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That is to say, in the case of taking the initiative to walk in, the fifth wisdom will be caught in the crossfire.

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Of course, they can avoid the energy explosion center. After all, the Fifth Wisdom is a strong star!
The third fire blockade is millisecond difference, and the fifth Hui and others just retreated into the second fire blockade.
At this time, seeing the changes in the fission star class outside, the strong black wing carving wings vibrated and the whole body energy exploded, just like a harsh meteor, and it quickly exploded into the energy defense cover of the No.7 base.
Black wing eagle believes that he needs this bump to bomb the energy shield of base 7.
Then capture LeiQian alive!
Fifth Hui and other human defense fire bombardment also sneered at the same time.
LeiQian this little niang skin malicious is malicious, but who let his hands no one!
But for a moment, before the fifth Hui and others could react, a dark sword light suddenly flew out of the No.7 base and disappeared instantly, appearing in the black wing carving forehead and cut it out!
The fifth wisdom is terrible!
Xu tui!
Xu’s name is widely known among the Eldar’s lucky stars.
In fact, the black-winged eagle also found the two dark-colored small swords at the first time, and Xu retired the Excalibur.
But it’s too sudden, too fast, and he’s moving fast
By the time he reacts, the sword has been cut into his forehead.
But after all, he is a strong star.
At the first moment, the Black Winged Carver displayed their fission talent ability to crack!
It’s a close call!
But the time is too short, and 50% of the strength is normal. It should be 95% of the strength, leaving half of the body to take this sword and escape!
But this time, he will split out, and 50% of his strength will be turned into two cracks.
No.7 base Xu retreated to sneer at two handles, and his own spirit was condensed and the small sword of God was instantly cut out.
When it reappears, it has already been cut into the black wing carving, and it has just split into two bodies!
At this time, the two cracked bodies of the black wing carving just accelerated their escape.
In an instant, he was beheaded by the small sword of the whole god, and two bodies, including his former master, lost their breath, falling like a stone, lost their breath!
Fission line star strong black wing carving fall!
"Go to kill!
In addition to taking the initiative to surrender, these people will not leave their hands! "At the same time, Silver Six, Silver, Lavis, An Xiaoxue, Yanzi, Silver Five Trees and others flew out and surrounded the Fifth Hui and others.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Implantation and receipt of sincerity
The light of Liuxiaxing No.7 base is diffuse, and the energy light waves flash into one piece.
Covered in rags, Fifth Hui tried several times to break through the blockade, screaming with despair and anger.
In that wave of fire bombardment, two of the five quasi-planets turned to ashes on the spot, and the other three were slightly injured and were taken care of. Although the fifth Hui and the sixth young tree were not dead, they were also injured and their strength dropped sharply.
Then six quasi-planets, such as Silver Six, Silver and Yanzi, surrounded them.
Silver six and silver are also the fifth wise acquaintances, and they have dealt with each other before and also learned from each other on some occasions.
As far as strength is concerned, the Fifth Wisdom can’t stand the fact that no one of the Xie Ling clansmen can win it, and neither can Silver Two.
However, today, the strength of the fifth Hui was sharply reduced, but she was entangled in silver. Don’t say that she defeated silver. Even if she wanted to get rid of silver, she couldn’t escape.
Although silver’s strength has increased, it is still no match for him.
The main reason is that he is injured, and there are other quasi-planetary long-range attacks that make Fifth Hui feel very uncomfortable.
Five quasi-planets on their side were killed as soon as they were killed, two of them were besieged by six quasi-planets on the other side, and one was directly killed, leaving two to surrender.