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Half a month later.
The island is located at the junction of water veins, and its source is abundant.
Covering an area of seventeen miles from north to south and nine miles from east to west, its lush green plants, birds singing and flowers fragrant are the golden branches of the outer gate of Xuantian League.
Got off the boat and came to a courtyard near the water
Outside the courtyard, there is a fence with colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers in the corner.
It can be seen that the owner of the courtyard is quite interesting and practical.
Dressed in azure robes, dressed as a Taoist, Liu Yi reached out and led.
"This is Mr. Bi Yan’s single predecessor’s residence, where the younger brother went to greet Yi and then went back to register with me."
"Brother, wait a moment." Zhou Jia stepped forward to the courtyard.
"Single elder brother Zhou Jia came to visit"
"Zhou Jia?"
A woman in the courtyard pushed the door.
Women in the second year, with fine eyes, dressed in a long yellow dress, looked at Zhou Jia with smart eyes and laughed
"Are you my dad’s new apprentice?"
"Good" Zhou Jia nodded.
"Can the seniors be there?"
"You should call the master." The female corners of her mouth are tilted and she reaches for her finger.
"My name is Dan Corydalis, and your senior sister called her first."
"Single Senior Sister" Zhou Jia’s face remains unchanged.
"Master can be there?"
"obedient" single corydalis nodded with satisfaction and then shook his head.
"My dad’s two old habits have made it inconvenient to meet people. You can’t meet them today. Come back in a couple of days."
"…" Zhou Jia looked Liu Yi.
Liu Yi seems to have anticipated this and nodded his head.
"In that case, I’ll register with you to find a place to live, and then I’ll visit you when I’m on the island for a long time."
"But …"
"There are no predecessors’ hands and tokens, but other so-called techniques can’t be obtained."
"Yes" Zhou Jia’s opinion
He knew something about his new master before he came.
Mr. Bi Yan Shan Muhua, a master of black iron, was injured in a fight in the early years, and it is said that he has not lived well for a few years since then.
It should not be a good choice to worship such people.
But Shan Muhua has a brother-in-law who is the most powerful person in Jin Huang’s line.
It’s not bad that the one who takes great care of Shan Muhua loves me, loves me, and worships him.
Shan Muhua rarely receives apprentices. This time, Bai Yuan really made a lot of efforts
"You can receive three martial arts cheats after the formal master’s appointment. If you have any merits, the source stone can also come and trade."
Liu Yi walks while saying
"In addition, you have a courtyard that can be divided into one acre of fertile land and three paddy fields, and there are two places for tax and military service."
"Of course"
"Every year, you have to pay a hundred stone to the branch."