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It’s still quiet all around. Leaves are cool and there is a strong feeling that she is around. He raised his head and looked at the distance and said faintly, "You must be unhappy. I’ll come with you now and save me the loneliness in the world." Then he opened his mouth and planned to go to bite the tongue.

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At the moment when the leaves were cool and biting the tongue, the black fog suddenly went crazy, and he felt that there was a real force in his mouth to stop him from moving.
The gas began to shake and ripple in circles. A heavy sigh sounded in the ear when the leaves were cool. After the sigh, he said softly and sweetly, "Husband …"
When Ye Liangkai heard the talk, his sad eyebrows immediately dispersed and he said with great excitement, "Shiying Shiying, you finally appeared. I know you are by my side. I really miss you. Come out and let me meet you." The latter half sentence was almost pleading and said that it was extremely sad and pitiful.
The sound of sobbing in the air is getting louder and louder, and I feel that the black fog around me quickly gathers in one direction. After a while, my graceful figure slowly emerges in the air. She is still wearing the lavender dress before leaving, which he gave her personally.
She looked at him with tears in her eyes and her face was extremely sad.
"Shi Ying" Ye Liangkai rushed over to her bosom, and then looked up. Shi Ying cried more sadly in front. She raised her wet cheeks and said sadly, "Husband, we are separated by Yin and Yang, and now I am a spiritual body. You are the way to touch me."
Ye Liang opened his arms and his handsome face was full of bitterness. He walked into a few steps and reached through the poem warbler’s body and touched the air again. He couldn’t hold anything cool in his hand, but Ye Liangkai wanted to hug her again and again like crazy.
"Husband, don’t be like this ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Husband … Husband, don’t cry … Woo-hoo …" Liu Shiying tried to stretch out his hand to wipe away the tears from his eyes several times and passed through his body several times.
"Wife, don’t cry. How did you meet something here?" Ye Liangkai, after all, is a man’s mood. He quickly controlled his eyes and held his voice and asked.
Liu Shiying looked at him for a long time and squirmed for a few times. In the end, his mouth didn’t speak, but his eyes gradually filled with apologies. Ye Liangkai was familiar with her expression and knew that she must have done something wrong without telling him.
Ye Liang said in a soft voice, "Wife, I won’t blame you if you have anything to say." Liu Shiying’s expression was still hesitant. Ye Liang smiled and said, "Did you invest in something without telling me or bought expensive clothes without telling me?"
Liu Shiying shook his head and his eyes were full of glittering and translucent tears. He gently said, "The Yan said that I can’t go to be reborn because I have unfinished business in Yang." Ye Liangkai heard this and his heart was complicated. He didn’t want Shiying to be reborn, but he didn’t want her to be a ghost.
"What unfinished business do you have? I’ll finish it for you."
"This thing is about you." Liu Shiying’s voice is getting smaller and smaller, and her head is a child who made a mistake.
Ye Liang was a little surprised when he was happy. I didn’t expect Shi Ying to be reincarnated because he died, but he would forgive whatever his wife made.
"This thing is" Liu Shiying slowly narrated with her head down. At the end, she looked at him in black and white and said apologetically, "Husband, I really regret it. I hope you can forgive me."
Ye Liangkai’s face became more and more ugly with her words. Looking at Liu Shiying, she gnashed her teeth and said, "Why didn’t you tell me earlier and I’ll finish it for you now?"
"Husband ….." Liu Shiying tried to stop him behind him, but Ye Liangkai went through this film alone, and only people who wanted to return to the sun could go back.
Ye Liangkai suddenly opened his eyes and Qi Yue saw him wake up and said with a smile, "You wake up, I cooked noodles."
Ye Liangkai looks at her with fierce eyes. Qi Yue has never seen it before, so he is scared that the bowl end in his hand is a little unstable. The soup in the bowl is instantly scared and he falls to his hand. He hurriedly bows his head and blows his hand without handling the burns. His hand is held by a pair of fingers, and he pulls her into the kitchen with strong strength.
Qi Yue looked at the water flowing in the tap and stole a look at the absent-minded man around him to thank him.
Leaves cool open didn’t explain himself just abnormal in a minute handsome face returned to normal, black eyes slightly narrowed as if thinking about something.
Leaves cool open for her to deal with the wound and then hurried away. Qi Yue looked at the table, and the bowl was still steaming. The words in his mouth eventually disappeared silently, and he looked down at the red hand, happy and sad.
It’s still raining outside. Pedestrians rarely have those eyelids today. They look at the cars passing by the side of the road and look down and say, "I need you to do me a favor."
Sitting in a spacious and low-key office, Jizhen answered the phone with his mobile phone in his hand and knocked on the corner of his desk with a black pen in the other hand, smiling and saying, "Of course I won’t refuse your request."
"I need you to help me investigate a person ….." Ye Liangkai looked at the blue taxi coming from afar and held out his hand.
"But I want you to come and see me."
Ye Liangkai looked at the blue taxi and calmly closed the umbrella. When he heard the words, he made a reasonable request and said, "Go to kh wine ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
The driver’s eldest brother heard him change his mind and confirmed it again. Ye Liangkai repeated the last address, and the car galloped away into many vehicles, one of which seemed normal.
Chapter two hundred Sick
A pale young man lay in a large room with a double bed.
The cell phone on the bedside table suddenly rang. The young man frowned, reached out and fished for it. He pressed the answer button and asked in a hoarse voice, "Hello?"
"Is that Mr. Ye? Are you interested in buying our company …" The other person in the conversation was rudely cut off before he finished.
The young man lost his mobile phone, pulled the quilt cover to his head, huddled under the covers and coughed a few times.
The mobile phone rang again. The young man opened it and was touched around. He found the phone that had just been discarded. When he pressed the phone, there was another fidgety sound on the other end.
"Mr. Ye, are you interested in buying our room?"
"Roll" Ye Shaoqian said in a low voice that the mobile phone was smashed to the ground this time.
Ye Shaoqian rubbed his head and got stuck in the bed again, and he was quiet again.
Ye Shaoqian grabbed her nose, stretched out her hand and smoked the paper towel on the bedside table, violently blew her nose and dropped it on the ground.
After those two calls, my head hurts even more, like there are millions of bees buzzing in my skull, trying to smash my skull hard and drive those bees out
Today, the mobile phone seems to be angry. He rang the magic sound again. Ye Shaoqian was tightly covered with his ear, but the ringing tone was not there, like a fine needle stabbing people and lying on their backs.
In a huff, the man opened the bed and pressed the talk button, yelling at the person on the other end of the phone, "You can’t understand people if you are finished."
Before Ye Shaoqian hung up, the other end of the sentence was silent and said softly, "Ah Qian, it’s my birthday today. I specially said a happy birthday to you."
Ye Shaoqian’s anger suddenly faded for two minutes, like saying to himself, "There are people who know that my birthday is ahem … ahem …" Then he covered his mouth and coughed.
"Ah Qian, are you sick?"
Ye Shaoqian lay back on the bed cover and was "hmm" in a weak mood with a thick nasal sound.
"Have you taken your medicine?"
"Are you at home?"
"Is there anyone by your side?" Ye Shaoqian’s voice was full of deep heart. He listened to the soft line and closed his eyes and said "no" in a very subtle way.
What did the man say later? Ye Shaoqian had no image, closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Ye Shaoqian woke up again when he was awakened by the cell phone bell at the pillow. He turned his head and posted it on the cold mobile phone screen. Such a stimulus made him sober.