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Jiang Yu Embroidery has not yet reacted. When she reacts, she feels a pain in her abdomen. When she looks down, she sees the knife in her belly.

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She consciously looked too far, and her eyes were full of shock. Nevertheless, she held out her hand to Tai.
Understand Jiang Yu embroidery look too tightly hold her hand and shake his head toward Jiang Yu embroidery. His face is full of clearly visible tears. "It’s not me … it’s not me …"
Jiang Yu embroidery didn’t say anything. She did her last strength and smiled at Taitai. Gradually, Taitai held that hand and lost strength …
"Jade embroidery … Jade embroidery …"
Too will Jiang Yu embroidered body in your arms, the body has gradually lost its temperature, Jiang Yu embroidered eyes closed and corners of the mouth with a smile, just like a beautiful portrait, just like falling asleep.
Too many times calling the name of Jiang Yu embroidery, but she can’t give a response anymore.
The assassins have disappeared, and all the guests ran away at the moment they saw the assassins.
This wedding hall is now left with the dead Jiang Yuxiu of Taihe.
Suddenly there was a burst of footsteps in his ear and a pair of black boots came into his eyes. He looked up and saw Shouwang in front of him.
Too didn’t ask what Shouwang could get up. He held Jiang Yuxiu’s body and screamed at him, "Why are you doing this? !”
The roar seemed to exhaust his strength, and he looked at Shouwang with anger and hatred in his eyes.
"To help you"
No sooner had he finished than he fell into darkness.
The world is finally here.
He has been around since this world, and he can be a competent general. He studies all kinds of art of war every day, hoping that he can learn more about this field.
Chapter 93 Chapter 93
When Yan Re opened her eyes, she found herself in darkness. In a short time, it lit up all around, and changed from darkness to white. Yan Re looked around and frowned immediately.
Isn’t this place consciousness?
How could she be in consciousness?
At present, the management system has not been repaired, and the bss will not let her go back for the time being, so she will appear in consciousness to prove one thing.
She is’ dead’
How did she’ die’?
She remembered that she was reading a message from Shouwang, and then she fell asleep?
After falling asleep …
Remembering the face when I was sleepy, Yan Re suddenly turned white. It didn’t seem like a dream, but it was true.
So, did Shouwang do something to her while she was asleep?
But if her life was threatened, why didn’t you tell her?
All along, when she was dying, 7 would sound the alarm. This time, there can be no alarm …
Just as she was wondering, there was a cold machine in her ear. "Hello, Miss Yan Re, this is the intelligent system of the Administration. I’m glad to meet you."
Although they are all mechanical, this unified sound is much deeper than 7, and the attitude is relatively cold.
Although Yan Re doesn’t know much about the crossing department, he also knows the intelligent system. So far, they have developed 7. Why is there a 1 now?
Feeling that something was wrong, Yan Re’s tone was a little cold. She directly asked, "Where is 7?"
"When Series 7 broke down, the crossing department arranged for me to replace it."
Although this new system says that, Yan Re still can’t put his guard on it. "Isn’t there a 7 in the intelligent system of the crossing department?" When did you appear? "
"7 is the first generation of intelligent system developed by the crossing department, and I am the second generation. Because it has just been developed, the crossing department has not announced that I am there."
After listening to this system, Yan Re’s tense expression slowly began to loosen up.
The crossing department has been in charge of crossing the AI ? ? intelligent system.
She is a small employee in the repair department, so it is normal that she doesn’t know that she has developed a new system without making it public.
But …
There are some things she still has to ask.
"What happened in this world?"
She wants to know what’s going on with her. Even if she is given a new arrangement, she won’t be exhausted.
"7. Miss Yan Re broke down when she was asleep, so she was forced back to consciousness before the failure, otherwise she would be sent to the world."
Since this system says so, let her listen like that.
However, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it before crossing.
After all, every time she crosses, she will enter consciousness first, and then cross into one of the three thousand small worlds. Even Kevin Wang sent her to consciousness before sending her.
However, you can’t believe what this system says if you believe it in half.
"Oh, I see."
Yan Re was relieved and looked at the whole person completely relaxed. "What is it this time?"
This system hasn’t experienced much in her world, and she naturally won’t ask, but looking at the situation now, the world is probably cold.