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"Wait, don’t make any noise." Chu Yanqi felt very confused and asked, "You mean, I need to sign an agreement with you. Oh yeah, even if there is no agreement, it doesn’t matter. I need to promise you that after Jiazi, Xiao Nu and others will come out, so you can’t have nothing to do to bother you?"

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"Yes!" The red-robed bodhi old zu nodded. "That’s the sentence."
"Do you think they will listen to me?" ChuYan habitat has a feeling of distress situation. Owl slave is really calling his master, but he feels that Owl slave just keeps him as a pet, just for fun. (To be continued …)

Chapter three hundred and fifty-two The Lord
For this question, the red-robed bodhi old zu thought about it, and then said, "It should be."
"You let me think." ChuYanQi suddenly said.
Wuji feels a little strange. With Chuyan’s temperament, he should never advocate that the owl slave should find trouble with the red bodhi old zu and others. Even if the owl slave is strong and has absolute advantages, he will not let the owl slave easily venture.
Chu Yanqi is quite justifying a fault. He doesn’t agree to let Chi Mo and others go out to rob something, for fear that they will accidentally kick the iron plate, and the robbery will fail, and they will lose their lives.
"What’s your enmity with him?" Chu Yanqi asked, "I can’t promise you this question. If I promise you, he won’t bother you when the time comes. If you sneak up on him behind your back, won’t I hurt him?"
However, don’t mention the owl slave, let him see the cat’s ears. He really hates cats.
"An unscrupulous rogue fairy told me." Snow and Road cried with tears, "Lord, I am a little demon …"
"Hum!" The red bodhi old zu remembered the feather cherry fairy, and immediately she let go of her hand, and Lu Xue fell to the ground. Immediately, four small paws were pushed, and she was about to run towards Chuyan Habitat. Unexpectedly, she just moved, and a strong force arrested her directly.
Sang Changfeng held Helu Xue in his hand. Stretching out his hand and stroking her soft fur, he sighed, "Poor thing, don’t be afraid, uncle dotes on you-the old demon opposite is not a good person." I like to sneak up on people behind my back. "
And Lu Xue are about to cry. Why is she a person? She likes to abuse cats or trick her into calling her "uncle"?
And Lu Xue stood two cat claws. Put it on Sang Changfeng’s hand and said, "I should call you grandpa-your nephew threatened to lure me into calling me uncle."
"Which bastard told you to call uncle?" SangChangFeng deliberately asked. "Don’t be afraid, tell uncle, and uncle will give him a French board."
Sang Feilong has a bitter face. When did his master like to pet cats? Probably love me, love my dog. This cat is Chu Yanqi’s baby pimple, and one is with me.
Wuji took the cat from Sang Changfeng’s hand, pulled out a lingshi and handed it to her. He and Lu Xue immediately jumped on it, swallowed it, and then rubbed it on him, crying with satisfaction, "It’s good to blame uncle."
"Lord’s adult, I should call you that, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "Wuji thought for a moment, and then said," Since you like sneak attack and have no consciousness of becoming a king, I feel that you can’t coerce your master to promise you anything when you haven’t left the ten-square ghost domain. "
"Why?" The red bodhi old zu asked.
"Because we don’t know, what’s the feud between you, if the master trade rashly promised down, then owl adults don’t agree, how to do? Or what if you are full-fledged and don’t keep the agreement? " Wuji said, "If we want to cooperate, we should only talk about the eastern wilderness now. Otherwise, we will rely on our own skills. You should know that our strength is stronger than yours."
He can’t let ChuYan habitat in the talk, he was not the material to talk about business.
"What’s the grudge between you and Owl’s adult?" ChuYan habitat is very suspicious, why and road snow will call the red bodhi old zu demon master-if he is the demon master, then what is a stinger?
Feather cherry fairy should keep something from him. Alas, ask that rogue fairy later.
"In fact, it’s nothing." The red bodhi old zu frowned slightly. It took a long time to say, "Come and wait for the origin. As you all know, I am an inferno, and Mr. Yu is an immortal. As early as 100,000 years ago, the wild was not like this. The Terran was weak, and the demon family and the fairy family were extremely strong, but neither the fairy family nor the Eldar family had a strong population. Of course, the demon family was far from good, just slightly better than the fairy family and the Eldar family.
Even so, the demon clan, the fairy clan and the Eldar clan have occupied Zhongzhou, which is the most abundant in the wild, but our clan has always been excluded and lived in the bitter and cold land of the Arctic.
100,000 years ago, my family was unwilling to invade the Eastern Wilderness. The Terran Godsworn in the East Wilderness is naturally no match for our clan. Before long, the East Wilderness fell. Naturally, my family doesn’t want to make friends with the demon family, so we sent people to the fairyland of bliss to discuss with the demon emperor-our family is willing to submit to the demon emperor and pay tribute every year, just asking for a couple in the east.
In theory, this matter is already set the overall situation, and the demon emperor doesn’t want to go to war with the inferno. However, during the negotiation, there was an accident. My family has a small demon with eyes open, and humiliated the demon emperor in public. "
This statement of the red bodhi old zu is basically the same as the demon war circulating in the Eastern Wilderness, so they all didn’t speak.
When the red-robed bodhi old zu said this, he not only smiled bitterly and thought about it, but then continued: "I know that you all want to say that my inferno is really unbearable. Indeed, my inferno is wrong, but you said, why should I grow up like that?"
"It is rumored that the demon emperor is extremely beautiful, but I don’t know what it looks like?" Mr. Cang, who hasn’t spoken, suddenly asked.
"Look at the son of Chu, and you will know." The red-robed bodhi old zu sighed, "The appearance of the son of Chu is 70% similar to that of the demon emperor."
With a wry smile, Mr. Cang said in his heart, "No wonder those old demons saw Chu Yanqi and served him with great care. It was for a reason, but didn’t it ever occur to them that Chu Yanqi was not their majesty at all?"
"So, Chu Gongzi is not a demon emperor?" Mr. Cang frowned and said.
"Do you think that Prince Chu will be a demon emperor?" The red bodhi old zu asks.
"To be honest, I don’t know." Mr. Cang shook his head and whispered in his heart, "If Chu Yanqi only looks a bit like a demon emperor, at first, Xiao Nu tried to have fun, but after a long time, I’m afraid he will get bored. Isn’t it trouble?"
"Hey-"Chu Yanqi suddenly cried, "Shark slave."
"What is your majesty’s command?" Shark slave also didn’t speak, listen to ChuYanQi call him, busy devoting to upon.
"As you heard, I am not your majesty." Chu Yanqi smiled. "Don’t call me from your majesty in the future. Alas, it makes me nervous."
"Your Majesty, it is necessary to joke." Shark slave shook his head. "The devil can deny you, but we can’t deny you."
"But I’m not!" Chu Yanqi said, "I’ve never wanted to pretend to be your majesty, so don’t kill me on this charge."
He knows very well that he has offended so many old demons that there will be no place for him in the future. So while the red bodhi old zu said so, he quickly made it clear, lest it get out of hand in the future, and he never wanted to put himself in danger.
The shark slave looked at the red bodhi old zu and couldn’t help but shake his head. There are some things he can’t say. The owl slave has repeatedly told him that he can’t let him know, so he just smiled, then stepped forward, just one step, and he has walked beside the red bodhi old zu.
"I understand the meaning of the demon Lord. You still don’t want to go to war with my demon family?" Shark slave said.
"Yes!" The red bodhi old zu nods, "in the words of Chu childe, I still have some self-knowledge, if you are the only one, then hard, we don’t care to kill you, but after killing you? After Jia Jia, Lord Xiao got out of trouble. Is it easy to kill us? There are many words in the error-free novel network. If I guess correctly, he should have become an emperor? In fact, it’s not that he can’t break through the shackles of the ten-square ghost domain, but he doesn’t want to destroy the demon emperor’s bliss boundary, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"Yes!" The shark slave nodded and said, "Lord Owl should have become an emperor long ago, but he couldn’t break the seal when the demon was there. If he wants to break the seal, he needs to break your majesty’s bliss boundary."
A few days ago, Chu Yanqi’s state was very dangerous. He had thought about it. Anyway, he used the space system of occult sciences to forcibly break the boundary of bliss and enter the ten-square ghost domain, and then gave Chu Yanqi to the owl slave. The owl slave should have a way.
If ChuYan habitat died, so, owl slave also have no scruples, can completely break the bliss barrier, leave ten ghost domain, even attached to the endless abyss barrier can be broken, as a result, they want to and inferno how to fight all right.
"In this world, there are few people in the demon race, and we are the only ones left in my inferno." The red-robed bodhi old zu said, "So, I don’t ask for anything, I just want to live in peace."
"I can’t promise you this request." Shark slave shook his head, "in my position, so far nature is don’t want to start work with you, but-once you succeed in smelting, the first thing you want to kill is owl’s adult? There are many words in the error-free novel network "(to be continued …)

Chapter three hundred and fifty-three The mother of stock solution
The red-robed bodhi old zu shook his head and said, "The possibility of my smelting success is too low."
"What smelting?" Chu Yanqi is still curious about them. He also practices magic and is interested in the red bodhi old zu.
The red-robed bodhi old zu didn’t say anything about this question, then he stood up and asked, "That’s all for now, can we discuss the details?"
"good!" Chu Yanqi nodded and agreed. After all, he was worried that the red bodhi old zu and Sang Changfeng had nothing to eat and play with. As for the shark slave, he should still listen to him so far.