu slept, she went to sleep by herself. How wonderful!
Li Yi sat down and looked at the moon in a daze.
"Boy, why don’t we practice now?" The infinite voice flashed in Li Yi’s ear again.
Practice? It seems that this is a good idea, too. Otherwise, how can I kill time by myself?
"Ok, let’s do it."
"Boy, I think your swordsmanship is too bad. You’d better practice it!"
"Old man, you still say that I am rotten. Maybe you are better than me. Then you can practice it for me."
"When you have finished practicing, I will show you my swordsmanship."
"That’s how to practice swordsmanship?"
"This is just practice, practice with your own sword, and make it more suitable for you."
"It seems to be constant practice!" Li Yi realized it.
"I think so. I don’t know." Wuji doesn’t care about anything, as if he were a paradise.
"You … OK, I’ll practice by myself." Li Yi said helplessly.
"How is the boy practicing?" Wuji said.
"Old man, you don’t tell me how to practice! Just practice! "
"Well, don’t be a dissatisfied housewife."
"Bah, who is like a dissatisfied housewife? We have to talk about it. "
"That, don’t you want to see my jianfa? Watch me perform for you. "
"Really?" It seems that it was not Li Yi who wanted to talk about just now, but another person.
"Really, oh, yes, I don’t seem to be able to do it yet, wait until I am resurrected."
"You can dig a hole and jump down, so don’t come out. That’s your home, where you should be."
"What … what is it?" Wuji didn’t seem to listen to what Li Yi said just now.
"Depend, old man, your IQ is too low, you are a pit."