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He knew Planck had lost when he heard Alcator, the king of virtual water element.

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You’re gonna lose.
Because he really got Alcatraz’s successor! ! !
Sure enough, when the cold and humid breath tried to invade his brain, a more overbearing dark breath extended from his brain and directly swallowed that part and tried to struggle with the cold breath.
There’s not much to spare.
But the people around you are not so lucky as Chen Senran. Everyone is screaming in pain, clutching his body and rolling on the ground.
However, the cold and humid breath did not stop because of this. They quickly stripped people of their flesh and turned them into a pile of skeletons in extreme pain.
There’s only one lucky person, and that’s Miss Hatred.
She looked at Planck, who was also rotting opposite her, and said, "Is this curse under your control? Why don’t you kill me? "
"Sarah, I won’t kill you because …" Only then did Planck finally look directly at the woman who killed him and say "I love you" in a low voice.
"Planck …" Miss Doom suddenly smiled and said "I love you, too" in the bones and the sky.
"Really … really?" Planck zheng like can’t believe it generally held out a hand.
The hand was melting, and by the time he lifted it, half of it had faded, and the flesh looked ferocious.
"Of course it’s true. Planck paid off everything you did. Then it’s my turn to pay you back." Miss Doom was not afraid of Planck’s inhuman face at this time. She even took a step forward and held out a hand to touch Planck’s hand. She gently said, "Turn me … into you."
"No … no" Planck retracted his hand like a touch and took a step back sharply.
His flesh and blood immediately fell all over the floor, revealing his ferocious bones with bloodshot blood.
"I can’t …" He said.
He has no spare flesh and blood, and his clothes have also been swallowed up, leaving a captain’s hat still on his head.
The last heart left is still beating slightly.
It’s like his love that even a curse can’t erase.
"my dear captain, you seem to have forgotten me." Chen Senran interrupted them at this time.
He is still there, not even a hair has fallen off.
He picked up the only clean glass on the table, poured himself a glass of wine, sipped it gently and said to himself, "Well, don’t have a flavor."
"You …" Planck finally found that Chen Senran was unscathed at this moment.
"How did you …"
"Why am I okay?" Chen Senran shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don’t know, it’s probably better luck."
"You …" Planck’s tone became dignified, and he finally felt something was wrong.
He had already won by himself.
But …
"Oh, I forgot to tell you that I met a man named Alcato, and he gave me his will." Chen Senran drank the leftover wine and smiled slightly. "Well, that’s probably the way it is."
"You …" Planck didn’t know what to say. He was so excited that he even trembled with his last skeleton.
Don’t …
Is it really going to kill me?
I, Planck, did everything, but in the end I was no match for him …
"I’m sorry, captain, but you really lost." Chen Senran put down his glass and said in a rare sorry tone, "Again, will, and army."
"Card-"I don’t know whether it is anger or Planck’s time limit has reached and his last skeleton has collapsed.
His only captain’s hat fell to the ground with that heart and withered
"Planck! ! !” Miss doom exclaimed that she wanted to pick up the last heart.
"Sarah, don’t worry about me." Planck revived in front of Miss Doom in an almost spoiled tone.
A ghost identity, of course.
He has lost his human body at the moment, but there is a ghostly body composed of souls that is as blue as before him.
At the same time, other cursed and corroded people in the whole sea area also got up from their original bodies, and a blue ghost body looked at each other blankly