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Although this skill is excellent, it needs to be matched with a bow and an arrow. Otherwise, even if you are pregnant with false magic skills, it is nothing.
That’s why few people will practice unless they have a special talent in archery
Misty clouds and steps!
This is the most suitable way to confuse opponents, with a posture that is as unreal as illusion and elegant as a fairy, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.
On the order, it is not necessary, and the vertical and horizontal method is slightly weak.
It is divine to exchange two methods and many stars for Zhou Jia’s hand ice.
Both of them are satisfied.
Cai Yuzhen has a secret method. If it is integrated into the divine power of ice, it can increase dramatically, even if it is facing the same level of silver, it can be crushed.
Star meteorite iron her.
Achievement method is just a copy of a hurt.
Zhou Jia is more satisfied.
It’s also good for him to talk a lot, but Tian Peng’s vertical and horizontal method can be supplemented in close quarters.
The most important thing is the holy spirit bow!
The most powerful of several fake artifacts in his hand is the solar bow shot from Qigu, which is the middle pole of the fake artifact.
deal with
I have been suffering from not meeting the right bow technique. I have a top fake artifact but I can’t play its due power.
The holy spirit bow is just right for him.
Zhou Daoyou
Put away the divine Cai Yuzhen and try his mouth.
"Do you still have divinity?"
"No" Zhou Jia shook his head.
"Miss Cai can go somewhere else to inquire about the divinity of this fragmented world."
He still has a copy in his hand, but he doesn’t intend to sell it, and the other person has lost what he urgently needs
"So …"
Cai Yuzhen she chuckled way
"Taoist friends have refined divinity?"
Zhou Jia frowns
"so ask?"
"Don’t Taoist friends know?" Cai Yuzhen’s beautiful eyes are flashing.
"Although the seventh-order silver can refine the divinity, it can only be integrated into the secret law or the Xuanbing, which is not very helpful for cultivation and promotion."
"Only when the immortal species is a strange species can we practice it."
"Friends …"
"It should be a strange species?"
She didn’t guess at random that Gain Zhou Jia’s body was incredible and didn’t seem to be formed by practicing some kind of practice.
More like a gift!
The secret method of Haoyue Bailian Sect showed her that Zhou Jiaxiu was only a fifth order.
It’s easy to kill the sixth order with the fifth order silver. It’s very likely that you have the strength of the seventh order and the talented avatar is a strange species in nine cases out of ten.
Yu Changsheng planted …