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Suddenly, when the three wandering ninjas were about to break out in chakra, they found that the cross-country figure had disappeared!

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And the disappearance of cross-country is not the most frightening thing for those three wandering ninjas!
The three wandering ninjas suddenly regretted going to Konoha Village, but after the cross-country disappeared, they were wrapped in that strange shadow!
Indifference sounds entered the ears of the three wandering ninjas along the cross-country direction.
After the cross-country, I didn’t get hurt, even my fingers didn’t move!
Shadow hand suddenly solidified!
In the shadow shield shrinking, the bodies of the three wandering ninjas were suddenly crushed into a mixture of flesh and blood, and they fell to the ground with "splash" and "splash"!
Chapter 335 Who kills people?
"Although they are wandering ninjas, the strength of those three wandering ninjas is good."
"Off-road adult …"
"Can’t something happen?"
Out of the previous three wandering ninjas, although it was already another wandering ninja who met Konoha before cross-country, but recalling the strength of the top three wandering ninjas, Konoha’s dark part is still worried about cross-country.
After all, the three vagrant ninjas he met before were the best among the vagrant ninjas in Kurosuki Raiga!
According to the strength of forbearance, the three vagrant ninjas in cross-country combat at least have the strength of elite forbearance level.
Being able to practice as a wandering ninja into an elite shows how much pains and hardships those three wandering ninjas have spent.
Then very not easy beside the companion beheaded off in front of the wandering ninja, the in the mind still miss cross-country konoha dark part is ready to return to cross-country side to see how far his three wandering ninja confrontation has gone.
But looking back, what did the dark part of Konoha see?
The name konoha dark impressively is found off-road figure disappeared!
And even the three wandering ninjas in front of cross-country disappeared there by virtue of it!
After observing for a long time, I found that there were three beaches of flesh and blood mixture on the ground. I was worried about the dark part of cross-country konoha and a cold sweat broke out on my forehead!
Are these the three wandering ninjas?
There was no trace of war around, and those three wandering ninjas turned into paste?
How strong is the cross-country adult?
For an instant, the eyes were full of shock. The dark part of Konoha gasped for air, and then he found the trail of cross-country in the battlefield ahead.
Obviously, although the secret department of Konoha knows that cross-country is very strong, it is still skeptical to say that cross-country has the strength to kill three elites in a round of confrontation.
Soon in front of the crowd, this konoha dark part found the cross-country figure.
However, watching those wandering ninjas around the cross-country encounter with suspicion, the shocking color in the eyes of this konoha dark part turned out to be more intense!
And it was not until that moment that I doubted the strength of off-road that I realized that off-road was even worse than he thought!
Alone surrounded by wandering ninjas, what did this konoha dark part see?
He was surprised to see that one step in the cross-country injury situation was to kill a wandering ninja next to him!
Is this still a fight?
Just crush it, okay?
I don’t know that when the cross-country rushes into the crowd of wandering ninjas and slaughters those wandering ninjas at will, most of the dark parts are in the same mood as the former one!
At first, cross-country made the "acceleration" occult science rapidly enter the wandering ninja crowd, and the dark circles sent by three generations of Naruto were still worried about cross-country safety.
In Kurosuki Raiga, most of those homeless ninjas hold the same idea as the three homeless ninjas who died tragically.
That is, cross-country looks like a kid. There’s no need to be afraid!
If I can kill him, Lord Kurosuki Raiga will certainly give me a lot of benefits!
Some people are greedy for petty gain, while others are greedy for the Kurosuki Raiga Prize!
The first stray ninja gave up directly in front of interest, and the dark part of Konoha directly attacked the cross-country front. When the bitterness in his hand gradually approached the cross-country throat, the stray ninja seemed to see several rewards waving to himself. Unfortunately, when his eyes were full of greed, the cross-country suddenly turned around and came, and he directly crossed the country. The indifferent eyes looked at each other!