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Because Song Tian himself doesn’t seem to realize this.

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It’s hard to change the thing of event constitution, and it can also add trouble to him. It’s better not to tell him that there are few people who can be in a good mood.
Baishi looked at An Shitou and waited for him to say that "but those times" half sentence.
However, after waiting for a long time, I didn’t find that the other person looked at him strangely.
An Shitou expressed sympathy in his heart, looked at his watch and decisively changed the topic "It’s getting late, go to sleep first, and you have to concentrate on finding the organizer."
Then he turned and left.
Baishi looked at his partner’s back.
-say half hidden in this world, but it’s a great death Flag.
Baishi secretly took a look at the screen.
Fortunately, I didn’t jump out to save An Shitou.
Although there are many rewards, it is certainly not difficult to threaten this kind of hanging event. Baishi doesn’t want to pick it up.
He still prefers to take a photo and move a billboard to pick up the spicy chicken on the roadside.
After making sure it’s all right, Baishi rewrote the screen and threw away the potato chip bag.
He went back to his room, locked the door, took out the elf ball from his bag and restarted the mask.
It is very convenient for the transient to be clean.
Chapter 269 You seem to be jobbery.
Baishi woke up in the doorbell early the next day.
This suite includes breakfast. The waiter should have delivered the food.
Baishi opened his eyes and yawned. When he bowed his head, he felt that the pillow was getting bigger.
Take a closer look. The mask has degenerated into a cat shape.
It froze for a while and soon remembered that the mask did have the defect of "falling asleep when no one was watching". Assistant Q gave the reason at that time to save energy.
It is …
Baishi raised his tail and tilted his head. He always felt a little messy as if he had been hugged by something.
Let’s take a look at the screen again. Assistant Q is sitting in front of the backpack and counting the pieces inside. She has some asthma and a fascinating blush.
Reminiscent of the second time that classmate Q ran out of the screen at the twins’ home … I always feel that she is not as simple as counting money.
But feelings can’t be used as evidence …
Baishi stared at the screen suspiciously. Q assistant counted and moved, slowly moved aside and finally disappeared at the edge of the screen.
….. Run pretty fast.
Baishi dropped the screen pedal and was prepared to do it today.