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"There are military merits, depending on the specific situation of military merits, plus 51."

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"Five insurances and one gold are paid according to the proportion stipulated by the state, and every time there is an allowance, all kinds of accident insurance have a coverage of 10 million."
"But let me first say that this job is very dangerous. You should consider it yourself."
This treatment is not generous. Zhuang is not far from being a stingy person, but he is also a kind person.
This job is to fight hard with the invaders in the exile era. How can it be done without enough money?
Several specially trained players listened with their eyes straight.
"My brother is a special forces veteran. Let me see …"
He broke his fingers and counted up. "The basic salary is 10,000, and the special forces retired 20,000. I added 2,000 to my introduction … My brother has a military service, which is 30,000 less?"
At this moment, he had an impulse to retire to the excavator immediately.
However, he immediately became depressed again. "My brother has a leg injury and walks a little lame. I don’t think he will have this chance …"
"As long as it doesn’t affect the excavator" Wen Liu Quan Dao
"Really … really?" Brother Bao almost jumped up. "My brother is much better than me. If he wasn’t injured, I … I’ll find a word!"
During the training, it is forbidden to have a landline in the mobile phone dormitory.
Brother Bao turned to run, and gave a mobile phone directly to Wen Liuquan.
Brother Bao silently recited his mobile phone number twice to confirm that it was correct, and then he called in the past.
The mobile phone rang for a long time, and there rang a deep male gun elder brother who immediately called up "Brother, where are you?"
Two thousand kilometers away from the virtual city, a young man limped in a small town. He put a box of goods in his hand and wiped the sweat. He looked up at the store in front of him and said, "I’m delivering goods to others … What can I do for you? What are you calling me if you don’t train well? Don’t cry at me if you lose again. "
"Brother, my side …" Then he heard the words and his brother couldn’t wait to say it.
"Such a good thing?" Lame youth smell speech one leng and then said, "this … is unlikely. How can there be such a good thing? I’m helping Chen Shu now. Chen Shu is very kind to me. No one will be here when I leave …"
"Besides … it’s not easy to find a suitable job now. I’m a lame person. How can I see me … I won’t lose my job if I don’t interview with an excavator … and it’s quite expensive to go to the virtual city so far …"
"Come back to the manor for reimbursement" Wen Liuquan heard that he directly took out 5 yuan’s cash from his backpack and handed it to Bao Ge "Call your brother and ask him to take a day off and fly directly to give him the money"
On this day, I don’t know how many people set foot on planes, trains and cars from all over the world to the virtual city with a simple dream. From that day on, there was a new inspirational saying-retired boys earned 100,000 yuan a month like excavators.
Chapter 612 An honest man dug your ancestral grave?
Brother Gungun in a small town put words in front of the delivery store, and his mood was hard to calm down for a long time.
He has been retired for two years, and everything he has experienced tells him that there is no such thing as pie in the world.
He didn’t have a high education and was born in poverty. When his parents died of illness, they were heavily in debt. After retiring, they paid off their debts and even bought a house in their hometown town.
Seeing that his peers are all married, he was injured in the army, and his marriage was even more unsettled, which made him increasingly silent.
But my brother’s words made him a little moved.
"Elder brother anyway, reimbursement way you come and give it a try, even if it’s not good, even if you come to see me, I haven’t seen you for more than a year …"
"Besides, the somebody else is a big company, if you really interview and earn tens of thousands a month, you can find me a sister-in-law! We will have a home again! "
He hasn’t known the concept of home for a long time.
Can I also have a home?
After hanging up, he took his mobile phone and checked it for a long time according to his brother’s information, which made him stunned.
It’s not a big company. A company like this can’t even look up to it on weekdays. What kind of person wants to recruit him to be lame?
The world is much stronger than him, isn’t it?
Brother Gun is in a very complicated mood.
I was absent-minded when I delivered the goods at noon, and I almost miscalculated the account several times.
Very not easy to send the goods back to the delivery store owner Chen Shu walked over and said, "Liang Gun is back! It’s just the right thing to come back. I have something too heavy to carry. Please help me send it home! "
Gun brother didn’t say anything, picked it up and followed Chen Shu. After delivering the things, the boss Chen Shu left him for dinner anyway.
"By the way, Juan, come out. The beam gun is coming. Didn’t you say you wanted to see the beam gun all day?"
Out of the back room, a make-up woman took a look at the gun brother and sat down on her cell phone without saying a word.
"You see this child is so grown-up or not sensible. You and Juan are sitting here and I’m going to tidy up a dinner."
The boss, Chen Shugang, left, and the woman glanced at the gun brother and turned around with a snort.
At this time, another child ran out and dragged Juan. "Mom, mom, I’m hungry! Mom … "
"Bastard, go away!" The woman scolded the child for playing mobile phone by herself.
Chen Shu came out of the kitchen and grabbed the child into the kitchen. After a while, he said to the woman, "Juan, come in!" "
The kitchen door opened and there was a faint voice inside.