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Dragon silent meditation.

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For a moment, Xiaolong looked up and said with some feelings, "The environment here is far better than the demon world. It is our dream place, but we have not been able to fulfill our wish for many years."
Silver Wolf said, "It is because the environment here is so good that everyone wants what they want that there will be World War I today."
Xiaolong sighed lightly, "Yes, everyone yearns for beautiful things. It is the same whether it is a demon or a person."
The two-headed silver wolf looked at the sky and asked, "Are you willing, Xiaolong?"
Xiaolong replied, "What can you do if you are unwilling?"
The silver wolf smiled strangely and changed the subject. "What would you do if the magic eagle found you?"
When Xiaolong heard the news, he didn’t answer. "What about you?"
The two-headed silver wolf shook his head and said, "I don’t know. Maybe I will join in to help him fulfill his wish, or maybe I will resist the test flight and escape."
Xiaolong said bitterly, "I think the same. It seems that our fear of the magic eagle has not changed for many years."
The double-headed silver wolf said, "It’s not impossible to deal with the magic eagle, but we have never dared."
Dragon smell speech look complex asked "you mean-"
Silver Wolf nodded. "But that’s the only way I can think of."
Xiaolong shook his head and said, "If we can’t do that, we will push ourselves to the bottom abyss."
The silver wolf retorted, "If not, our field may not be good unless you plan to serve the magic eagle foot."
Jiaolong grunted, "Don’t worry about anything. Do you know the result of the first world war of Liu Yunyang?"
The double-headed silver wolf said, "I sent my subordinates to check, but I didn’t get anything from you?"
Jiaolong said, "I have gained something. You may not believe it when you say it."
Silver Wolf curious way "is it? Then you are quick to tell me. "
Xiaolong said, "As far as I know, the magic eagle in Tianshigu World War I was also like he left halfway. Liu Yunyang was proud of the Buddha in the moon, and they fought for a long time and eventually lost."
Silver Wolf exclaimed "what! Aoyue Tianzun lost to Liu Yunyang? "
Jiaolong primly said, "It’s true, it will never be false."
Silver Wolf nodded and said, "So we still have hope."
Xiaolong laughed. "You also want to deal with the magic eagle in Liliu Yunyang?"
Silver Wolf said, "It would be more perfect if you added the scorpion and eel dragon."
"It depends on providence," said the dragon. "All we have to do is hide and wait for them to have a scuffle."
Silver Wolf said, "We should do something to stimulate a development when it is not appropriate to look at it."
Xiaolong wondered, "Do you have a good plan?"
Silver Wolf laughed. "Maybe it’s going to provoke some enemies for the magic eagle. That’s more interesting. Well, you and I will take a temporary truce. The future fate depends on our own grasp." Say that finish, the double-headed silver wolf passed and left the dragon alone.
After being silent for a long time, Xiaolong also left the top of the mountain and returned to Youlian Shuifu after an hour.
At that time, the silver shirt of the Dragon King of Shuifu saw that the dragon came back and quickly greeted him. "What happened to your majesty?"
Jiaolong Road: "The expected results are roughly the same, and there is no big change."
Yinshanzuo asked, "What shall we do now?"
Xiaolong mused, "I’m going to go back to the demon world to do something. Your agent will take care of everything for the time being, and no one is allowed to go out and cause trouble."
"Your Majesty, don’t worry, I’ll take care of this," Yin Shan said respectfully.
Xiaolong nodded slightly and then the figure faded away.
At the same time, the two-headed silver wolf returned to the South China Sea and summoned the seven most trusted generals to say to them, "At the beginning, there were twelve partners in total, and now there are only seven of you left. I hope that everyone will do their duty and try to fulfill our wishes as soon as possible from my arrangement."
"We will follow the King to the death" is unanimous. Seven land experts in the demon world unanimously expressed their views.
The two-headed silver wolf was very pleased and smiled. "I believe that victory is not far away with everyone’s help. Now I have something to return to the demon world. General Yuan will be in charge of everything for the time being. Will everyone listen to him, spoken parts?"
The word "white" seems that the silver wolf means very high and belongs to the governance post.
General Yuan was in his early forties before he walked slowly. His eyes sparkled with wisdom and he looked very intelligent. "What are your plans before your majesty leaves?"
The double-headed silver wolf said, "I ordered to temporarily restrain my arrogance and avoid the conflict between the dragon and the eagle forces. If there is anything, wait for me to come back and then make plans."
General Yuan said, "Your Majesty, don’t worry, we will remember your instructions."
Silver Wolf nodded slightly and glanced at you one by one. "Take care, everyone. I’ll go first."
When the light flashed, the figure dissipated, and the silver wolf disappeared in front of everyone.
Knowing that the son was in cold weather, Lord Yin Tang searched for the trace of the black hand and planned to save Leng Xingyu.
However, the Lord Yin Tang, the black-handed holy Buddha, has been searching for many places in a row, but he has not found that the black-handed holy Buddha left two people without some anxiety.
At this time, just as the sunset was cold, a Okawabe watched the river rolling eastward and could not help but sigh, "Where should I look for it?"
Yin Tang said, "I’m sure we can find it when the patriarch wants us to spend more."
Leng Tiangang said bitterly, "If you don’t comfort me, I’ve searched all the places I can, and the rest depends on God’s will."
Lord Yintang sighed slightly, wondering, "I don’t understand that the black hand Buddha is extraordinary. Did he try to capture the little Lord? If there is a threat, he should contact us, but what do we have that the Black Hand Holy Father needs? What if it wasn’t for threatening him to catch the young master? "
Leng Tiangang heard the words and frowned. "You said that the black hand Buddha had an intention, but I woke up. Maybe he is going to Qianxie Sect, and we are just doing the opposite."