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It’s been half a month since kabore was injured. In the past two league games in Tokyo, both of them have suffered defeat. After successive defeats, Tokyo has put up with it again. Before the arrival of this AFC Champions League, Tokyo finally adjusted its squad.

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Tokyo formation has been adjusted into 451 formation, Gao Shunyao’s single arrow is set at the front, and behind him are three frontcourt. Naohiro Ishikawa is still the core of the right road, and Naotake Hanyu on the left road has been changed to Nagai Kensuke, and in their position, Hiroshi Kiyotake is here, and the backcourt has not changed. So the new Tokyo formation has been built.
Compared with the time before kabore, Tokyo mainly relied on kabore’s main attack methods. After the adjustment, Tokyo obviously focused on Gao Shunyao. Their backup striker Nakanagai’s modest shooting is not as good as Gao Shunyao’s even running position, and Suzuki Tatsuya’s iron bench level is not a week and a half. Therefore, Gao Shunyao’s single arrow is also helpless.
However, after all, Gao Shunyao’s shooting is not good, which is why Tokyo is very white. They also changed the left road. They gave up Naotake Hanyu, who has better offensive ability, and changed his skills, but he has a good ability to attack and rob. Nagai Kensuke just hopes that he can give full play to his strengths and take on the pressure of Gao Shunyao’s former offensive players in this position, so that Gao Shunyao can find a way to run better, and his active anti-robbing on the left can also make yuto nagatomo fully play his offensive talent and participate in the attack.
Another change in the frontcourt is that Tokyo has a front waist. Hiroshi Kiyotake has two strikers in front of Tokyo. They don’t have a front waist either, but now they have changed their running position. Gao Shunyao is a single striker, so naturally they need more threatening balls. Besides the ball ability, Hiroshi Kiyotake also has a certain ability to insert shots. The tactic of high center heading back to midfield to shoot is no longer a new tactic after Chelsea has been carried forward.
Cheng Fuhao’s adjustment to the team was quite successful in a short period of time. With so many cards to play and an array to give full play to everything, it is already very good. The only problem is that he has no confidence in this new formation from him to the players.
Sitting in front of the game video, Gao Shunyao remembered what the coach talked to him before the game.
After a series of failures, the coach reformulated the training plan, and he was the first to talk to him and set up a new one. When the coach said it, Gao Shunyao was surprised at that time.
"Let me be responsible for shooting? Can I do this? "
Gao Shunyao was also quite surprised to hear this, although he himself had dreamed many times that he could one day own kabore’s be adept at shooting, so that he could kill in the frontcourt and score goals in every game. However, he himself was quite aware that his skills were not proficient enough and his shooting was not good enough, and he himself was also very white and unstable. Isn’t it too nonsense for people to say that he is a main striker sometimes?
He gave him a blank look when he asked Cheng Fuhao, "Do we have any other choice now?"
This question makes Gao Shunyao speechless. Although Gao Shunyao thinks that he is not shooter material, he knows that his teammates are worse than himself. Nagai Kensuke has just entered the team. Suzuki Tatsuya is a bench player, and it is even more impossible to expect them. Even if the team really drives a duck rack, he can do it.
But can this really work? Gao Shunyao has great doubts about this.
And things were as expected by Gao Shunyao. When facing Adelaide United away from home, Tokyo really played a mess.
Adelaide United is the champion team of the Australian Super League last season. There are quite a few Australian fringe international players with the best strength in the group. In the two group matches, their points of winning two games have reached 6 points, ranking first in the group. Although this group claims to be a death group, maybe they still have a pre-qualification, especially their physical advantage is very obvious. By the way, they are also determined to kill Tokyo in two rounds and get enough promotion points early.
Their courage comes from their strength. From the beginning of the game, Adelaide United completely occupied the wind. Their bodies are much stronger than those of Japanese players, and their running ability and confrontation ability are not at the same level. Moreover, the style of the Australian Super League team is much rougher than that of the Japanese team, which also makes Tokyo suffer greatly.
In the AFC Champions League, for other teams, Japanese teams generally have technical advantages, even if their health is not as good as relying on technology, they can turn the situation around. For Korean teams, although they have been slow to conquer their opponents’ doors, they have the advantage of controlling the ball, but in the face of Australian Super Team, this is no longer the case. The pace of Australian Super Team is too fast, and it is no good to play against Tokyo.
From the beginning, the overall trend of the competition was not conducive to Tokyo’s technical advantages, and the physical wind made Tokyo play extremely hard, which made it even more depressing. It was the first time for the new army of Tokyo AFC Champions League to go to Australia to play football. After a long trip, their condition was not very good, which aggravated their disadvantage.
Moreover, the change of array in Tokyo in this game is somewhat incorrect. The team in Tokyo is the whole J League. Because of the backward concept, the 44 formation and the 451 formation are still highly praised in the game. Although they are not unfamiliar, they are far less skilled than the 44. To face the strong enemy and change the array in the near future, Tokyo is even more kicking than usual, and the whole team can’t play its usual state.
The enemy is too strong, and his teammates also play very generally. This situation makes Tokyo almost suppressed for the whole game, and Gao Shunyao’s performance in the game is also very bad. He has not been able to play from running to shooting. His own shooter should have it.
When he was running in the frontcourt, he still didn’t grasp his current role. Sometimes he was too hesitant to see the position of his teammates after he got the ball from time to time. Sometimes Gao Shunyao invaded Nagai Kenyou and Hiroshi Kiyotake when he was running. The height was smooth and bright, but it was not smart for the first time to take the manual run, and the temporary adjustment of the array made two new teammates play with him, which further increased the difficulty of cooperation. Under double pressure, Gao Shunyao ran in a mess.
And he doesn’t do the same thing when shooting with the ball outside the running position. The Australian Super League team has a strong physical quality and has a great influence on Gao Shunyao. Although he is not yet defeated against him, the ball control is also affected. If he is an assistant at ordinary times, the influence is not great, but this time he shoots with a little influence, which is enough to make the shot miss his skill and completely expose the doubt.
It is almost impossible to win after playing like this against Gao Shunyao, the core of the third round of Adelaide AFC Champions League. Tokyo lost another game, and Tokyo failed to win the second away game, and also turned its goal difference into a negative number.
Losing the game is already a big blow, and after returning to the team after losing, the coach forced them to watch the video of the game, which made Gao Shunyao feel extremely uncomfortable. It is not a good feeling to see how he lost and how he was bullied. It is a shame to play the striker for the first time this week. Gao Shunyao also sighed.
"I’m just Bai Qian. How much pressure did kabore bear when he played football? It’s really difficult for him to get a salary of 100 million yen."
Watching the game, Gao Shunyao can also think about his running mistakes and sigh that it is not easy for his teammates.
"If you can’t see it, you can take your time."
For Gao Shunyao lamenting that Cheng Fuhao can tell him the same thing, he also knows that Gao Shunyao is under a lot of pressure now, and he will enlighten him when watching the game, but he still has to take care of it.
Fortunately, Gao Shunyao also knows the significance of watching the game. Although watching this video is very unpleasant, in the end, Gao Shunyao is also very aware that he must watch the team without a better choice. He must be the main striker of the team and want to be a good main shooter. He must learn to move and shoot as soon as possible.
This is something you must do, and you can’t refuse it.
And although the learning process is really difficult, I also know that it is not an opportunity.
In the previous game, if he didn’t score a goal so many times in a game, it was certain that he would return to the team and be scolded. However, after losing this game, the team didn’t criticize him. He asked him to continue to study hard, and Gao Shunyao soon became white about the team. This allowed him to volley and give him enough opportunities to try to shoot. This opportunity is also rare. If he grasps himself, he may really usher in a transformation.
You can’t refuse such an opportunity yourself
The team needs itself and needs such an opportunity. Of course, we can’t miss it. Although it is difficult, no matter how difficult it is, we will definitely have a chance to complete it if we insist on doing it ourselves.
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Although Gao Shunyao wants to learn how to shoot well, football skills are not so easy to learn after all. In the fourth game, Gao Shunyao still didn’t score in the away game against Kawasaki striker.
One season, Kawasaki striker and Tokyo competed for the League Cup championship, and this season, the rotating Kawasaki striker finally got back in revenge for losing the main striker. Tokyo’s attack power was obviously insufficient. This game was gone in Tokyo, and teammates interacted with each other when moving in a game. The players of the collision team were not in an embarrassing state at all, and after playing one game, there was no game in Tokyo that did not adapt to the new formation. They played more intensively in the game, and the game was more six.
Moreover, Gao Shunyao also made progress in playing on the court. Compared with a game, he was more suitable for his position. He seized the opportunity and shot twice with threats. However, he shot twice with threats. Once he was a little too right and was thrown into his arms by the goalkeeper. The other time, he was unlucky and still missed a goal in the middle of the post.
Compared with Kawasaki strikers, they had more luck, and they did a very good job in attacking, but Tian Xiuyi made a low-level mistake in one game. At this time, Tokyo lost two goals in a row.
Fortunately, Tokyo finally scored in this game. In the game, Gao Shunyao didn’t choose to shoot by himself after taking the ball once in the frontcourt, but gave a kick to Hiroshi Kiyotake Hiroshi Kiyotake and knocked on the door of Kawasaki striker.
This goal has kept Tokyo from failing to score a goal for three consecutive rounds. Compared with the previous games, it has slightly eased some embarrassment.
However, although this game has made progress, the media comments are still quite harsh after the game, and many media comments are aimed at Gao Shunyao. After all, Gao Shunyao has not opened four rounds in the league until now, and he has not scored a goal in the past and lost three games in a row. It is difficult for a striker to avoid being scolded.
"After kabore’s injury, Tokyo has forgotten that they scored a goal in four games, and a midfielder like Hiroshi Kiyotake scored a goal. A tactical center Gao Shunyao is very qualified, but a single arrow Gao Shunyao plays very badly."
After the game, the media gave Gao Shunyao a bad evaluation. kabore has been injured for four consecutive games. In four games, Gao Shunyao didn’t score a goal last season. Although he scored a few goals, his problems were not obvious because of kabore’s goal and Tokyo’s continuous victory. Now people have noticed him.
The footwork is not good, the technology is not fine enough, the foundation is not solid, and the method is responsible for dragging the team forward-all kinds of bad comments from the media have poured in at one time.
Most of these comments are not wrong. Gao Shunyao’s footwork is really not good. Compared with kabore’s South American-level technology, he is far from it. A man who has just played a few good games is quite different from the top South American foreign aid.
But that’s the truth, but there are some problems when it comes out at this time. White people know that Tokyo is not playing well now because one of their players is injured. Gao Shunyao is in charge of shooting. This is just that there is no way for a man with a salary of 10 million yen to ask him for football skills, which is unrealistic. A temporary acceptance is that he needs to train strikers, but at this time, it is said by the media that he is not a good worker, and the media comments are not too harsh.
However, it is not unreasonable for the media to criticize Gao Shunyao. Of course, it is not because they want Tokyo to win the championship because of Tokyo’s achievements that they repeatedly criticize Gao Shunyao. In fact, their thoughts are more due to the fact that Tokyo has lost the AFC Champions League for two consecutive times. They are now in the third place, and in this week, Tokyo’s opponent is Adelaide United. Although it is a home game, it has some advantages, but looking at Gao Shunyao’s current state, no one will recognize that they may defeat Adelaide United.
No matter how strong a team is, if it doesn’t score goals, it can’t win. The failure of Gao Shun Yao Shooting will directly affect Tokyo’s performance. If you lose another game and score 3 points after four rounds, Tokyo can directly declare that the AFC Champions League has completely lost this year.
This season is the first time that Tokyo has reached the AFC Champions League, and even if it loses, no one can complain, but it is absolutely unacceptable for Japanese football to be eliminated, especially before the group match is finished. The Japanese media will never let them go.
And if anyone in this team is the most suitable scapegoat, it is naturally Gao Shunyao, who is a foreign aid and plays worse than the big names. This is his mistake.
Of course, no matter how the media say it, it won’t have much influence on the team. In the team, not only is no one critical of Gao Shunyao, but after seeing the media’s words, Cheng Fuhao also specially talked to Gao Shunyao. "Never mind what the media said to kick your ball, you have made great progress in this game, and you can slowly hone your skills. Even if you go out before, you don’t have much injury, so we can’t force results."