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In fact, there are not many black magicians in this cave. Surdak defeated the first wave of defenders, and the soldiers did not meet the desperate sorcerers.

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Chasing along the cave to the cave department …
"Let’s just sneak behind them before Duck is in danger," Aphrodite wrote to Naomi in the corner of the cave.
Naomi found that Aphrodite’s magic just now was very hidden, and the shield soldiers around her didn’t know who had just helped them.
Always goofs off into the mountainside.
Naomi was a little curious when she saw Aphrodite. "You really don’t reject an undead warlock?"
Aphrodite stopped and dragged Naomi aside to make way.
Let the shield soldiers behind the wall pass smoothly
This is Naomi’s novel "I am a succubus. What qualifications do I have to exclude necromancers?"
"And I tell you that his fighting squad … except for an indigenous Berserker and a heavy gunman, there are almost no normal people. The naga mermaid can be regarded as a backup player." Aphrodite secretly spoke to Naomi about Surdak.
Naomi doesn’t know what to say at the moment …
Aphrodite followed the big army, and Surdak finally kept her sight.
Aphrodite continued to Naomi, "Don’t you think you have the strength to live a more casual life after changing your lifestyle …"
"I’ve never thought of it that way. I want to end the rest of my life quietly …"
Naomi thought it over before she replied.
Aphrodite took Naomi and walked on. Some wounded shield soldiers were carried out from the front, and the back of Thea was so busy that they could not lift their heads.
Naomi looked at the chaos and asked Aphrodite
"Aren’t you going to help him?"
Aphrodite left the pie mouth and said with disdain
"If the opponent doesn’t come out with his opponent at the same level, those black wizards have no chance of winning even if they sacrifice their own department, especially because he is a knight with the power of holy light."
Naomi stared at Surdak’s back with curiosity and looked at Aphrodite.
Aphrodite raised her face slightly. She felt very confident in front of the necromancer.
Surdak went through the cave to the mountainside, which is already the foot of Yezi Pias Manor.
Sure enough, there is a building complex here, and the academic research institute of the dark magic priory is just built here
Surdak took the lead in breaking into a cave hall, where there were many magic test benches, many magic notes and magic parchments scattered everywhere, some glass bottles and jars were overturned, and many magic potions gave off pungent fumes. Most of the test benches were filled with all kinds of strange materials.
When Surdak broke in, some magic apprentices scrambled to clean up the test-bed materials and a lot of precious magic materials were quickly collected into the magic pockets.
Surdak rushed to follow the archers behind him and squatted down to cover this place with arrows and rain, which is not a big mountainside.
Some persistent magic apprentices fell to the test bench, and some magic apprentices sneaked into the abode of fairies and immortals just before Surdak rushed in.
Edgar’s infantry soldiers quickly occupied the first cave in the mountainside.
After a short walk inside, Surdak found a courtyard in front of him.
Here, the Surdak Pursuit Corps was once again stubbornly resisted by a group of black wizards.
These wizards are more powerful than those in the cave just now.
However, when Surdak felt that there would be a hard struggle, the dark wizards gradually weakened when they fought back.
Surdak found a gear holding a shield and rushed into the ground yard. Everything in sight was shocked by Gensoul Dudak, but at the same time he was dumbfounded …
The ceiling of this cave is inlaid with many noctilucent stones, and the whole cave is illuminated brightly.
In the middle of this courtyard, there is actually an altar with a square meter. At each corner of the altar, there is a Gargoyle statue pedestal relief, and several demons gather together to worship something.
In the altar is a dead tree without leaves, but this big tree seems to be breathing, and its branches are covered with all kinds of blood tumors, which looks terrible …
All the dark magicians are surrounded by this altar, the big tree full of blood tumors.
There are also huge blood pools on the left and right sides of the altar. There is a lot of blood in these blood pools. Several tree roots have reached into the blood pool, and all the tree roots are stained with blood.
A mage looks hideously at the altar, his hair is messy, he holds a magic wand in his hand, and his face is full of enthusiasm.
This kind of person is like a fanatic. He forces these magic apprentices to commit suicide.
"Sacrifice your souls … before you die, sacrifice your souls to the great tree of desire." The magician waved his wand and forced a magic apprentice.
Seeing the magic apprentice’s roots, he didn’t want to commit suicide. The magician walked away and stabbed the magic apprentice with a dagger in his hand.
The magic apprentice let out a cry of horror. He looked at the big tree strangely, and several roots were wrapped around it. Not only did the magic apprentice quickly suck the flesh and blood of the magic apprentice, but even his soul was forcibly detained in the big tree.
With the release of the magic apprentice, he roared and dried up, and his body fell
The mad magician continued to say to the big tree, "Come on … please limit your resurrection in your blood and soul!" "
Blood tumor hung from the branches of that big tree without leaves, and strange faces emerged from each tree. They gave a desperate cry and struggled in pain. Those roots were still growing and flying at will.
Chapter 1222 Fighting
A group of altar black wizards gathered at the altar, and their roots were entangled by these restrictions. The black wizards were suddenly shocked, and they struggled, and they kept shouting with staves in their hands.
At this time, the crazy-looking black magician’s eyes became more fanatical and threw himself at the big tree.
The flesh and souls of the dark wizards are constantly injected into this tree of desire …
It also seems to feel the crisis and draw nutrients from all around crazily, and the branches of this big tree have human faces, and the blood tumor keeps crawling, and the face inside seems to want to break free from the blood tumor.