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"How much is twenty-seven plus two?"
"Where’s the other dollar?" Qin Shaojie laughed. "Xing owners, that’s how you count? I’m afraid you have lost a lot of money in Wudang these years. "
Xinghai "…"
Chapter 390 So broken array
"Wow, ha, ha, ha ….." Many people in the audience have ignored any image and so-called grace, holding their stomachs and laughing with a snot and tears, and some people even laughed and knocked on the table, just lying on the ground and rolling two times to show that they are very happy.
"You …" Xinghai Qin Shaojie, the whole face rose into a pig liver color, the whole body trembled speechless, and there was no smug expression on her face just now.
He realized now that he had been fooled by Qin Shaojie again.
"This boy is really full of something." Yuyangzi smoothed her beard and laughed.
"Yes." North ghost war also laughed. "Ximenxiong, do you know where the dollar is? I haven’t thought about it for a long time. "
"Ha ha." Yuyangzi was amused by the North Ghost War and laughed. "It’s just a word game. If you think about it, you can figure it out. Then Xing Hai is in the way of Qin Xiaozi."
Even Ling Yue, who has always been cold, can’t help covering her face with her sleeves. Don’t look away, her shoulders are shaking. Obviously, she also laughed.
"I am what I am." Qin Shaojie said smilingly. "Xing Zhangmen, you haven’t told me where the dollar went."
"That dollar …" Xinghai is also ashamed and angry at this time, and he still wants to understand the way.
"How, can’t think of it?" Qin Shaojie laughed. "Then I am willing to gamble and lose."
"good." Xinghai is almost gnashing should be a sound, this just untied the belt, took off his cassock.
A yogi like Xing Hai usually wears a wrap inside and a cassock outside. Now take off the cassock, leaving only the white clothes inside. Qin Shaojie is wearing his usual clothes, and naturally he has short sleeves when he takes off his coat.
"Xing Zhangmen, if you lose again, you will be naked ~ running." Qin Shaojie laughed.
"Hum, don’t be too proud." Xing Hai snorted and said, "Come on, let’s try something in the second game."
Xinghai has some worry, this first game lost such a big face, eager to find a son in the second game.
"Well, since you are anxious to run naked, you can do it." Qin Shaojie said.
"Wait." Xinghai suddenly cried.
"What’s the matter now?" Qin Shaojie asked doubtfully.
"In this second game, isn’t it my turn to play the rules?" Xing Hai said.
His abacus is very good. Since Qin Shaojie said the rules in the first game, he will come to the second game, at least he can choose some titles that he is good at.
"Ok, then you go ahead." Qin Shaojie promised to come down without thinking.
"hmm? You agreed? " Qin Shaojie promised to be happy, but Xing Hai was puzzled.
This boy promised to come down so happily, will it be cheating again?
Have to say, XingHai has been Qin Shaojie whole a little nervous, straight regret why promised him this outrageous bet.
"You are a man who says that you will go back to the old-age care if you are hard of hearing." Qin Shaojie said.
"Well, in that case, I’ll say it." Wanted to think, Xing Hai felt that this round was up to him, so his winning face was the biggest anyway, so he would not hesitate.
"Since we want to be the leader, the mind is very important, then we will continue to be better than the mind. However, let’s break the array. " Xing Hai said.
"No problem." Qin Shaojie happy should be down, but the in the mind have already communicated with ghost.
"You boy, you don’t know anything about this array, so you shouldn’t let him talk." Ghost didn’t good the spirit said.
"If you let him choose, you can teach me a method of formation, and you can deal with it casually. If you have to take off your half sleeve, there is still a vest inside." Qin Shaojie said.