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Why do people here dress strangely and show their thighs?

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Why do they always talk to themselves with a small box in their hands?
Why can people be put in that big box in the square?
Qin Shaojie is very depressed. These two women are so wordy. They are not a hundred thousand whys. Why are there so many whys?
Besides, even if they are a hundred thousand whys, they are not the Haier brothers who only wear a pair of boxers in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Where do you know so many whys?
Even if you know, you can’t tell them, otherwise they will definitely ask more why.
Qin Shaojie thinks it’s better to be a steady teacher. You see, people don’t ask why in Lingyue.
"Lord Qin." Spirit month suddenly cried.
"Shh" Qin Shaojie hurriedly made a gesture in a low voice and said. "You can’t call the master of Qin Gate here."
"Why?" Spirit month puzzled asked.
"This secular world is not the same as the spiritual world. You call me the Master of Qin, and I call you the Fairy of Ling Yue. It is easy to be regarded as a mental illness and will be arrested by the police." Qin Shaojie quietly explained.
"What is a policeman?" Spirit month haven’t talk, clear dew quickly asked.
"Well … just catching fast." Qin Shaojie said.
"Well, I see." Spirit month nodded and said. "Then how shall we call you?"
Ling Yue wanted to call Qin Shaojie by his name directly, but she thought it was really bad. Her education is not a mess of marrying Gao Fushuai and being happy all her life, but a very traditional education of three obedience and four virtues. Therefore, Ling Yue feels that as a woman, it is impolite to call each other by their first names.
"This ….." Qin Shaojie wanted to think, suddenly smiled and said. "Young women here call men always call eldest brother. You are very young, and we are so familiar, just call me Qin Dage. "
If this is heard by Ouyang Yao, a big mouth will definitely smoke in Qin Shaojie’s face, and then name him shameless. However, Ling Yue’s three daughters don’t know these things.
I thought that the name of big brother was only for my own brother, but everything I saw after coming to this city subverted their ideas, and many new and strange things kept coming into their sight. This makes them feel that there is nothing to call. Anyway, the world is strange enough. Probably women will call men big brothers.
Since you’re here, do as the Romans do.
"ah? Call it that. " Qing Lou said a little embarrassed. She thinks that only those who like it can be called big brother. If Qiu had secretly promised Qin Shaojie’s heart, he was called Qin Dage. But how do you call yourself an exit?
"Yes, don’t believe you." Qin Shaojie said, and pointed to a woman wearing hotel work clothes at the entrance opposite the airport.
Three women turned away in confusion, when they heard that the woman was stopping a man pulling a suitcase and said. "Eldest brother, hotel? It’s very cheap to cut prices recently. "
"Can’t live." The man said without looking back.
"Big brother, hey big brother, we are cheaper than other hotels here, big brother, don’t go."
"Hey, it’s really like this." Qing Lou cocked his head and said.
"Yes, that’s why you should call me that." Qin Shaojie said with a smile.
Hehe, the women in this spiritual world are really easy to fool. That’s not where it is. It’s just a hotel looking for customers for competition. If I take you to a small hotel near the railway station, there will be more men who stop calling big brother.
"Qin Dage." Although I feel a little embarrassed, Qinglou and Qingyu let out a weak cry.
"alas." Qin Shaojie readily agreed, and his face almost smiled into a flower.
"Qin, Qin Dage." Although Ling Yue feels a little wrong, Qin Shaojie is right. The woman calls her eldest brother when facing men she doesn’t know, so do as the Romans do.
"Oh, well, Lingyue, I’ll call you that." Qin Shaojie more beautiful, smile happily of say. "Come on, let’s go by plane."
I didn’t think about it, I didn’t think about it. Ling Yue is a fairy figure. It’s so cool to call herself big brother.
Qin Shaojie’s feeling now is more comfortable than eating ginseng fruit.
Xing Hai Xing Hai, you old hairy bastard, you’ve been chasing people for hundreds of years, and they haven’t even given you a good look. Look at my little brother. I’ve only met him a few times. He’s called Big Brother.
Hey, hey, if you are willing to kneel down and give me a three-kneeling, nine-knocking, and then make an apology, I’m not sure I’ll consider teaching you how to pick up girls-Qin Shaojie thought to himself.
Chapter 394 Talk about ideals
Qin Shaojie felt that he was very low-key. Apart from being handsome, there was no bright spot on his body. That casual dress with a few hundred dollars is really inconspicuous.
In ancient times, there was a saying that a mother depends on her child, but now Qin Shaojie is an ugly man who depends on her beauty.
Although he is not ugly, that is to say.
If you take a beautiful woman to the street, you won’t attract attention. If you bring three, even if you are really ugly, many people will look at you.
They want to see what kind of dung ball will attract more than three flowers.
"Qin Dage, how do I feel strange?" Clear dew feel other people’s eyes, some awkward whispered to Qin Shaojie asked.
Qin Shaojie smiled bitterly. Don’t say you think it’s weird. I think it’s weird, too.
"Nothing, nothing, let them see it, and it will be fine when they get on the plane." Qin Shaojie said. But I always feel that this trip will not be very peaceful.
It’s like the last time he took Qiu Re home, he met Jiang Hai on the plane, which led to a series of things happening later.
I don’t know where he went. Qin Shaojie thought.
"Qin Dage, is that the plane?" Qing Lou asked with a curious face, pointing to a plane that had just taken off.
"Yes, it’s a plane. Let’s go." The passengers who were in and out of the airport were really a little scared, and Qin Shaojie hurriedly urged the three women to enter the waiting hall.
Now you need real-name registration system even by train, let alone by plane.
Don’t need to get a fake ID card, Qin Shaojie directly took out his own certificate, called the airline leader, and got all the boarding procedures in minutes. Moreover, four people were invited to the VIP lounge to have a rest.
If Qin Shaojie hadn’t told the airline leaders that the four of them were on a secret mission, the leaders would have given them a warm reception.
The VIP lounge can be described as everything, all kinds of drinks, sofas and TVs. It’s much more comfortable than the hard bench outside.
Qinglu and Qinglu are just like a village girl who has never seen the market-in fact, they are almost the same. I felt around there, touched the wine cabinet for a while, and then picked up the remote control and pounded it twice. At that time, I actually had fun.
Although Ling Yue is also curious about these things, after all, a person who is a master should always look like a master. Just sitting there looking at everything in the lounge.
"Qin … eldest brother." Ling Yue always thinks it’s awkward to call it that. But there’s nothing I can do.
"You are the leader now, what are you going to do in the future? How can we fight against the magic road? " Spirit month asked.
I don’t know. Qin Shaojie some depressed thought.
Ling Yue, a woman in today’s society, is definitely a strong woman in a professional suit. Everywhere I go, I talk about my work, but I don’t care about other things at all.
At the very least, Qin Shaojie thinks that talking to him about champions and fighting against magic is talking about work.