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"I just said that I asked the man to give Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao a chance to host the disaster relief with Lin Chen."

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Zhang Ting Ceng Yi got up from his side and stared at the man around him. "You’re crazy. How did you let the two brothers take this trouble? Where is such a good relief? Where is your turn to get your request? Those emperors have already robbed you of it. This is a troublesome thing."
Hao Ren quickly got up and pushed her back to her seat with a look of excitement. "Don’t worry, I’ll listen to you and tell you slowly. Do you think I’m a fool in your heart? You have to believe me, I must have my reasons for doing this. I won’t hurt them both."
Zhang Ting glared at him at losing his temper and said, "Well, I want to hear what reason you have to talk about me."
Say that finish this sentence Zhang Ting twist your body to one side.
Hao Ren looked at her childish appearance and touched the tip of her nose with a smile.
He knew that if he took it out and told her, he would be angry. Sure enough.
Hao Ren sat down again and shook her struggling little hand gently and said, "The thing is, Lin Chen told me last night that if we want that person to pay attention to Zhan Xi, he should first highlight his achievements or other things, otherwise he won’t notice Zhan Xi."
Zhang Ting just twisted to one side when he said these words, and his body has slowly turned around.
She looked at Hao Ren who stopped suddenly and asked, "So what?"
Hao ren glanced at her, turned around and the corners of her mouth bent.
Go on, "You just said that this disaster relief is a troublesome thing, but if this troublesome thing is solved by Zhan Xi, do you think that person will look at Zhan Xi differently?"
"You mean you want Zhan Xi to pass this matter, so that the one who pays close attention to Zhan Xi is better to let the one who puts Zhan Xi in that position?" Zhang Ting squinted and smiled at the corners of his mouth. Hao Ren, as fine as a fox, asked.
Hao Renma gently nodded his head. "Yes, that’s what I mean, Xiaoting. Do you think I’m still hurting them both by doing this now?" Hao Ren looked at her with a funny smile on his face.
Zhang Ting’s cheeks are slightly red, and just now it’s like an angry rooster. At this time, it’s like losing a rooster in a fight.
"I, I just worried, didn’t I? Besides, you didn’t seriously explain to me just now. Is it difficult for people to worry?" Zhang Ting blushed and explained to Hao Ren in a hesitant tone.
Hao Ren smiled and held her other hand. "You have to trust me after the small court. I won’t do anything stupid."
Zhang Tingli nodded his head and looked at him and said, "Of course, I have always believed in you in my heart."
"But you didn’t believe me just now" Hao Ren looked at her with a face of koo expression.
Zhang Ting was once again flushed by Hao Ren’s words.
"Then we should inform this matter now." Zhang Ting looked at Hao Ren and asked.
Hao Ren chuckled and said, "Don’t worry, those two guys will come by themselves at lunch later. We’ll just wait for them at home."
Since winter, these two guys have been reluctant to leave Hong Wangfu and moved into their newly endowed Wangfu.
However, every few days, these two guys will run to Hong Wangfu to have a windfall and come and talk to everyone in Hong Wangfu.
Just after hearing this sentence from Hao Ren, Zhang Ting was dubious. When it was almost lunch, the two guys were really wet and came to Hong Wangfu.
The two brothers, "Sister Courtyard", looked like they hadn’t seen Zhang Ting for a long time when they saw Zhang Tingma.
When the two brothers were about to lean toward Zhang Ting’s side, they had long been prepared for them. Hao Ren stopped their brothers from running in front of Zhang Ting.
"You’re all wet. You’re trying to give your little sister a chill, aren’t you?" The unpleasant sound points to the two brothers.
War tin with war hao looked down at his body a twist can twist to water coat suddenly to Zhang Ting with Hao Ren hey hey smile.
"The little sister, let’s go back to the room and change clothes first, and then we can talk about it." Zhan Xi told Zhang Ting with a happy face.
Chapter 196 Make some achievements!
Zhang Tingchao smiled at the two brothers and waved at them. "Come on, you two, go and change. You’ll catch cold."
War tin and war Hao ran out of here with a happy face and went over to their room here.
When they met again, it was in the dining room.
Hong Wangfu hall is very big, and the dining table can also eat for fifty people.
At this time, the table has been filled with many people.
Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao, when the two brothers came over after changing their clothes, they saw the people sitting at the dinner table. The two brothers smiled and greeted the people present with a warm greeting.
War Hao sat and didn’t expect that he would see Li Yucheng this little guy here in Hong Wangfu.
"Li Jiaxiao, why are you still living in my sister’s house? Why don’t you go back to live in such a good place?" Zhan Hao looked at Li Yucheng’s children sitting beside him with a strange smile.
Strange to say, these two guys get along well with others, but it happened that these two guys can quarrel at the touch.
It’s as if they both look down on each other.
"I like living here. Aunt Zhang Ting said that I can live as long as I want, but you, your palace, are so good. Why are you here?"
War hao gnashing stared at his eyes this Li Yucheng.
If it weren’t for the fact that this little guy was a little guy, he would have slapped this little guy a long time ago
"Well, don’t quarrel with a child as soon as you come. Are you ashamed? Sister Xiaoting has cooked a lot of dishes that we like to eat today. If you don’t eat these dishes, you won’t have a share."
Zhan Xi can’t watch it anymore. His arm hit his side and he sat next to Brother Six.