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At this point, their thoughts can be said to be completely focused on the crispy limbs of the treasure, and the rest are ignored. At this time, who mowgli right hand cage in the sleeve, secretly put out a control tactic.

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When it is, the limbs are crisp and radiant, and a tremor escapes from the hands of Ling’s fifth property and flies in the void. Seeing this, Ling’s old six and the five worshippers couldn’t help but follow the crisp movement of their limbs and look at the posture. If it weren’t for the possible movements of Ling’s old five, I would be ready to jump directly.
The limbs were crisp in the air, and the light was full. At the same time, the double circles began to turn over and turn, such as the sound of turning Tai Chi and ding-ding, and it was very pleasant to hear.
Looking at the blazing light, listening to this sweet fairy sound. The old six of Ling’s family and the five offerings behind him all seemed to see this exquisite treasure and chose themselves as their masters. Without waiting for their own moves, they spontaneously flew towards themselves.
"The treasure has a spirit, and you can recognize the Lord yourself. You can’t blame me for being a brother’s rob!"
"The treasure has a spirit, and you can recognize the Lord yourself. Even if you are the main family, you can’t take it away. After all, even my people have worked for you, don’t you still want to part with an instrument?"
Five colors are dazzling! Five-tone fans!
The worship of the old six and five of the Ling family, because of the mind previously induced by Wei Wuji, was suddenly confused by the crisp soul-shaking divine light and soul-shaking divine sound of the limbs, and gradually sank deeper and deeper in the dreamland imagined by themselves.
And their bodies, at the same time, collapsed and fell to the ground.
Wei Wuji painstakingly built it for such a good opportunity. Now, the opportunity is just around the corner. How can Wei Wuji miss it? When it is, Bai Hongjian in his hand swings, his body and sword are United, and he volleys five times. Six heads soar into the sky, and thick blood columns gush out like spring water.
After slaying these six people, Wei mowgli dispersed the sword light and fell to the ground. Looking away, he found that the faces of these six people were all with intoxicating smiles. Obviously, when the sword light was added to the body, they did not pull out from the dreamland. See so, who mowgli could not help but sigh, "it seems that a person’s biggest enemy is himself! A greedy thought made them addicted to it so deeply, but I was always worried that the limbs would attack six masters of the foundation, and the power to shake the soul was not enough, so I buried the maze of Liujia in advance!
It seems that in the future, I can’t rely on the power of the multiplier itself, but also consider whether there is any way to further develop the strength of the multiplier. After all, in kendo, there is already a way to combine man and sword, and in the multiplier, there is no way to combine man and treasure. "

Chapter DiYiSiGe genius record, can’t open.
Chapter DiYiSiGe genius record, can’t open.
After the exclamation, Wei Wuji walked over with great familiarity. The soul-searching solution was used, and the memory of these six people was also collected, and the situation of Ling’s family was confirmed and supplemented.
Then, who mowgli took all the implements and storage bags from them, and then his right hand flicked, and the most basic firelight technique was put to use. Countless sparks flew out, and immediately, all the bodies crashed and burned.
Seeing this, Wei Wuji stopped at that time and collected two sets of arrays. At that time, he took the kamikaze boat and went to the gate of the Five Elements Sect.
Because it’s already dark at this time, it’s impossible to hand in the trial task today. Therefore, Wei Wuji is no longer running as before, and he is not in a hurry to fly in the cloud road.
By rights. Who mowgli should do most now, is to take advantage of the ling home to send two waves of troops don’t know, ran past, will they catch. In fact, Wei Wuji thinks so, too. However, he is really concerned about the five elements of Suoying crystal plate, but he can’t just pass.
Because, based on the same city, Ling’s family is only two Wan Li, and it is still within the scope of the shadow. This time back to the mountain, his first goal is to understand the operation law of Suoying crystal plate.
Then Wei Wuji’s road back to the mountain, without any accident, easily reached the outermost foundation peak of the Five Elements Sect.
Because Wei Wuji at this time is not yet a formal disciple of the inner door, he can’t spend the night on any peak of the inner door. Not even an empty mountain peak. Therefore, he still can only live in the foundation peak. This time, Wei Wuji didn’t rob any other disciples’ residence again. In the mountains outside, he found a place casually and threw it out to live with him. He lived in.
Nothing happened all night.
The next morning, Wei Wuji got up early in the morning, and after practicing the fundamental law of the highest day, he collected his personal residence and drove the kamikaze boat towards the Five Elements Peak.
With the last experience, Wei Wuji has more experience this time. On the way, he met a classmate who was also rushing to the Five Elements Peak and invited him up immediately. Therefore, this time, without any delay, he directly entered the space where the Five Elements Peak was located through the prohibition of the large array of the Five Elements Lingfeng.
I took the kamikaze boat and walked up the mountain. When I got to the Deacon Hall, the Deacon Hall just opened. However, it was not Peng Zun that I met last time, but another deacon who looked older. After passing the first name, Wei Wuji learned that the deacon’s name was Xu Zhang.
Xu Zhang’s manner of speaking and handling affairs is the same as his appearance. They are all good guys. This kind of personality, although not very pleasing, but no one will hate it. However, Wei Wuji knows that this kind of person’s character is wordy, and he is afraid that he will delay too much time because of his concern. Therefore, after Xu Zhang asked, he immediately replied, "Brother Xu, I have come to deliver the trial task to the Ukrainian people. Please help me pass on a message!"
"oh? Brother Wei did something earth-shattering, and he actually had to release the task directly from the real person? " Xu Zhang face startled, surprised way.
From this sentence, Wei mowgli knew that Xu Zhang, the solidified disciple of the outer door, was very different from Luc and Peng Zun. He must have the idea of making achievements and entering the inner door. Therefore, except for the deacons, they are all practicing penance behind closed doors. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to hear their own names, but they don’t know their own stories.
People with such perseverance can’t say that they have made great achievements, but they are likely to surpass their inner disciples and achieve a higher level in the future. Especially, in the patriarchal clan. Can get this level of service work, are covered by the background. Such a classmate, Wei Wuji naturally does not hesitate to make friends. When it is, he is also very modest. He smiled and said, "No, but it was on the night of entry that the advanced foundation was successfully built!"
"oh? So, didn’t Brother Wei break the record? No, it’s a record. Registration must be carried out in the Deacon Hall, which will never open until the time. Brother Wei will definitely not neglect this point. Now, Brother Wei has become the first person in the five elements of advanced foundation forever, and no one can surpass it. The strange way will disturb Wu Zhenren! " Xu Zhangdao.
Who mowgli was very cool, smiled and said, "this is just a nice name, actually. The foundation period sounds one step higher than the gas refining period, but it is still the last thing in the whole practice system. If there is a big fight, it is cannon fodder. Only by becoming a real person, can we be regarded as having a foothold in the cultivation of immortals.
A person who is so determined and willing to retreat from obscurity as Brother Xu will have a greater chance of advancing to the Golden Dan period in the future. This time, after I delivered the trial task to the Ukrainian reality, I also intend to practice penance behind closed doors for a while like Brother Xu! "
Smell this, Xu Zhang complexion is another ash, unabashed appreciation at that time, said with a smile. "Young people who succeed like Teacher Wei are rarely able to see through this. Being able to become an inner disciple, my younger brother has a great advantage over us. I hope that my younger brother will not waste this rare share. "
After a pause, Xu Zhang continued, "Well, I won’t delay Brother Wei’s time. I’ll go and ask Wu Zhenren!"
As soon as the words fell, he bowed to Wei Wuji, and Xu Zhang also went to the underground chamber like Peng Zun last time.
Soon, the deacon Wu Tong, a real person, came out with a warm smile like spring breeze. See who mowgli came forward, draw said, "who’s nephew came back to complete the task, the speed is not slow! Did not live up to the name of genius! Come with me! "
"Yes!" Who mowgli should, then, also don’t worry not slow behind the deacon reality with wu, came to the upstairs, with wu deacon’s room.
After Wu Tong sat down, he immediately asked, "Well, take out the results of your trial task, and let me see how well you have completed the task since the first day of the Five Elements Sect!"
Although Wu Tong’s words are quite funny, Wei Wuji can clearly sense them, which means nothing but endless concern. Feel the real goodwill, who mowgli is no longer too polite, at the moment, took out a storage bag from me, and began to cut out the heads of six demon disciples inside, one by one, and put them on the case.
Who mowgli took out the first head, wu with face without any strange. Appears to be very calm, as if he already knew, who mowgli beheaded a disciple of the inner door of the six demons, which is normal.
When Wei mowgli took out the second head, the smile on Wu Tongmian became brighter. Because, because most trial tasks are quite dangerous, most trial disciples are completed step by step according to the requirements of the trial tasks, and few break the routine and choose to take the initiative to attack after completing the tasks. It is the competition record, and it is mostly the speed of the competition completion time.